Talking Again





Do most laryngectomees talk again?  You bet we do!  The more ways you can communicate, the better off you will be in your post laryngectomy life.  Your medical team may have good reasons for recommending a particular type of speech to be learned, so listen to them.  Many people learn the electrolrynx first and another type of speech later.  They have an advantage after they have learned the second speech because, if needed, they have the first type of speech to fall back on.  Others are given a TE puncture during their surgery and a prosthesis shortly thereafter.  In the days before the artificial larynx (AL) and the tracheoesophageal prosthesis (TE or TEP), there was esophageal speech (ES). You didn't have to buy speech aids to use or remember to carry anything around with you but it was difficult or even impossible for many to learn.

You will find descriptions and comments on many ways of speaking again.  Listen, read, practice and learn well.  This is the new way of communication for you.  Welcome it and consider yourself lucky that it was discovered or invented before you became a laryngectomee so you would have choices.



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