There are many options for medical IDs. Simple neck breather bands are available for free from most of the vendors. Get one and wear it or some other medical ID that indicates that you are a Neck Breather Only. You can also get stickers from the vendors for your house door or car windshield. These will help warn first reponders if you are not are not able to talk.

Information can also be found in the Suppliers Section.
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Posted 10/2019

Laryngectomee Safety Kits

Webwhispers is offering FREE Laryngectomee Safety Alert Kits containing  2 medical alert bracelets, 2 wallet cards and 2 removable car or home window stickers all explaining that you are a “Neck Breather” in case of an emergency. If you would like a FREE kit, please send an email to with your name and full mailing address and we will be happy to send you one. We are happy to send them to all laryngectomees,  caregivers, Speech Pathologists or other medical professionals as well! WebWhispers is providing these free safety items thanks to Luminaud and Atos Medical!

“Although the kits are free, Webwhispers asks for a donation to mail outside of the US to cover the additional postage costs”

LIFE ID 20mm Medical ID Bracelet I Stainless or Charcoal Faceplate! I Edit Information Anytime I Free Profile Dashboard I No subscriptions fees

Life ID is a medical bracelet that can be scanned by any phone to get any information that you want top enter and be displayed. It comes in different colors and has a lifetime guarantee. There are no subscription fees and you can change the information displayed any time you want. It is available at Amazon and other locations.

The following is a link to LifeID website that has more options available: They also are providing a 10% discount to WebWhispers members. The code is “WEBWHISPERS”. You may have to reference me “Ron Mattoon – t23rider@comcast,net” for the discount as it was set up under me.


Office: 4001 N. Shepherd, Suite 100, Houston, Texas 77018; Mailing: PO Box 925617, Houston, Texas 77292-5617; Toll Free: (800)-363-5985, FAX: (713)-695-7358; Web Site:
American Medical ID features custom engraved medical identification bracelets, necklaces and medallions. Important information on medical conditions, drug or food allergies, medicines taken or emergency contacts can be engraved onto the surface of a medical identification jewelry piece. Wearing a medical ID is recommended by physicians and healthcare organizations throughout the world.


The World’s First Computer Ready Medical History Bracelet. Flash drive bracelet with preloaded e-Manager Software so you can fill in your medical history easily. Responder can read your history through their computer. You can buy through the website ($19.99 plus $5 shipping) or through local distributors, health care suppliers or drug stores and they are also handled by Target, CVS and Walgreens. Key Chain fobs available for $24.99.
Read more on their website:
7715 Mainland Rd., Suite 117
San Antonio, TX 78250-6009
Toll Free: 1-866-798-4531


2323 Colorado Ave., Turlock, CA 95382. Tel: (800) 825-3785.

Personalized Medic Alert Identification, 24-hour hotline for Emergency Personnel. Medic Alert Web Site at: For list of services and to join:


5951 Riverdale Avenue #300 Riverdale, NY 10471
Tel: 1-888-549-4347.
Providers of various Medical Alert ID’s … such as bracelets, necklaces crafted in sterling silver or gold.
Web site at:

Road ID

Road ID is not a medical bracelet but it is designed for the young (and the young at heart), peace of mind is child’s play with the Wrist ID Stretch. The bracelet has a phone number that someone can call to get more information possible including medical information. The cost varies depending on what you want so it might be worth checking out.
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posted 10/2018


PO Box 541-FS, Cliffside Park, NJ 07010; CALL (201) 840-5443; FAX (775) 261-4502. Retailer for the Safeguard Personal Alert system – for people at-home who need to communicate with family members that assistance is needed. Unlike the expensive systems that send signals to police and medics for dire emergencies, this is for at home communications. It is perfect for people who require assistance for comfort, food, medication, or other non-emergency situations. The easy to use, wireless pendant and chime monitor are SMALL AS A CREDIT CARD, battery operated and can be used indoors and outside. No longer does the caregiver have to be in the proximity to hear a call for assistance. The signal can transmit up to 100 feet. Their web site is at:

Email at:

StickyJ Medical ID

StickyJ Medical is one of the top 3 providers of medical ids in the U.S. and offers high-quality, affordable medical ids for the entire family!
You can check out our website here:
StickyJ Medical ID