Much of the material referenced here have been written by laryngectomies.


by Pat Wertz Sanders

Book Description
Publication Date: May 23, 2014
“This isn’t a book about a courageous fight against cancer or a triumphant tale of survival. Instead, it’s a matter-of-fact glimpse at the world of a very specific cancer with the intention of educating patients, caregivers, family members, and even the medical community. It is packed with useful tips for those who are battling throat cancer and who need to understand what normal will look like for the rest of their lives.”

Amazon has both Print and Kindle Version



by Jack Henslee

Back in 1991-1992 I published a book on esophageal speech titled “Look Who’s Talking.” For a few years it was issued to incoming students at the IAL Voice Institute and enjoyed 2 printings over the years. However with the gaining popularity of TEP speech, interest sharply declined and the cost of publishing became prohibitive so it went out of print. Through the years I continued to get scattered requests for a copy which I filled with a very limited inventory I had left.

Inspired by Pat’s great book I decided to do some minor updates and make it available online as a digital version which is now available on Amazon for the Kindle or other options with the FREE Kindle app for smartphones, tablets and computers. If interested you can find a copy at
Amazon has both Print and Kindle Version


Read it in a day … Live it for Life
by Bob Keiningham

Our WebWhispers member, Bob Keiningham has just announced that his book has been published and you may read about it or buy it on Amazon in paperback form.

Ernest Hemingway said, “Easy reading is damn hard writing”. Writing a huge book that contained everything I had learned about success in every area of life was easy because I had lived it, but “trimming the fat” for a fast paced book you could easily read in one day took years. I started writing it on my fiftieth birthday and turned seventy-eight the year it was published.

Self Help for the Laryngectomee (The Blue Book)

Written by Edmund Lauder, Edited by Jim Lauder

For many of us, this became our one and only reference book and was well read and thumbed through daily as we learned. This will help you really understand becoming and learning to live as a laryngectomee.

PDF copy of book has been donated by Lauder Enterprises. Download is FREE.

FLYING ON ONE ENGINE – Documentary film

The film follows eight-time Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Sharadkumar Dicksheet as he battles failing health and performs marathon operations to cure Indian children of their cleft lips and other deformities. Wheelchair bound, without a larynx, and diagnosed with a life-threatening aortic aneurysm, Dr. Sharadkumar Dicksheet lived only so he could travel to India to perform free operations in marathon-like surgery sessions where up to 700 children receive treatment for their cleft lips and other deformities. Although Dicksheet survived off of social security while living in his Brooklyn apartment, his life is drastically different in India where the eight-time Nobel Prize nominee is treated like a living god. FLYING ON ONE ENGINE shows how this quirky, funny, and sometimes difficult character overcomes his own ailments by curing others.


Our aim is to promote and assist the relief of all people in the UK who have had a laryngectomy – This includes our FREE book
‘Laryngectomy is not a Tragedy’
by Sydney Norgate and Dr Nicola Oswald MBChB. – Main Page of website – Direct to the book, 2013 edition can be downloaded

Resource for New Larys – “First Steps”- Revised

The IAL has recently posted on line a comprehensive revision of a very old ACS-funded booklet, “First Steps.” Clubs will want to download it and print it out. It is designed for those facing laryngectomy surgery and for new larys and their caregivers.

The 20 page publication (plus covers) includes the major issues that new larys face. The publication features some brand new graphics (including 2 color drawings that symbolically represent the work that we all do) that are integral to the booklet and the content it teaches. This suggests the need for the best quality reprints. This can be obtained by downloading the PDF from the IAL website Newsletters and Documents section and printing it out on a LASER printer.

This project was done at almost no cost to the organization (and that money was donated) and with the broad involvement of ENTs, SLPs, former and current BOD members, and others. David Blevins in VB,VA

“The Laryngectomee Guide”

The guide is available for free viewing and download on my blog: Itzhak Brook MD

The Guide provides practical information that can assist laryngectomees and their caregivers in dealing with medical, dental and psychological issues. It contains information about the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; the methods of speaking; airway and stoma care, and voice prosthesis. In addition it addresses eating and swallowing issues, medical, dental and psychological concerns, respiration and anesthesia, and traveling as a laryngectomee.

This is Dr Brook’s second book. His first was My Voice and is also available on his website.


Recommended by Carl Strand from

“Why Didn’t They Tell Me?” written by Donald G. Moss and published by is an excellent beginners guide. I always have a few on hand and give them out along with Lauder’s “Blue Book”.

“Voice Restoration for the Laryngectomized” by Jim Sansing and published by is a considerably more advanced text, suitable for Speech Pathologists and well rehabilitated Laryngectomees. This may not be suitable for the casual library, but is a solid work with tips and techniques. I have a copy of this and it’s helpful when you’re looking for word lists, etc.

In their catalog, they have listed:

Reference Material
Why Didn’t They Tell Me?
Self Help for the Laryngectomee
Mamaw’s New Voice
Papaw’s New Voice
Stuttering, Science, Therapy and Practice
Alaryngeal Speech Rehabilitation
Voice Restoration for the Laryngectomized


When you are translating with a computerized translator, the word it selects may not have quite the same meaning as intended by the original, and because phrasing is not changed, it may be misunderstood. Be careful especially if you are translating medical text or explanations.

Babel Fish

Translates text and web pages from one language to another, including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian.

ACS in Asian Languages

For those of you interested in cancer care and who care for patients who speak Asian languages, see Cancer Information Translated Into Asian Languages. The Asian Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials Tool offers healthcare information translated into various Asian languages. The site was produced by the American Cancer Society and the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness, Research and Training.

Miscellaneous reading

International Association of Laryngectomees (IAL)

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Point of contact for IAL/ACS publications relative to laryngectomees, Annual Directory of local, IAL-affiliated clubs and support groups, Directory of Alaryngeal Speech Instructors, IAL NEWS (published Four times a year).

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