Directions: 1. Cut off the pipet tip with scissors.

If you are using a hypodermic syringe, carefully remove and dispose of the needle in a safe manner. 

2. Push the pipet on to the end of the syringe. Friction should hold it (no glue is necessary).

3. Fill the syringe with warm (not hot) water. Push the tip gently into the prosthesis while holding it with the fingers of one hand. Maintain a little pressure against the prosthesis to maintain the seal, push the plunger with your thumb, and squirt the water through.

     It is possible to exert so much pressure with the syringe that you could push the prosthesis all of the way into the esophagus. One finger on the safety tab of the prosthesis as you hold the pipet tip should eliminate this possibility. Flushing the prosthesis after meals or any time it becomes blocked should help the prosthesis function better and last longer.

(Based on an idea by Charles Lamar appearing in the Headlines newsletter. Construction description and drawings by David Blevins)

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