Questions and Answers for the Laryngectomee

From the Florida Laryngectomee Association

A downloadable pamphlet with graphics and information  –  download pdf

Care of the Laryngectomy Patient

This document is a simple 8 page document that can be shared with nurses and emergency responders to help them truly understand the laryngectomee. It works for all emergencies, surgery, and to just using oxygen.  I am working with a lady at the State level to get this to all hospitals, but that will take a long time. Dr.Brook has a free book that is very good only they don’t read it and it is 200 some pages. They can load this into the computer so all have access to it. My Paramedics and EMT all have it as when I asked if they knew how to get Oxygen to me, they all said they have no idea and never trained. They now are. I keep a copy in my car so if I need it I have it. 

William Cross