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Proud to be in WebWhispers?


We want people to spread the word that we are here to help others. Please order some brochures to hand out to your doctor, speech therapist, clinic, hospital, American Cancer Society and the local club. 


Brochures may be ordered at no charge.


Please include name, address and the approximate number of brochures  (10, 50,100) you would like us to send.


Donations to defer the cost of brochures and distribution, although not
required to order brochures, are gratefully accepted. To make a donation:

WebWhispers, Inc
P O Box 1275
Powder Springs, GA 30127

Make check payble to WebWhispers

or check here for Pay-Pal donations.

Pins and Patches

WebWhisper pins and patches can also be purchased at the same address. If interested, contact the email address above for the brochures to see if they are available.


Our NEWest Brochure


These new brochures are 8 1/2" x 11" and are updated in content.



Download an Adobe.pdf file of the New WebWhispers Brochure.


our first brochures


The design of our brochure has changed and it is a more adaptable size, but we still have a small supply left of the older ones.



Download an Adobe.pdf file of the Old WebWhisper Brochure.
Please bear in mind that the brochure is 9" x 16" in size.

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