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WebWhispers is an International Internet support group. While laryngectomees or those with cancers of the larynx were the original members, we have been joined through the years by others who have had cancer in different areas that have caused a loss of voice or caused one to become a neck breather. Those who are struggling with radiation, chemo, are facing or recovering from head and neck surgery or have metastasis to this area may join us to share, educate, support, learn, and even find other persons who have been there and survived.

Through the years, a number of people whose problems were not caused by cancer and some who have a permanent trach have found a home with us.  Caregivers have joined even when the patient could not.  We have many speech language pathologists along with other medical personnel enrolled as members. Our vendor members are knowledgeable and helpful.

Most of our web site is open to the public and nonmembers are welcome to visit the site. Member records are private but, if you fit our eligibility criteria, you may wish to join us in order to use the members only email lists.  

Please check out the Overview section for a general idea of where to start.



WebWhispers is an Affiliate of
the International Association of Laryngectomees



International Association of Laryngectomees
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