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             Murray's Mumbles ... Musings from the President

             (1) Lauder Enterprises to Sponsor WebWhispers' Project

     Lauder Enterprises of San Antonio, TX has made a most generous offer to finance, on a continuing basis, our VIP/LT Project  ( IAL Voice Institute Pupil or Laryngectomee Trainee Project ).  Starting this year, an annual grant will be placed in the Edmund Lauder Support Fund which will, along with other special donations to WW for this purpose, be used to fund this project and future educational awards.

     Our WebWhispers goals include better laryngectomy rehabilitation education for our members.  We feel that informed members improve the flow of information on our WebWhispers Email lists and that educated members will be more capable of helping new laryngectomees, improving hospital visitations, and assisting in their local clubs.  This year we have raised our subsidy to $100.00 each to be awarded to members who are first-time attendees at the Voice Institute held in conjunction with the IAL Annual Meeting.

     Details are on our web site at

     We send our sincere appreciation to Lauder Enterprises for this assistance to laryngectomees who are undergoing a difficult transition in their lives and are seeking the knowledge to deal with it.  Jim Lauder continues to be caring and supportive with this support fund which honors his father, who was a well known laryngectomee and author of  the book that taught most of us, "Self Help for the Laryngectomee".

2) New WebWhispers Policy Statement

      After much consideration and discussion, your officers have drafted a new policy which we feel is for the betterment of WebWhispers. The following Policy Statement was unanimously approved by the WW EC/BOD in February 2006 and is effective immediately.


     This policy statement is in the interest of avoiding any conflicts of interest or bias, or even the appearance of the same, in the decisions made by the WebWhispers EC/BOD while in the process of serving as responsible officers for our membership.  Simultaneously serving two separate organizations may create compromised loyalties and the WW management must strive to maintain total openness in discussions and decisions among themselves.

     Therefore, effective immediately, the WebWhispers Nu-Voice Club shall not have any of the WebWhispers EC/BOD serving simultaneously on the IAL EC/BOD.  We feel this is for the good of WebWhispers and will avoid any real or perceived crises of trust and confidence when matters are to be decided that reflect on changes in either organization.  This would hold special significance when these interests are at odds or in opposition.
There are two temporary exceptions:

        1. Murray Allan may continue to hold his current IAL office of IAL VP until that term expires at IAL 2006.

        2. Libby Fitzgerald may continue to hold her current IAL position as a member of the IAL BOD until that term expires at IAL 2007.

     This does not preclude any other members of WW from serving in EC or BOD positions with the IAL.  Delegates to the IAL Annual Meeting may be chosen from our membership and from our WW EC/BOD.

Murray Allan
President - WebWhispers Nu-Voice Club


 VoicePoints [ © 2006 Dr. Jeff Searl ]
  coordinated by  Dr. Jeff Searl, Associate Professor ( )
                               Hearing and Speech Department, The University of Kansas Medical Center
                               MS3039, 3901 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66160

Dear VoicePoints Readers,
I regret that we will not be able to give you all some points to ponder this month, but events have transpired making a column this month an impossibility.  The VoicePoints column will resume in the next issue.

However, this does give me an opportunity to give an open invitation to the readership — laryngectomees, spouses and families, speech-pathologists, and other interested folks.  Please offer suggestions regarding topics of interest.  What would you like to know or read more about?  Do you have questions you would like to have answered?

We have an extensive network of professionals whose talents and expertise we can tap into but we are always looking for more.  This column is intended to be informative and we clearly want this column to have relevance to those most likely to be pursuing Whispers on the Web.  I, and a handful of others, can continue to select the topics that get covered but if there is an idea or topic that you would find interesting to read or wish to write about, you can email me at  or Pat Wertz Sanders at

Thank you for interest and we look forward to hearing from you. — Jeff Searl

 News, Views, & Plain Talk
                           by Pat Wertz Sanders, WebWhispers VP - Web Information




 Is there anything of interest in a Web Log (Blog) for you? Wow! Is there ever!

When someone has an interest in reading new or original thoughts and ideas, the Internet is now providing us with good different material.  Pick a subject. Select an idea.  Find a blog.  A well run one will give you the latest that is happening on a subject or thoughts and ideas that a blogger is sharing on that day.  It's like a diary or scrapbook with the latest entry on top.

I'd like to tell you about one, called the Cancer Blog. You can find it at  It is exceptionally well run, beautifully written, and updates you on what is going on in the world of cancer.  You hear about the latest in research, diagnoses, deaths, such as Don Knotts and Dennis Weaver, and survival of well known people, Melissa Ethridge being one, as well as reading the stories of cancer patients and caregivers you have never known but would like to.  She writes about a family camp for kids with cancer and about patients in pain who do not seek treatment.

If you are curious about the variety of blogs and whether there is one of interest to you, try Google at , where you will be able to put in your topic interest and they will tell you what blogs they have on that subject.  To follow the above theme, I typed in Cancer and got these.  The first one is the one I have described above.

Related Blogs:
The Cancer Blog - The Cancer Blog
Cancer NewsWatch - A Caregiver's Commentary On the Latest Cancer News
Cancer, Baby - Cancer and infertility for twenty-first century thirty-somethings.
Breast Cancer Research - The latest articles from Breast Cancer Research
(ISSN 1465-      5411) published by BioMed Central

Google then follows its normal method of showing excerpts and these are a few of the almost 2 million results as I checked it out (on 2/28/06).  I tried asking for Cancer Head Neck and got some that apply even more to us.  I listed few of those sites below the first selections.
Cancer - Virus link?
18 hours ago. closely related to one previously found only in mice, was found in cancerous prostates removed from men with a certain genetic defect. The findings open new avenues for studying the most common major cancer among men ...
The English Guy -
Steps To Preventing Lung Cancer
5 hours ago by News Staff 
Steps To Preventing Lung Cancer, NY - Feb 17, 2006 To learn more about lung cancer prevention, visit
and to learn more about lung cancer symptoms, visit http Lung Cancer ...
Lung Cancer -
Lungcancer - Erbitux-Based Chemoradiation May Help in Head-and ...
23 Feb 2006 by Administrator 
Erbitux-Based Chemoradiation May Help in Head-and-Neck Cancer MedPage Today, NJ
Feb 8, 2006 - The international, multicenter, randomized, phase III study involved more than 400 patients with locoregionally advanced head-and-neck ...
Lung Cancer -
May 16, 2006: Oral Cancer: Join Wake Forest University Baptist ...
22 Feb 2006
Browne and Sullivan are the surgical arm of the Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Tumor Clinic at Wake Forest Baptist. The ability to have both the cancer resection and reconstruction of the defect at the same time is a major benefit for ...
OR-Live: Live and On-Demand Medical Healthcasts -
New Procedure For Carpal Tunnel Sufferers (Thyroid Treatment)
22 Feb 2006 by Administrator 
Twenty-three new research studies are featured in the February edition of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, the medical/scientific ... the summer after he underwent surgery in New York City for a hereditary form of thyroid cancer. ...
Thyroid Information -
ImClone drug extends life in head, neck cancer patients (Reuters)
16 Nov 2005 by healthy 
ImClone drug extends life in head, neck cancer patients (Reuters via Yahoo! News)
ImClone Systems Inc. said on Wednesday that a late-stage trial of its cancer drug Erbitux showed patients with head and neck cancer lived an average of ...
Fitness Health Care Guide -
Head, Neck Cancer Patients Suffer Depression, Poor Quality of Life ...
23 Sep 2005 by Admin 
Head, Neck Cancer Patients Suffer Depression, Poor Quality of Life During Treatment (Newswise) Cancer of the upper aerodigestive tract used to have few treatment options. Fortunately, radiation therapy has proven to be an effective ...
com -
We'll talk more about Blogging?..

   WebWhispers Columnist
Contribution from a Member

By Tina Long

While I sat and listened to the news about the 13 Coal miners trapped in a mine, all I could do is pray.  Every time I heard the 13 and their families mentioned on the news, I prayed.  When I was driving, working or cooking, every now and then I would stop and pray for the men and their families.  I even tried to mentally place myself with them and cover them with a white light of safety and clean air full of oxygen. 
During those many hours of intense quiet, I listened to WABE, our National Public Radio Station.  The commentators interviewed many of the town's people and relatives along with the president of a small University in Wheeling West Virginia.  They all told us how poor the region was, and explained that coal mining was the most lucrative job available in that Southeast mountain area. 
Many of the families have been in coal mining over 100 years.  I learned that, now there is even a course devoted to coal mining available at a near by college.  I also learned that coal miners now can earn as much as 75 thousand a year.  In an area where unemployment is huge and the poverty level so high, many men and women will take the dangerous job to earn enough to support their families. 
A female Virginia State representative, who is a former coal miner, shared her story with Michelle Norris, a commentator with NPR, about the time she and her group were leaving the mine to go home for the night, and a rock as big as a desk fell on her and trapped her leg.  She told how scared she was and, the worry she could see in her co-workers eyes.  Fortunately, they were finally able to free her and get her up and out.
I listened to a son of one of the men who was trapped, tell how his father always told him to find another profession, one that he would enjoy and remain safe.  He talked about how his father was the emergency tech in his group and that if there was a safe place to go, he and his group would find it.  He shared that everyone in the town knew the dangers and understood that every morning when they went down into the mines they might never come back up.
Last night on the CNN news, there was a cousin and a brother of one of the lost men, being interviewed.  They both talked about a note the man had written right before he died.  The first part of the note was, "a testament to his faith and his love for his family."  The last part of the note; which is surmised to have been written right before he died, because of the faint and weak hand writing, simply said "See you on the other side, it's not so bad, just like falling asleep."  I cried.
Later while still haunted by the past week, of the hopeful wait, the grim discovery and the final note, I felt incredibly embarrassed and ashamed.  Several weeks prior to this tragedy, our electricity went out, the entire neighborhood was affected.  I sat in my living room bathed in candle light with my son, complaining, some times loudly, how inconvenient this was and why didn't "they" hurry and fix the problem.  I really wanted a cup of my Starbucks coffee, I wanted to read my e-mail and I wanted to take a shower and blow-dry my hair.  I did think of how rough it must have been before there was electricity but I never gave one thought to those who might actually be risking their lives to provide me with my extravagant habits.
Today, I pray for me, that I be more humble and appreciative.

   Tidbits of Interest
Contributions from Members

Do You Know Where Rx Came From?

For years we've probably all seen the symbol Rx and used it without knowing what it meant or symbolized.  Well, the symbol Rx was likely derived from the major lines in the symbol of the Eye of Horus.  Horus was an Egyptian god, the god of Nekhen, a village in Egypt, and god of the sky, of light, and of goodness.  He was the son of Isis, the nature goddess, and Osiris, the god of the underworld.  Osiris was murdered by his evil brother Seth, the god of darkness and evil.  Horus sought to avenge his father's death by challenging his uncle Seth to a fight.  Seth cut out Horus's eye, but Thoth, a god associated with wisdom and compassion, magically restored the eye.  Horus did defeat Seth, finally.  Horus's eye, also called the wadjet eye, became a symbol for health.  The Egyptians considered it a symbol of good and restored health.

The symbol was passed along through the ages.  As William Osler wrote in 1910, "In a cursive form it is found in mediaeval translations of the works of Ptolemy the astrologer, as the sign of the planet Jupiter.  As such it was placed upon horoscopes and upon formula containing drugs made for administration to the body, so that the harmful properties of these drugs might be removed under the influence of the lucky planet."

There is another theory of Rx's origin.  In that version, Rx is an abbreviation for the Latin word recipere, which means "take" or "take thus."   Long ago, this would not have been a direction to a patient but to a pharmacist, preceding the physician's "recipe" for preparing a medication.

   That may be, but the shape of the symbol is a strong argument in favor of the Eye of Horus as its origin.

   If you look closely at the major lines of the eye of Horus, you can see the elements of the symbol Rx.

What? The "MAC" Is No Longer Immune?

"Mac" users beware!!  A malicious computer worm was found 16 February 2006 that targets Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X operating system, believed to be the first such virus aimed specifically at the Mac platform.  The worm is called OSX/Leap-A, according to a posting on the Web site of antivirus software company Sophos, which said the worm is spread via instant messaging programs.  The worm attempts to spread via Apple's iChat instant messaging program, which is compatible with America Online's popular AIM instant messaging program, according to the Sophos Web site.  The worm sends itself to available contacts on the infected users' buddy list in a file called "latestpics.tgz," according to the Sophos Web site.

"This first Macintosh OS X threat is an example of the continuing spread of malicious code on to other platforms," said Vincent Weafer, senior director at Symantec Security Response, in a statement.  The worm will not automatically infect Mac computers, but will ask users to accept the file, Weafer said.  Symantec ranked the new worm as a Level 1 threat (with 5 being the most severe).

A second worm, spotted February 17th, attempts to spread via a vulnerability in a Bluetooth service for Mac OS X.  Bluetooth is a wireless technology that lets devices communicate at distances of about 30 feet.

The vast majority of malicious hacks are aimed at Microsoft's Windows operating system and some of its products, largely because Microsoft has more than 90 percent of the market for computer operating systems.

Is It True?  Microsoft Soon to Unveil SIX Versions of Windows Vista?
Windows Vista Home Premium, due out in the second half of this year, will effectively embody functions that were previously found in the "Media Center" version of Windows, Microsoft says.

It's one of six versions of Windows Vista the company plans to release.  They include a more basic consumer version and another, called Ultimate, that is geared toward home users who also want to work from the family den.

Microsoft also will offer two versions of Vista for business users, a basic version and an enterprise option that is aimed at big operations.

The company also plans to offer a scaled-down, "Starter" version of Vista for developing countries.

Microsoft now offers six versions of Windows XP, the most recent version of its operating system.  But Barry Goffe, Microsoft's director of Windows client product management, said those systems are designed more around what type of hardware a person is using - say, a Media Center PC or a handheld Tablet PC - while these new versions are aimed more at what a person wants to do with the computer.

So ... looks like more "upgrade" choices will be on the horizon later this year.

 BETWEEN FRIENDS          Donna McGary
                                     "That which does not kill us makes us stronger"

Donna wrote this listening to the music
from the opening page of the King's Singers 
She suggests we might like to read it the same way ... listening.

On Big Voices and Small Potatoes

Outstanding and extraordinary does not begin to describe what these six "a cappella" choral scholars can do with vocal cords and breath and tongue and lips and nasal cavity and hands and throat. If I sound dangerously delirious it is because I had no idea the unaided human voice could  produce such eloquence.  Not only is it breathtakingly beautiful (their sound, not the men themselves- they are actually kind of goofy looking, but funny and clever)-you should watch them imitate a jazz band or sing the Beach Boys and Paul McCartney. -and hauntingly compelling in the classical Elizabethan "Spem In Alium".  The world would be a darker place without their presence.

In the past, my meager squawks and squeaks as I told my stories and relayed my adventures,  were just noise that could be easily translated to paper. For all my sulking that "my voice" had lost something in the "translation", it was, now I see, insignificant.  The written word is remarkable in its ability to communicate powerful emotions and I am grateful to have some small talent with it.  But to lose the voices of singers such as these would be truly tragic and I do not think that musical notation alone can either capture or convey the power and beauty of musical performance.

Words require a shared agreement of terms to understand and appreciate. That agreement is called language and it is a barrier more often than not in our modern world. Music is the universal language, along with love, I guess because it relies on shared experience. 

I had to look up "Spem in Alium" on the Internet to learn that its first line translates to

"I have never put my hope in any other but in you"

but, the longing and hope in the music is unmistakable in any language.

This well-deserved humbling comes fast on the heels of another more poignant and closer to home awakening.  I spent the better part of last week as a live-in companion for a lovely woman in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. She is well enough to know she has some type of dementia but not well enough to realize the toll it has already taken.   She is confused and terrified and desperately trying to be brave and cheerful.  And yet, she still finds it in herself to encourage and sympathize with me! 

Boy, do I feel like a jerk.  Losing your voice is small potatoes compared to losing your mind.  While I miss being able to tell you one of my favorite Maine stories in my best " Downeast" accent, she misses remembering all the names of her grandchildren. While I miss diving headfirst into the cool lake on a hot summer's day, she struggles to remember her son's wedding at their lakefront camp.  She is trying so hard to hold on to what she knows and yet it is inexorably slipping away.  I may have lost my first voice, but I have not lost my words.  She is losing her words.

Small potatoes, indeed, this business of us mortals.. 

I have never put my hope in any other but you
God of Israel
who will be angry
and yet become again gracious
and who forgives all the sins of suffering man

Lord God
Creator of Heaven and Earth
look upon our lowliness.

~Thomas Tallis  d.1585~

I am not a religious woman, but even I can understand that prayer.  Life is difficult, sometimes almost unbearably so.  So we hope and pray and find beauty and pleasure where we can-sometimes in words, sometimes in memories and sometimes in music.

Music has charms to sooth the savage breast
To soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak.

~William Congreave~

    SIMON SAYS...         
                                                         By: Herb Simon

Hello everyone in WebWhisperland,
Beginning with this issue, I will occasionally be writing articles on various subjects for WotW.  In my ten years of laryngectomee experience, I have been curious about and interested in many related topics which will be subjects of future articles.  I will welcome any comments that readers care to share and suggestions are appreciated. Thank you and hopefully you will enjoy what  "Simon Says". . . . . . . .

In June 1995, I had a total laryngectomy.  I had my larynx removed and became a laryngectomee.  Today, I am a laryngectomee who speaks with an electro-larynx.  Something that has always bothered me has been the use of the word "laryngectomized" in reference to a laryngectomee.  I don't now, nor did I ever, think of myself as being "laryngectomized."  I don't know if this is a personal feeling of mine alone, or one that several or many of us have thought about. 

I know the word 'laryngectomized'  has been widely used in the past, but thankfully, it is not used very much anymore.  I've noticed that many of the older medical and speech professionals use this term, but not many of the younger ones do.  Maybe it's a medical term and I'm just not up on medical terminology? 

I have thought about this deeply and often over the years.  Maybe it's just a case of semantics, but every time I hear this word it makes me cringe.  What inspired me to write/share my thoughts with all of you is that I recently noticed the IAL Publication: "Laryngectomized Speaker Source Book" is posted on WW.   Once again I came face to face with that word  --- laryngectomized.  I have seen this useful and helpful publication many times in the past.  When I see it, it always strikes me as if the word laryngectomized is in "lights". I don't think of myself as a laryngectomized speaker, but rather, a laryngectomee. 

Here are some thoughts on this subject that have crossed my mind so often: When people have their appendix removed, I don't hear them referred to as having been "appendectomized!"  Have you?  They are more likely to say, "I had an appendectomy" or "I had my appendix removed."  Have you heard of people saying they have been "tonsilectomized" when they've had a tonsillectomy, or do they simply say that they had their tonsils removed?  When patients have a cholecystectomy, do they say they've been "cholecystectomized, or would they be more apt to say: "I had my gall bladder removed", or a hysterectomy/hysterectomized, or a mastectomy/mastectomized, or a colostomy/colostomized, etc.  What is it called when someone has an arm or a leg amputated?  I know that person becomes an amputee, much the same as each of us have become a laryngectomee. 

There are many instances I'm aware of when the usage of  "ized" is apropos.  I remember when I was a kid, there was a car wax named Simonize (no relation to me).  After that waxing process, my dad always referred to our family car as having been "Simonized," but that was a process, not a surgery.  In our case "Simonize" really did apply, because the process was even performed by a Simon!  When people suffer a great trauma, they are said to be "traumatized."  When one is put into a hypnotic trance, they are said to be "hypnotized."  Most of us have heard of one who has suffered through the act of sodomy, referred to as having been "sodomized."  I'm sure there are many more examples not listed here.

What is the difference between these two groups of examples?  It appears to me that the difference may be that the surgeries are permanent in nature and have a lasting and irreversible effect on one's life.  The second group appears to me to be temporary.  One can be traumatized, hypnotized, and yes even sodomized, but in many cases it is possible and maybe even probable that they can overcome the effects of each of these acts, or states of mind that they are thrust into, be it voluntary or involuntary.

This message is in no way meant to offend anyone.  It is just a sharing of some personal thoughts on a subject that is part of our common bond.  I don't get mad or even upset when a medical professional refers to me as a laryngectomized person . . . . . I just cringe a little!

Thanks for listening.

( Email: )

                          Dutch's Bits, Buts, & Bytes
1)  Large Cave Discovered In Webmaster's Neck! 

     Beginning in mid-January 2006 as a "pin-prick size" hole, a new, post-op and post-radiation "fistula" suddenly developed in your humble Webmaster's neck ... just above the top rim of his stoma.  Several observers claim this discovery rivals that of finding "Mammoth Cave" in Kentucky!!   Such fistulas (holes) often develop due to tissue damage after radiation, wherein the tissue loses vital blood supplies then slowly dies off, creating "dead space" between the esophagus and the outer skin. (Note: The opening narrows significantly as it progresses inward and is very small at the esophageal end.)  While some fistulas can be closed via conservative surgery, others require more extensive treatment ... such as "forearm flap surgery" - moving healthy tissues from one part of one's body INTO the fistula area, sewing it into place, and then allowing the entire area to heal.  Below is a picture of my "fistula" as it appeared in mid-February:

     In the above picture, the fistula is located just above the stoma and is about 1 3/4" high and about 1 1/4" wide. (Amazingly, it developed about 12 1/2 years after my radiation treatments ended in September 1993.)  In the picture you can also see the "feeding tube" that has been inserted into the TEP puncture site, so that I might take "nourishment", bypassing the fistula.   Normally, I cover the fistula with cotton pads held in place with tape to prevent undue drainage and leakage.  At this writing, your Webmaster is waiting for a final "surgical repair" to take place in early March (hopefully at MD Anderson in Houston) -- after one conservative surgical attempt in early February failed to close the fistula.  The above picture is published for "educational purposes" - for those who may not know what a fistula IS or what one looks like after it develops.  Contrary to what some have said, it is NOT a second stoma!!  LOL!  Wish me luck!

(2)  I Keep Getting The "Old Page"

QUESTION:  My friend emailed me telling me to go back to his Home Page to see the new pictures he just uploaded to it.  However, when I go there, all I get is the "old page", identical to what I saw when I went to it last time.  What's up?

ANSWER:  This is an all too common "problem", but one that is easily solved.  In short, you are likely getting the "old page" because your browser is loading the "old page" from the data stored in your computer's cache, rather than the "new page" actually present on the Internet.  Should you ever suspect that you are viewing an "old page", simply strike the "F5" key on the top of your keyboard (if you are using the Windows Operating System).  This action will automatically and immediately "refresh" your screen (and your cache) and will then display the new, "current page".  So, when in doubt, hit "F5."

(3)  My "Taskbar" Won't Hide

QUESTION.  I have an ongoing problem that just bugs me.  I have my Windows XP Taskbar set to auto-hide, but it won't.  I have tried resetting it but that has no effect.  This isn't a major problem, but as I said, it is irritating.  What are some of the things that can be causing the problem?

ANSWER:  The Taskbar can be a useful tool to quickly access numerous things on your computer.  There is the Quicklaunch menu, the open programs icons along with the Start button and the list of background programs next to the clock.  For all that usefulness it can also get in the way and it's a nice feature to be able to auto-hide it when it is not being used.  For those who may not be aware of this function, let me explain.

If you right click on the Taskbar and select properties you will see a menu with many choices on it.  One of these choices is called Auto-hide the Taskbar.  If you place a check in that box then your Taskbar should go away until you move your mouse to the very edge of the screen where you normally see it, at which point it will spring back up allowing you to access it.  The fact that your Taskbar is not auto-hiding even though you have set it to do so would indicate that it THINKS it needs to display all the time.I would suspect that you have a rogue Toolbar installed.  If you right click the Taskbar and select Toolbars you will see a list of the Toolbars you can activate and de-activate.  These include the Quick Launch, Desktop, Links, Address and Windows Media Player Toolbars.  This will also include third party Toolbars such as the ones that are sometimes included in certain types of "spyware."

I would suggest that you uncheck all of the Toolbars and then look to see if your Taskbar will auto-hide.  If it does, then re-enable any Toolbars you want until you see it stop working again.  If you do find a Toolbar that doesn't seem to belong or is causing a problem you can usually uninstall it using the Add/Remove Programs option in your Windows Control Panel.  Hope this helps.

Webmaster's Question of the Month

     " What is the best way to UPDATE my personal information that is maintained by the Club ... like my home address, phone number, Email address, etc - just to make sure it is current"

Navigate to the Member Services Page ( ) - then scroll down to the LINK to the Update Form.  Click on that LINK which will take you to a secure page where you can enter all your current information into an online form.  Then, when finished, merely click on the SEND button and your information will automatically be sent to the Club.  Any changes/edits/updates will promptly be made to the Mail List,  the web site, and the membership database, as required.  It is very simple and only takes a few minutes of your time.



   ListServ "Flame Warriors"   

                                                                                Terms of Importance

1. n.   A hostile, often unprovoked, message directed at a participant of an internet discussion forum.  The content of the message typically disparages the intelligence, sanity, behavior,  knowledge, character, or ancestry of the recipient.
2. v.   The act of sending a hostile message on the internet.

flame warrior
1. n.   One who actively flames, or willingly participates in a flame war ... (Another Example Below) ...



 WARNING!!! YOU MUST READ THIS!!!  Klaxon, the Internet Chicken Little, raises the alarm
 for each and every paranoid conspiracy theory, Federal Big-Brother scheme, internet hoax,
 and latest computer virus.  No black helicopter alert is so ludicrous, no urban legend so
 implausible, that he will not pass it along as accepted fact (in ALL CAPS with multiple
 exclamation marks).  Congratulations, you are recipient 16,747 of today's Urban Myth. 

Above courtesy of Mike Reed
See more of his work at:    


Welcome To Our New Members:

I would like to welcome all new laryngectomees, caregivers and professionals to WebWhispers! There is much information to be gained from the site and from suggestions submitted by our members on the Email lists.  If you have any questions or constructive criticism please contact Pat or Dutch at

Take care and stay well!
Murray Allan, WW President

     We welcome the 40 new members who joined us during February 2006:


Thomas Angus
Ramona, CA
Kathleen Bacon - Larynx Cancer Patient
Plymouth, WI
Leisa Beyers - SLP
Herston, Qlnd.,  Australia
Jess Boeder - SLP
Boise, ID
Rick Brokenshire - ATOS Medical
Milwaukee, WI
Linda Bryant
Dennison, TX
Jessica Burkhart - (SLP Student)
Batavia, OH
Philip Callahan
London, AR
Michael Canizaro
Stonewall, LA
Harry Cole
Marion, NC
Mary Coleman
Greenville, FL
Lonnie Curran - Caregiver
Medway, MA
Rhonda Foster
Surprise, AZ
Cliff Griffin - Vendor - Griffin Labs
Temecula, CA
Patricia Hansen
Toronto, Ont., Canada
Tom Herring
Sherrills Ford, NC
Jimmie Hollies
Warren, MI
V. K. Kamra
New Delhi, India
Irv Knopf
Northport, FL
Graham Latemore
Winfield, Qlnd, Australia
Butch Lemley
Carlisle, IA
Dale Lewis - Caregiver
Jeffersonville, IN
John Lubelski
Toronto, Ont., Canada
Javier Merino
La Jolla, CA
Bill Milligan
Pineville, LA
Christine Milligan - Caregiver
Pasadena, MD
Susan Murillo
Elmont, NY
Nancy Neu
West Chester, OH
Judy O'Callaghan
Dresden, TN
Vincent Paterno
Cheshire, CT
Billie Ruppe
Midland, TX
Gary Sparks
Radford, VA
Ed Thomlinson
Sherwood Park, AB, Canada
Dorothy Thomson
Walton on Thames, Surrey, UK
Carol Toner
Toronto, Ont., Canada
Pam Trimpe
Cincinnati, OH
Robbie Tuten - Caregiver
Panama City, FL
Gary Welsh
March, Camb., UK
Merry White - Caregiver
Napa, CA
Barb Wolf
Deming, NM


WebWhispers is an Internet-based laryngectomee support group.
  It is a member of the International Association of Laryngectomees.        
  The current officers are:
  Murray Allan..............................President
  Pat Sanders............VP - Web Information
  Terry Duga.........VP - Finance and Admin.
  Libby Fitzgerald.....VP - Member Services
  Dutch Helms............VP - Internet Services
  Herb Simon.........Member, Board of Directors

  WebWhispers welcomes all those diagnosed with cancer of the
  larynx or who have lost their voices for other reasons, their
  caregivers, friends and medical personnel.  For complete information
  on membership or for questions about this publication, contact
  Dutch Helms at:   




The information offered via the WebWhispers Nu-Voice Club and in is not intended as a substitute for professional
medical help or advice but is to be used only as an aid in
  understanding current medical knowledge.  A physician should always be   
consulted for any health problem or medical condition.
The statements, comments, and/or opinions expressed in the articles
in Whispers on the Web are those of the authors only and
are not to be construed as those of the WebWhispers management,
its general membership, or this newsletter's editorial staff.

As a charitable organization, as described in IRS § 501(c)(3), the WebWhispers Nu-Voice Club
is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with IRS § 170.


  © 2006 WebWhispers
Reprinting/Copying Instructions
can be found on our
WotW/Journal Page.



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