We like to get together and learn from each other. There is nothing like getting a glimpse of how someone else speaks and learning from seeing it done. 

In addition to sharing activities at the IAL Annual Meeting and Voice Institute, where we have our own face-to-face talks with those who can attend and our Awards Dinner for WebWhispers, we sometimes show up and support Regional or State Conferences.

We sponsor a WW Cruise every year since 2001.  It's been a great way to discover we are not alone and we can travel a good bit of the world.  We average about 60 people on each voyage and go to different areas. We have a meeting on shipboard to get better acquainted and a hosted cocktail party. For those who wish, we usually have dinner together in the evening, but make our own plans for breakfast and lunch. You can hardly walk the ship without seeing one of our group or hearing the bzzz of an electrolarynx. Find out more:

We come from all over the world, but mostly from the USA, and our elections, discussions, planning meetings, classes and chit-chat with each other is online.  Our section here on ''Everyday Activities" gives you an idea of the way we communicate through email lists, a forum and chat rooms. Please click on the left menu to find out about these activities.