Selected Scenes from IAL 2005 In Boston

Notables from the Meetings:

There were 175 pre-registered Annual Meeting attendees and 52 pre-registered Voice Institute
attendees ... and counting walk-ins, staff and vendors a total of about 300 actually attended.
19 vendors, including companies from Germany, France, and Poland, had product displays.
Attendees came from the USA, Armenia, Germany, Poland, Netherlands,
Kenya, Norway, France, Japan, Canada and Puerto Rico.

George Ackerman was presented with a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award.
Scientific Achievement Awards were presented to Drs. Eric Blom and Mark Singer.
Biloxi is cancelled for IAL 2006.  Cities under consideration now are; Chicago, Denver,
Burlington (VT), Las Vegas, Charlottesville (VA), San Antonio, and Reno.
Preferred dates and hotel rates will be difficult to get with less than a year to work with
thus the final choice will be a combination of several factors that minimize IAL costs
and risks, while basing in a geographical area that will attract attendees.

1. Our Hotel - Boston Park Plaza

2. Boston Aquarium from Boston Harbor

3. USS Constitution - "Old Ironsides"

4. Minuteman Statue - Concord

5. Concord Bridge - "The Shot Heard Around the World"

6. Pre-IAL Cocktails - Presidential Suite

7. Murray. Jim, and Mark "consult"

8. The Voice Institute "Kicks Off"

9.  Carla Gress & Mark Finfrock discuss "The Plan"

10. Voice Institute attendees in rapt attention.

11.  Ditto!

12. Ditto, Again!

13. Tammy explains Terry's lymph edema.

14. The InHealth Team prepares to "Meet and Greet"

15. Pat, Donna, and Ron outside the Vendor's Hall

16. Irv Title bends the Moss's ears

17.  Awaiting Opening Ceremonies

18. Herb and Sally Simon "test the waters"

19. Carla, Mrs. Singer. Drs. Blom and Singer

20. The "NEW" WebWhispers Banner

21. Pat sets up the WebWhispers table

22. IAL "Head Table" prepares to open IAL 2005

23. Our National Anthem is superbly sung!

24. Keynoter Dr. Daniel Deschler

25. Lobby Serenades during our breaks

26. The Opening Ceremony crowd assembles.

27.  Some garner the Front Row seats.

28. Mark Singer, Carla Gress, Eric Blom

29. VI Business with Lynn Acton & Meagan Kane

30. Visiting the Vendors - Andreas Fahl

31. Visiting the Vendors - Servox

32. Visiting the Vendors - Communicative Medical

33. Visiting the Vendors - Product Testing

34. Visiting the Vendors - InHealth Technologies

35. Visiting the Vendors - IAL Auxilary

36. Visiting the Vendors - Picking up Samples

37. Visiting the Vendors - Luminaud, Inc.

38. Rare Picture of Murray "working"!

39. InHealth's Jobeth Seder chats with the guests

40.  The Voice Institute's Staff

41. Two well-dressed "Stars & Stripes Contest" Aspirants

42. The Medical Panel "takes the Heat"

43. View from the top of the Ritz Carlton

44. Bruce Medical VI Reception

45. Bruce Medical lays on a big spread!

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