Welcome to the General Information section of our Library. We hope you will be able to find what you need on pages relating to insurance concerns, computer and internet tips, additional reading and volunteering.

Insurance Concerns

This section contains any information that has been provided to us on medical insurance including VA benefits. There are many other resources available however we try to provide information that will help our members navigate the maze of issue we face with benefits. Any inputs are always encouraged to help our membership. A list of these tips are included here.

Computer and Internet

Many of us are challenged when dealing with computers and internet usage. This section provides some tip by member that can help us navigate the maze of complexity in the technical world of computers and the internet.

Additional Reading Material

Additional reading Material contains a variety of information. Much of it is authored by those that have lived as a laryngectomee. I think you find a lot of it informative and entertaining.


There are many opportunities to volunteer and share your experiences as a Laryngectomee or as a cancer survivor. This section gives you suggestions on how to do that and examples of others that have given back by sharing their stories.