wants to make a lasting impression. After all these years, I now do this. How ironic, and fitting, that I do this by talking, even though I should not be able to talk. In fact, it is somewhat of a modern day miracle that any of us are able to talk. Not long ago, my preacher told the story of Jesus healing the man who could not speak. I thought how fortunate I was to experience this vivid reincarnation of that miracle on a daily basis.

     I am finishing this essay after having been to the Relay for Life walkathon. I walked the survivor lap with a hundred other people, most of us wearing tee shirts that proclaimed we were survivors. Most were women, we have a very active “Bosom Buddies” (breast cancer survivor) group here. There was a scattering of men. There was one young child in a wheelchair, the others’ ages ranged to in the eighties. We shared one common bond, that of having fought cancer. For some of us, the battle has been won, fought long ago. For others, it has just begun. Some will win, some will not.

     In one very vivid sense we laryngectomees are very lucky, especially me. One fight was short and sweet. The other, the way I live, goes on forever. The bond we share, is the tee shirt that never comes off, the one always there on our neck.

"If you can’t hide it, you might as well flaunt it."

Philip Clemmons

Note: Philip (Philip@elkriver.com) lives with his family in Cullman, Alabama and is still active as president of his company, Elk River, Inc. which has manufacturing facilities in Alabama and Montreal, Canada. Despite spending lots of time on the road on business trips, Philip managed to recently acquire his hot air balloon pilot's license where his crew refers to him as "Darth Vader."

“I Wear Plastic Baby Pants on my Head”

     In case you missed it, WebWhispers members received the following email from a recent laryngectomee.

     “Hello again. I have just finished my first shower experience and want to share it with you all. I can assure you this is the first time I have emailed a large group of people about my showering experiences. It is absolutely, POSITIVELY the first time I have worn rubber baby pants on my head!  My significant other, Linda, devised a hellish contraption to keep me high and dry while washing my hair after two weeks of

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