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A number of WebWhispers members have hobbies or do crafts, needlework, or woodworking, that result in products to sell. We have created this WW page called "Webbie Workshops" so any member can write about what they do and list their products and prices or have a link to their own web page so anyone can order direct. These listings are free to our members or to other crafters who make items especially for laryngectomees.

If you do not have a web site, you can use your regular email address or snail mail address for customer contact. All transactions must be directly between the buyer and seller with nothing going through or to WebWhispers, as we are only furnishing this space as a support service to our members to encourage them to be active in their hobbies, avocations, or small businesses.




waterfall scarves




Knit scarves - fashionably skinny but warmly wide - designed to look like a waterfall. Tell me by Email the colors you would like, solids, blends, or two-tones.  Most requests can be filled from my stock, or specially made and shipped within ten days. Any scarf $10 to Webbies including shipping within USA.

Email Barb Stratton at cmStratton@comcast.net


Jewelry covers for the laryngectomee


Coming soon - Cloth Stoma Covers


Ever since I became a laryngectomee in 2003 I have been making beaded necklaces to cover the trach and stoma.   Some are in stock and others are made to order in specified color, width, length and style.  Most are made with glass beads  which are easy to breathe through and to keep clean.  

I also do some now in wooden beads and  pearls and can do matching earrings and bracelets as well. I am always adding new beads, colors and designs to my collection.



Dark Blue Light Pink
Pink Brown
Medical ID



Necklaces start at $15, earrings start at $4 and bracelets start at $5.  I also have Medic Alert bracelets of sterling silver and glass beads, starting at $13.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact Jill Ann Ferguson Vater
602-448-2579 cell

or Email Jill Vater.



trach bands and stoma covers by nancy


I started making crocheted stoma covers over ten years ago, after reading an article by Pat Sanders, even though I had never seen a lary.  I made them to give to hospitals and cancer patients and several years ago created a website so people could buy them if they wanted more.  I have built up a collection of designs but still like to make a neckpiece exactly to someone's wishes.


Nan Mary
Pink Rose
Pink Collar White Collar
Trach Band Payne


Please check my website and see what you like, or take an idea from one and design your own for me to make.  In addition to fancy ones, I make a plain dickie that the men prefer, and simple neck bands designed for kids with stomas.  Prices range from $5 to $10.

Nancy Horvath




A Journey's End

PO Box 815 Columbus, Texas 78934

Tel 979-7330279 Fax 979-7339344

In July 2000 my husband had a laryngectomy, and as a result I met some awesome ladies who had had one, too... Ironic how life meets art sometimes! After all, I had been hand-beading jewelry for several years at that point.

My new gal pals were looking for a fashionable, cool, easy-to-wear stoma cover. So being the problem solver we ladies are, I made them hand-beaded chokers/stoma covers. My husband was my tester. He made sure he could breath through them, but for him I had to make stoma covers out of fabric, not beads. Something about men and beads! :)

Everyone that has worn my chokers/stoma covers say they are comfortable, durable, cool and very easy to breath through. They do not replace foam, but you can stick foam to necklace if you are sensitive to tape on foam. Chokers/stoma covers are very fashionable and can be worn everyday.

I will fit your choker/stoma cover to your neck size. I use sterling silver clasps and 2" sterling silver chain, which makes the size adjustable. If you would like to custom design your choker/stoma cover, I will be happy to work with your design and your colors. You will have a custom piece that no one else has! Actually each piece is different, I could not make two exactly alike if I tried. We can design earrings and a bracelet to go with your choker/stoma cover!

Most designs are made with peyote stitch, using seed beads and size D nymo thread. They are very strong and durable. Most range in price from $30-$120. It takes 25-40 hours to bead one depending on the design and size.

Check out my eBay Store www.WHIZBEADZ.com where you can find chokers, stoma covers, and many other hand-beaded pieces of jewelry. If you do not see what you want email me at deesbeads@msn.com, or call me at 979-733-0279. I love typing and talking almost as much as I love beading!

Here are some examples of some of my hand-beaded favorite chokers/stoma covers.









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Phone: 540-247-4993

Fax: 540-665-8159



Tricked Out Trachs


I have had a laryngectomy within the last year. I wanted something that would look a little more stylish, than the blue foam strap that came with my Trach. If you have any requests for other materials that you would like, I can make it for you and maybe add to the line. I would love to hear your feedback. Keep well and keep strong.



Paul Lile

email: 1talkingmonkey@gmail.com







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