Selected Scenes from IAL 2005 In Boston - 2


46. VI Reception - with "rack of lamb"!

47. VI Reception - the Gals compare notes

48. View from Mass. General Hospital  (11th Floor)

49. VI Clinic - Our troops get quality attention

50. VI Clinic - Jan Lewin organizes a team

51. Mike Driesbach consults with Dr. Singer

52. Dr.Singer, Tammy & Team test a patient

53. Danny Lee gets "probed"

54. Tammy and Mike after Insufflation Test

55. Richard Najarian & Jobeth Seder chat at Reception

56. The Pre-WW Dinner Bruce Medical Reception

57. Irv Title holds forth on "Something Important"

58. How can we eat dinner after THIS?

59. Zilpha Bosone and Dorothy Lennox compare notes.

60. Pat "Kodak" Sanders at WW Banquet

61,  Is this "posed" or not?

62. IAL "Management" at WW Dinner

63. OK, Richard, who owns the beer bottles?

64, WW members getting acquainted.

65.  Now THAT is a moustache!!

66.  Do WE get the extra plates?

67. Pat Sanders & Jon Robertson

68. The Blair's pause to pose

69. Caryn shows her Jennifer Lopez "look"!

70. Carl (FLA President) & Dottie Kilmer

71. Dang! That dessert line is LONG!

72. Ron Langseth tells ANOTHER story to Mike Rosenkranz!

73. June Allan leads some "girl talk".

74. Richard Najarian and crowd await the "Program"

75. Murray presents his opening "remarks".

76. Murray and Gary Miner explain the Memorial Ceremony

77.  Herb Simon honors those who have passed away.

78. Len Librizzi is stunned to be Casey-Cooper Winner!

79. Len accepts his accolades from Murray

80. Gary Miner honored with Achievement Award

81. Janet Miner accepts Certificate of Appreciation

82. Lorents of Norway accepts Long Distance Lary Award

83. Philip Clemmons garners "Hot Air" award

84.  Murray thanks Richard Najarian & Bruce Medical

85.  Murray honors Tom and Dorothy from Luminaud

86. Murray thanks Jobeth Seder and InHealth Technologies

87. Pat honors "Moderator" Mike Rosenkranz

88. A "WotW" award goes to Joan Burnside.

89. Terry and Mary Jane honor Dr. Hamaker!

90. Libby lauds our "best & true volunteer", Sabine Paul

91. Adios until next year - Boston was GREAT!

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