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Archer Medical Devices



Matt Griffin
PO Box 24306, Lexington, KY 40524
Tel: 859-721-0713

Archer Medical Devices manufactures the iVox Electrolarynx. The iVox is a high-quality instrument with patented technology designed to create a more natural voice by automatically making tone changes as you speak. It runs on a 9v battery. Volume and base-tone settings are adjusted with a thumbwheel located on the outside of the iVox.

Contact us for assistance in locating an iVox distributor who can help with your Medicare, Medicare private contract plan or other insurance.





August-Horch-Straße 4a, 51149 Köln, Germany

Telephone: +49 - 22 03 - 29 80-0; Fax: +49 - 22 03 - 29 80-10;


Producer and Distributor since 1992 of medical supplies for laryngectomees and tracheotomees. They carry medical supplies such as: tracheal suction units, suction unit equipment, inhalation and air moistening including among other things Saluta® products, tracheal cannulas, shunt valves and tracheostoma valves from every manufacturer, cannula equipment including among other things tube holders and tracheal compresses, cannula cleaning and care, tracheostoma protection including among other things TrachiNaze®, Blom-Singer®, Provox®, protection bibs, stoma neckerchiefs, scarves and shower guards, electronic speech devices. They can deliver a great range of products and are the sole agency for Larchel® and Saluta® products world-wide. One motto of their company is: "Your partner for rehabilitation after laryngectomy and tracheotomy". In the last years "import and export" has considerably gained in importance. They go on extending this area of operation to be able to compensate possible existing breaks in the provision of medical supplies in one's own country by a balanced product offering on the international market.

US Customers:

Web Site at:

EMail at:              



Atos Medical, Inc



Atos Medical Inc
Atos Medical is a medical technology company founded in Sweden in 1986.
Since the launch of the first Provox voice prosthesis in 1990, the Company has become the global market leader in laryngectomy care.

Atos Medical’s comprehensive laryngectomy care portfolio includes a complete range of Provox voice and pulmonary rehabilitation devices. This broad range of high-quality Provox products allows for a personalized combination of solutions for each user.

Atos Medical Inc services include; hosting thousands of patient and professional events each year to support the laryngectomee community, knowledgeable and friendly customer service team, dedicated insurance team to aid with insurance filing and reimbursement, experienced clinical education and sales team to provide local support and resources, prompt delivery and the option to shop online. Medicare Accredited.

Atos Medical Inc
2801 South Moorland Road
New Berlin, WI 53151-3743 USA
Tel: +1.800.217.0025
Fax: +1.844.389.4918

Atos Medical Canada Inc now serve
s the laryngectomee community in Canada directly.

Atos Medical Canada Inc
20 Simona Drive, Unit #5
Bolton, Ontario L7E 4K1 Canada
Tel: +1.833.514.2867
Fax: +1.905.857.2867

Karen Smith


boston medical


Boston Medical Products, Inc.

117 Flanders Rd.
Westborough, MA 01581
(p) 508-898-9300 (f) 508-898-2373

Discover NEW solutions for Laryngectomy Care!

One-stop-shop, education and information:

Boston Medical Products, Inc, a family operated medical device manufacturer in Massachusetts has been serving the US health care with devices from our own research since the beginning of the 1980’s. With the introduction of the FAHL portfolio of airway management products, Boston Medical now also can provide a complete range of products to the laryngectomy community - directly via the website

- Probably the largest selection of HME attachment devices on the market - widest range of adhesive base plates in 13 versions, as well as a large selection of soft silicone tubes & buttons
- HMEs and speaking valves - for both laryngectomees and tracheostomized users, in a wide array of alternatives
- Stoma protection - scarves, bibs, shower aids, patches and more
- Cleaning and care - TEP brushes that can hold a flash light, tube brushes and much more
- Accessories - for both Tracheostomy and laryngectomy products
- and much more!

Contact us for samples or to find out where you can see us next time - we are frequently at support group meetings and conferences!


Bruce Medical Supply




411 Waverly Oaks Rd., #154

Waltham, MA 02452       Attn.: Dept. 14326

Tel: (800) 225-8446


NEW - Cloisonné Medical Alert "Neck Breather" Pin.

In a lifesaving situation, the proper and immediate administration of CPR or oxygen could mean the difference between life and death. Attached to your sweater, blouse, shirt collar, lapel or tie, this attractive and highly visible Medical Alert pin will prompt medical professionals to the fact that you breath through your neck. Meticulously crafted, this durable jewelry quality, 1" diameter, genuine Cloisonné pin is designed to complement any wardrobe. It blends easily with either casual or formal clothing. Only $14.95 Each - Two or more, only $10.00 each.

View Cloisonné pin

Call for a Free Print Catalog.

Or visit our on-line catalog where you will find the lowest prices and the largest selection of laryngectomy supplies: Servox, Xtra-Vois, TruTone, ADDvox, ChatterVox, Provox HME products, turtleneck stoma covers, fashion stoma scarves, shower shields, foam stoma filters, double-sided adhesive foam stoma disks, adhesives, adhesive removers and skin care products.

Medicare Accredited.


Email address:



Through an agreement with Eagle Medical Supply, Bruce Medical Supply is now serving all of the Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy management needs for Eagle customers. Our mission is to offer you the same great service and product selection as Eagle and meet or exceed your expectations.







CEREDAS, a French company founded in 1993 by Robert Bezicot, has been designing, manufacturing and distributing medical devices for laryngectomee patients for 20 years.

Robert Bezicot, himself a laryngectomee, dissatisfied with the protective devices available at the time, undertook to design a device more in keeping with patient needs. His inventiveness coupled with his technical expertise led to the release of Cyranose®, the unique reusable Heat and Moisture Exchanger.

Our Products:

• CYRANOSE® GLOBAL SYSTEM, a global solution for pulmonary and phonatory rehabilitation after a total laryngectomy that includes :

• CYRANOSE®, Heat and Moisture Exchanger,

• TRACHEODOUCHE™, protection during the shower,

• CYTUBEMAJOR™ and CYGRIPONE™, laryngectomy tubes,

• CYADAPTOR™ with CYVALVEFREEDOM™, hands free valve.

• TRACHEOCLEAN®, a disposable tracheal protection for tracheotomy and laryngectomee patients.


Our distributors in the United States :

Inhealth Technologies

Lauder Enterprises



Edgepark Medical Supplies


Edgepark is the nationwide leader in home-delivered, disposable medical supplies. We are contracted with more than 1,000 health plans, accept Medicare assignment and will handle your insurance and billing paperwork. We ship supplies accurately and discreetly from one of our seven, fully stocked, state-of-the-art distribution centers to ensure that you have what you need, when you need it. For more information, please call us at 1-800-321-0591 or visit us online at





27636 Ynez Rd. #L7-199
Temecula, CA 92591
Toll Free: 800.330.5969


Griffin Laboratories is the proud manufacturer the TruTone® and SolaTone® Electrolarynx devices. Each device is hand made with great care and attention right here in the USA. Please visit our website for product information, demonstration videos, and to place an order.

Electrolarynx Devices: Free in many states! – Call for details 1-800-330-5969:
The TruTone® Electrolarynx gives you the ability to add natural sounding intonation to your voice once again. Imagine being able to “Express Yourself” with inflection after a Total Laryngectomy! The device is simple to operate with the touch of a single button. The durable TruTone® Electrolarynx is backed by a full 5 year comprehensive Drop & Soak® warranty. The SolaTone® Electrolarynx, which has good sound and quality is also available as a low cost alternative. Both instruments use standard 9V style batteries, either rechargeable or alkaline, providing exceptional convenience for the active Electrolarynx user or for immediate use as a backup.

Voice Amplifiers:
At Griffin Laboratories we want to make sure that every Laryngectomee can be heard in any situation. Our SoniVox® Waistband Amplifier is a portable and lightweight amplifier that is perfect for those who are on the go. For those who are not as mobile or who will be speaking in larger groups, we have the BoomVox® Wireless Amplifier. The BoomVox® Wireless Amplifier is a powerful unit which can be operated off the internal battery or from a standard wall outlet. Both of our amplifiers have exceptional sound quality and are perfect for all Laryngectomees no matter what form of communication you use.

For users of the TruTone® and SolaTone® Electrolarynx, we have a great device which allows you to use your electrolarynx without the use of your hands. Our HandsFree(TM) Electrolarynx Holder keeps your electrolarynx device at your “sweet spot” without the need to hold it there. Be sure to visit our website to see a great demonstration video of the HandsFree(TM) Electrolarynx Holder in use. We also have the Griffin SmartCharger(TM) a medical grade charger which includes 9V High Capacity batteries giving you more talking time between charges.

Do you have Medicare, Medicaid, or Private Insurance? Feel free to contact us today to discuss your options in obtaining our devices using your insurance coverage 1-800-330-5969



INland Speech pathology

2611 E. Moran Vista
PO Box 30621, Spokane, Washington 99223 USA
Tel: 800 975-7524
Direct: 509 448-5970
Fax: 509 448-1474

Expert in voice disorders, laryngectomized speech, stuttering, artificial larynx devices and prompt repairs, batteries, chargers, tracheostoma whistles, Sir Francis Trach Covers, and more. Discounted pricing, ASHA, IAL certified therapy services. We ship. Visit us online or in person.



InHealth Technologies


1110 Mark Avenue
Carpinteria, CA 93013
Tel: (805) 684-9337, Toll Free Tel: (800) 477-5969
Fax: (805) 684-8594, Toll Free Fax: (888) 371-1530



Products and/or Services:

Our goal at InHealth is to help post-laryngectomy patients regain and preserve a vital part of their lives – their voice. For over 30 years, Blom-Singer tracheoesophageal voice restoration products have repeatedly set new milestones, underlying the pioneering spirit and innovative strengths of InHealth and Blom-Singer. Product designs that consistently reflect a genuine respect for safety, patient comfort, cost and the health of the TE puncture have been, and will always be, our hallmark.

Products include:
  • Voice Prostheses and Accessories

  • Hands-Free Speech Valves

  • Heat and Moisture Exchange Systems

  • Skin Care

  • Stoma Products

  • Training Aids

InHealth also offers otolaryngology products for ENT’s, including:
  • Katz Extractor Oto-Rhino Foreign Body Remover

  • Freeman Frontal Sinus Stent

  • HydroPore and Bac-T Nasal, Epistaxis and Otic Packing

Please contact us for a complimentary catalog.


JITA Technologies, LLC


"Giving a voice to those without a voice"

Introducing The Speech Assistant ...

A new way for persons with speech-impairments to "talk" directly on landline telephones (cordless), VOIP and cell phones, quietly, privately and without any third-party intervention such as TTY, voice relay or speech-to-speech relay services.

Jay Blocksom

President of JITA Technologies



Labex Trade LTD




We're a new company and we would like to show our research and development into a new fully digitalized electrolarynx device technology to the world. Feel free to check us at
We feel that our technology will definitely increase the quality of life of every laryngectomee.

We are working with clients all over the world, including the USA. We also have US partners like Romet and international ones like Atos Medical.

Liam Gordon
Labex Trade LTD



Lauder Enterprises, Inc


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 780249, San Antonio, TX, 78278-0249

Shipping Address: 4754 Shavano Oak, Suite 104,

San Antonio, TX 78249-4027;

Tel: (800) 388-8642, (210)-492-0864, Fax: (210) 492-1584

Web Site at:

EMail at:              




Lauder Enterprises, Inc is the premier service facility for the repair of all reputable artificial larynges.

Sales and service of Servox Inton, Eco, and Servox Digital, the NuVois collection, Griffin TruTone, Sola-Tone, Optivox, Romet, and Cooper-Rand. Exclusive distributor of the P.O. Vox disposable artificial larynx (while supplies last).

Sales of tracheostoma supplies, including shower shields, foam filters, stoma covers and the new Foam "stoma lids" from Andreas Fahl.


"Self Help for the Laryngectomee", "Mamaw's New Voice", Papaw's New Voice", and others. Audio Tape - "Postlaryngectomy Speech Instruction".

The OptiVox, made by Bivona, has been discontinued and is no longer serviceable from the factory. If you need a repair, or know of anybody that needs an OptiVox repair, we can do it and have the original parts to keep your OptiVox artificial larynx running.

Medicare Accreditation

Lauder Enterprises, Inc is very pleased to announce that we have been granted full Medicare accreditation status. We will be able to accept Medicare assignment on artificial larynx purchases and we will be able to file patient Medicare claims again. March 18, 2010

InHealth products

Lauder, through a partnering arrangement with InHealth, is now able to accept Medicare Part B assignments on select Blom-Singer products and they now carry the changeable prothesis, HME supplies, tracheostoma attachments and laryngectomy tubes.



Luminaud, inc


Products for people with laryngectomees, tracheotomies and voicevolume problems as well as for their SLPs, doctors & nurses. Friendly, helpful, experienced service for 37 years. Contact us for:

Electronic Artificial Larynges (ELs) - Our Cooper-Rand, an intra-oral (mouth-tube) device for people who cannot use an EL on the neck or cheek, also offers speech possibilities, using special switches, for those who need an EL but do not have good use of their hands or arms. We have most other major brands of EL - Nu-Vois, Servox, SolaTone, TruTone, Xtra-Voice - and batteries, parts and accessories.

Personal, Portable Voice Amplifiers - for Esophageal, TEP and EL speakers and anyone else who needs a louder voice for general conversation, work place, or public presentations. We offer the small, wearable Spokeman, Rand Voice Amplifier, ChatterVox and Voicette - and larger but still easily carryable units, the WPA-3516 and the APS 25. A selection of excellent microphones allows people to choose a system that fits their personal needs and preferences. Accessories, replacement parts and service.

An unusually wide variety of Tracheostoma Covers, Filters and Heat/Moisture Exchangers
, as well as Kapi-Gel Tracheostoma Spacers to help improve the seal of HMEs, Hands Free TEP valves and trach tubes for those with irregular neck contours. And DiAnna’s Lace Collars - attractive covers for women.

The Voice Magnifier increases outgoing voice volume on modular phones. Also the MarPac trach tube holder, Neck-Breather bracelet, a small recorded message player, a signaling device good for up to 100' publications for laryngectomees and SLPs and items useful to SLPs who treat swallowing disorders.

Luminaud, Inc. e-mail: Ph: 800-255-3408, Fax: 440-255-2250
8688 Tyler Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060 See our catalog on-line or contact us for a free paper copy


Nu-Vois LLC


1100 W Taylor Street, Suite 100
Meridian Idaho 83642 USA
Customer Service: 1-800-688-6471
Fax: 208-322-1103

Nu-Vois offers four electronic larynx products with a range of features and prices to completely meet the needs of their laryngectomee customers.

Our products offer the following features:
• High quality voice with full control of pitch and volume.
• Ease of use – No disassembly required to adjust tone and pitch.
• Constructed from the highest quality of materials and electronics.
• Shock and water resistant.
• Lightweight – under 5 ounces with the battery installed!
• Intra-Oral adapters compatible.
• Designed to operate on rechargeable a 9-volt battery, as well as a standard 9 volt-battery.
• Analog and Digital options.
• Full Five Year Warranty.
• Made in the USA.

Nu-Vois has been designing and manufacturing these products for over 25 years. Our products use the latest technology to provide the most reliable artificial larynx product on the market!



Inline image 1


We are the premier supplier in the Southeast and deliver nationwide. We pride ourselves on offering quality equipment and the best in personal customer service. Patients and physicians nationwide are choosing Aeroflow as their provider for home oxygen, diagnostic sleep testing, CPAP equipment and supplies, nebulizers, mobility equipment, breast pumps, pediatric needs, and catheters.

Aeroflow Healthcare
3165 Sweeten Creek Rd
Asheville, NC 28803






Since 1979, the ROMET is the oldest manufacturer of Electronic Larynxes in the United States, with thousands of satisfied users around the world.

The Romet Artificial Larynx is manufactured with a full FIVE (5) Year Warranty. The registration card included in the original carton must be returned to the factory service center in order to qualify for the full original factory warranty. This warranty is 100% voided if any attempts at self-repair are made. All repairs must be performed at the factory by our skilled, trained technicians. All repairs are guaranteed to be returned within 48 hours after receipt of the unit needing repair. If it is found that the Warranty was voided or for some reason not in effect, a detailed statement will be forwarded to the owner with explanation of the needed repair and a statement of charges due to be paid prior to any repair being performed on the unit.

Office: 210.858.5189, Fax: 210.858.9608, Service: 888.826.2703, Cell: 206.550.6429





SpiroTect specialises in products to help patients after a Laryngectomy, allowing them to lead a normal, happy life.

We are a small, friendly company that aim to always listen, provide help where we can, and make a difference to the lives of patients.


Independence House
30 Northern Court
Vernon Road

Tel: 0115 975 4074

SpiroTect is a registered Trade Mark of Prosys International Ltd.


Tokyo Artificial Larynx


The Tokyo Artificial Larynx is a pneumatic speech aid which requires the laryngectomee to use his/her lungs by way of the stoma to talk. It has no batteries or other mechanical means other than the lung power of the individual.

The US supplier in no longer in business and we do not have a current replacement at this time. If we learn of one we will add them to the list.




UltraVoice, Ltd: 90 South Newtown Street Road, Suite 14, Newtown Square, PA 19073; Toll Free (800) 721-4848. UltraVoice is a speech simulator built into an upper denture or a retainer activated by a control unit with hands free features. UltraVoice now features the automatic control of speech pitch as you talk that UltraVoice claims makes it the loudest, clearest and most natural sounding device on the market. Medicare and most insurances reimburse. See their website for details. Email Contact: Website:

Dean Rosecrans website now uses the Ultavoice address although I have not received a formal notice, I will list it here:

Servox Batteries, Cover Up Shower Stoma Protector, stoma filters and covers.

Web Site at:


Sign Language Classes



484 E Valley Rd NE

Rydal, GA 3017

Tel. (706) 622-8494




Educational Hands provides sign support to adults that are newly deaf, hard of hearing, and/or non-verbal (or have speech challenges) and would like to transition to using sign language as a regular mode of communication. We offer online personalized private or group instruction. Our lead instructors are certified teachers with extensive experience in teaching American Sign Language (ASL). Our support providers have also met the required hours & training for virtual class instruction with Educational Hands.

Try a free class! Contact us through our website or by email:

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