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The WebWhispers Loan Closet offers a limited time loan of an electrolarynx (EL) to WW members residing in the US. This offer is for those who have the need for a temporary unit while their own unit is in for repairs or for pre-op or post-op members who wish to try a unit.  These loans are for up to 90 days. The member is always responsible for the safe return of the unit to our Loan Closet Custodians including the postage and insurance to ship it back.

Professional Members

We tried to help where we could but our small supply of loaners for our members could not stem the river of requests that we began to receive. Most SLPs did not want to assume the responsibility for the unit and for it's shipping both ways. 

Other SLPs helped the patient and family to work out a WebWhispers membership so they could get a loaner from us. Some of these patients have become good active members, are educated in rehabilitation and now helping others.  We encourage them to ask questions of our group, join their local club and learn from each other as well as professionals.




1. The most likely method is to get an EL using insurance, if the patient has it. Deal with a reputable company who understands what help is available and knows how to deal with what the insurance company needs.

2. Check with the State to see what is available. A few states will furnish an EL and many have telephone services or instruments.


More information on State TEDPA programs can be found on our website at:

3. There are now several excellent ELs on the market for as little as $199.  They use regular batteries and make good units for Clinics and Hospitals for demonstration or to furnish for the patients on a temporary basis.  They also can be good backups so that patients have a spare unit at low cost.

In the red horizontal menu above, select Suppliers for the vendors who are listed with us.  You can check with them to see if they have any special sales or used units for sale at reduced prices.

4. If there is a local club with a loan closet, it would be better to check their loan capabilities before requesting a unit from us. If you are unaware of a local group in your area, check the IAL Clubs Listings at:

Our WW listings refer to the IAL club listing although we do have a list by state. or look to the green menu on the left for Local Club List.

5. If the new patient has computer access, membership in WebWhispers is free and we have a loan closet for MEMBERS only. A caregiver can also join and share their address, but these are not give-aways. They are loaners for up to 90 days and we sometimes extend the return date.

6. On our site, under Talking Again, there is helpful information for the patient.

7. If you are working with patients, please order some of our free brochures for handout.



Borrowing or returning a unit




The following information must be submitted before the loan can be approved and we will do our best to send a loaner of the type you need.  We do not have all types... only what is donated by individuals who have an extra unit or by families of deceased laryngectomees.

Name of WW member:
Email Address:
ENT or SLP Name:
ENT or SLP Telephone:
What equipment needed?
Length of time needed?

Requests for Loan Closet items should be made directly to:

(This address reaches all volunteer workers in the loan closet)




On our Talking Again page under Electrolarynx are instructions for setting your own voice for several brands of ELs.  Please watch the videos to learn how to adjust.




We appreciate how careful most borrowers have been to return the merchandise when their needs have been met. This has enabled us to continue to fill other requests. We do not have an unlimited supply.

Our limit is 90 days and if you are going to go over that time, please write to loan closet for permission to do so.

WW Loaner Closet Custodian Donna McGary. Donna can be contacted at the loancloset email address.


Michael Csapo and Mike Rosenkranz are VPs in charge of the Loan Closet operation.

Due to the high customs/import duties, shipping and insurance costs, etc., the services of the WW Loan Closet is not offered to our International members. There are organizations abroad for those needing to borrow such equipment.


Donations of Equipment Accepted


If you have an electrolarynx or an amplifier no longer in use and wish to donate it for the use of the WW Loan Closet, we will facilitate getting it to people who need it. We appreciate your help.

We do not accept other types of laryngectomee products.



Special thanks go to the following vendors:

Jim Lauder (Lauder Enterprises)
Dorothy & Tom Lennox (Luminaud)
Richard Najarian (Bruce Medical)
Cliff Griffin (Griffin Laboratories)
Carl Breski (Mountain Precision Mfg)-------please note that Carl Breski of MPM has passed away and the new contact is Cheri Brougham and the company name is NuVois Inc.
USA's Fat Freddy and Servox GmbH in Germany (Annual - Batteries) --------Servox GmbH is now Servona.

Accepted for WW Loaner Closet

Contact Donna McGary for information on shipping at:


As a charitable organization, as described in IRS § 501(c)(3), WebWhispers is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with IRS § 170.




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