Internet Laryngectomee Support
October 1999

In Memorial - Joe Casey

Joe Casey

     WebWhispers members were saddened to learn in September that our President and newsletter editor, Joe Casey, had succumbed to a recurrence of cancer. Joe's leadership and friendship will be missed by all of us fortunate enough to have met and worked with him, as well as those who came to know him indirectly through the work he did for his fellow laryngectomees including his editorship of several newsletters, including our own.

New Newsletter Format

     We are experimenting with a different format for our newsletter. The newsletter was previously posted at our website in the form of an Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format). This format preserved the print style (fonts), colors, and also permitted photographs to be included regardless of the type of system by which members received their email, or kind of computer they had. However, in order to view the newsletter members were required to download the Acrobat Reader program, and a number of them experienced problems in finding and reading the newsletter. With this in mind, we are experimenting with this format in an attempt to make it more easily available to all members.

As I See It

by Philip Clemmons

"How glorious it is -- and also how painful -- to be an exception."
Alfred de Musset, French author (1810-1857)

    June 21, 1999 marked nine years since my laryngectomy. In that nine years I have

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