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If you have pneumonia multiple times, I would suggest asking your doctor to have a modified barium swallow study done. If you have a TEP, it is possible that you have aspiration pneumonia.

I recently got a pneumonia vaccine. It is the first time I ever had a reaction to a vaccination. My arm hurt for two days. I was so surprised that I had this reaction because I’ve never had this reaction before. In a couple of days, I was back to normal. So, I would suggest being aware of the fact that your arm may hurt. Other than that no reactions.

I think it’s important to get vaccinated for many reasons. One, of course, is protecting yourself. Another reason would be because there are illnesses going around that shouldn’t be if people got their vaccinations. In NJ we’ve had measles and whooping cough going around. If you are a grandparent, you may want to check on getting the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine.

Being a laryngectomee, we are susceptible to breathing in more germs. That’s why it’s so important to cover your stoma. If possible use the HME. If for some reason you can’t use or get the HME, there are foam covers you can use. These can be covered with a turtle neck, dickie, scarf or bandana which will give you another layer of protection.

Remember to get your flu shot. Apparently, there are areas where it is going around. When I was picking up a prescription from the pharmacy before Xmas, there were people picking up tamaflu, the medication that shortens the duration of the flu. Just think of all the germs on the pen that is used to sign at the pharmacy....

There are precautions we can take to try to avoid getting whatever is going around. I’ve gotten into the habit of washing my hands as soon as I get home. You can carry one of the sanitizers with you or in your car to use when washing your hands is not possible. At home or if you’re traveling, you can wipe things down with alcohol. Those little alcohol wipes work great.
Think of using them on the phone, doorknobs, remote controls, etc. Wipe down things that get touched often by others. A few years ago when there was a terrible virus going around, I used these steps. It helped, I didn’t get that virus.


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