In the early years of being able to email each other and compare notes on what had happened to us and how we handled it, we set up a page for Helpful Hints on the Internet.  In addition to writing our ideas so that we could learn from other’s experiences, we catalogued them.  As we grew, this became our Library of Information.

This is now a multi-section presentation of helpful information with explanations of terms, information about cancer of the larynx, and special sections for before and after laryngectomy surgery. Symptoms, treatments, and side effects are covered. Links are provided to otolaryngology centers and other reliable sources for additional information and support.

There are addresses to write for free information, choices for learning to talk again, and guidance from health care providers as well as suggestions from our vendors and professionals. Ideas are gathered here from the experiences of laryngectomees who know what it is like to survive this type of cancer and who wish to help ease the way for those who face these treatments, choices, and challenges.