hospital stay. I had been looking at the shower guards in the catalogs but we didn't have time to order one before coming home yesterday. She, as I said, conjured up this miracle of modern engineering. What she did was cut the straddle (crotch) with scissors and left one side kinda long to drape in front. I pulled the waist band over my head. They must be making some gawd awful big babies these days because it went over my big old head. She left the elastic in the legs which made the pants kinda pucker in front so I could breathe better.

     I will be selling snapshots of this contraption on my head for only $9.95. Remember this is limited time offer. Operators are standing by to take your orders. Please have your credit cards ready.  : )

     All kidding aside, it worked. I washed my hair for the first time since my surgery, I didn't drown, and I feel a hundred percent better. One more hurdle overcome by a woman's engineering skills and the sad fact that I will do almost anything this woman asks me to do. : ) Paul Daniels”

Linda Williams and Paul Daniels

Note: Paul ( and Linda ( live in Atlanta.

Prolonging the Life of the TEP Prosthesis

     If you use the kind of TEP prostheses you change yourself, they typically cost $35 each. At that price, we want to keep them working for as long as possible. The primary cause of prosthesis failure and having to replace them is the growth of yeast (candida) on and around the valve. When the valve no longer closes because of the yeast build up, liquids can leak into the trachea and cause coughing and even pneumonia. If a leak in the prosthesis cannot be fixed by cleaning, it signals the need for a change to a new one. In addition to controlling the formation of yeast by frequent cleaning, you can also prolong the life of the prosthesis by buying them in pairs and rotating one with another. While wearing one, the other soaks in peroxide.

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