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August 2000

In Memoriam - WW President Carter Cooper (1947-2000)

    WebWhispers President Carter Cooper died suddenly of a massive heart attack on July 9, 2000.  Although he had an enlarged heart and previous damage to his aorta, he had lived a very active lifestyle and his death was sudden and unexpected.  He had previously survived two bouts with cancer and was just 53 years old.  Carter is survived by his wife Denise, two teenage daughters, Chantelle and Colette, and numerous extended family members.  Our heartfelt condolences go to his family and his many other friends.

    Carter assumed the presidency of WebWhispers following the death of Joe Casey in September, 1999, and had provided strong leadership to our organization since that time.

    Carter worked as a fundraising consultant who designed the public phase of capital campaigns for performing arts and educational organizations.  Some of his recent projects included helping to raise the funds for the restoration of Chicago Symphony's Orchestra Hall, the acoustical renovation of San Francisco Symphony's Davies Hall, the new San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Lincoln Park Zoo's new Sea Lion Pool. 

    For those who wish to do so, expressions of sympathy or contributions may be made to the CCC (Carter Cooper's Children) Fund, c/o Putnam Federal Credit Union, 298 Brewster Ave., Carmel, NY 10512.

    Carter also maintained a website which contains travel and family photographs and more.  Visit it at:

Murray Allan Becomes Acting WW President

    Murray Allan of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, became acting President of WebWhispers upon the death of Carter Cooper. 

    Murray served for more than two decades in the Canadian Air Force and was stationed for a time in Germany.  He later worked as a security manager for the International Telephone and Telegraph operations in Canada, and as a private investigator.  He later became a laryngectomee in 1998. 

    Murray is also President of the Greater Vancouver New Voice Club.  Those WebWhispers members coming to Nashville will have the opportunity to meet him.  Murray can be reached at

Nashville Recording Project - Speech Samples

    "You mean I will be able to talk after my vocal cords are removed? How is that possible? "  For many laryngectomees, the next question might be, "How will I sound?" 

    As we individually sought answers to these questions, perhaps we were fortunate enough to have a speech/language pathologist (SLP) to work with us, or a hospital visit from a laryngectomee who could demonstrate several methods of speaking.  We might have also attended a support group meeting where we heard additional examples of alaryngeal speech (any speech not involving the use of the larynx). 

    Perhaps we searched the Internet and found examples, similar to those below.  However, few new laryngectomees are able to hear many examples of post laryngectomy speech options, and almost certainly not all of them.  Even then we might ask how representative were these of what is possible, and what was possible for us as individuals?

    One of the activities at the IAL convention in Nashville will be a project to gather a number of different types of voice samples.  Samples will be gathered under identical recording conditions, so this should help in comparing speech types.  The samples will be available later to anyone via the Internet.  They should be beneficial to prospective and current laryngectomees, SLPs, and those involved with training SLPs at educational and medical institutions.

    The project is a joint one involving the International Association of Laryngectomees, Vanderbilt University, and WebWhispers.  We plan to gather speech examples in the following categories:

Male and female "excellent" and "average" or "typical" speakers who use:

Artificial Larynges: 
    Electronic: Cooper-Rand, Servox, TruTone, and others
    Pneumatic: Tokyo, Toneaire

TEP prosthesis (lung-aided esophageal speech)

Esophageal speech

Print-to-Speech: computer voice simulators

    A sign up sheet will be available near the registration table in Nashville if you would like to read a passage to be recorded for possible use in this project.

    Additional alaryngeal speech samples can be found at

Pat Sanders Becomes Acting Vice President

    WebWhispers acting President Murray Allan named Pat Sanders to the position of acting Vice President.  Pat is a long time contributor to WebWhispers and won an award last year in Reno from our organization for the quality of her contributions to the group.  Pat is the editor of Headlines, the newsletter of the Kirklin Clinic Head and Neck Cancer Support Group at the University of Alabama at Birmingham medical college.  In addition to her own always well researched contributions, she also recruited ENT Dr. Glenn Peters of the Kirklin Clinic to be a regular contributor to Headlines --- a newsletter which enjoys a worldwide distribution via the mails and the Internet.  Pat is also a frequent contributor to the WW Journal.  An article by her appears elsewhere in this issue.

An Apple a Day . . . 

    A new study has lent support that apples do not just “keep the doctor away,” but also specifically some forms of cancer.  A study done at Cornell University found that extracts from Red Delicious apples inhibited the growth of liver and colon cancer cells in test tubes.  The active ingredients in the apples are flavonoids and phenolic acids.  Both of these are also found in many other fruits and vegetables. 

    These two chemicals are among the antioxidant category which also includes vitamins C and E, and beta carotene.  Antioxidants prevent chemical reactions which damage cells and genetic material.  The research indicated that we get more of these helpful chemicals by eating both the skin along with the flesh of the fruit.  The apple should be washed, however, to avoid ingesting any pesticides.

Place the Face, Part 2

How many names can you put with these faces of WWers who are also coming to Nashville?

Be Careful What You Breathe

By Pat Sanders

    We don't always have control over what we breathe, but with our built in filtering system gone, we should be careful of adding to our distress with household products.

    Laryngectomees should stay away from all aerosols because the fine spray is easily breathed in.  Even pump or trigger sprayers leave a lot of product in the air.  Instead of using these for household cleaning products, try using a liquid solution and putting it on a sponge, paper towel or cloth.  Wipe it on the surface to be cleaned and let it set a couple of minutes.  Then go back over it.  Sometimes you have to wet the surface with water, and then go over it with straight cleaning solution.

    My favorite all purpose household product is white vinegar (available in gallon jugs).  It has an odor but it is cheap, safe and effective.  It can be used full strength or diluted on any surface.  I use rubbing alcohol (usually can be bought on sale two or three bottles for $1) to wipe down my stainless steel sink in the kitchen.  You can dilute either of these with water and use it for windows or counter tops.  If you use these full strength, rub it on and back away to let the fumes dissipate, which only takes a minute.

    For laundry, I use clothes washing liquid with no perfumes (powders get in the air and bother me).  In the kitchen, my preference is a mild dishwashing detergent with lemon instead of floral scent, and a little degreaser at the stove if needed.  Bleach and ammonia have strong fumes and the mixture of the two is deadly since they produce chlorine gas, so never mix them.  I pour beach in the toilet bowl to soak before brushing it, but not for other cleaning purposes.

        An additional bit of information...I use no hair spray, perfume or strong smelling lotions and hand soaps.  If hair spray will coat and hold your hair, then how are your lungs going to function properly with the tissues coated with that same substance?  Perfumed cosmetics may seem safe since they don't coat your trachea or lungs, but I find they trigger allergies and create sneezing and excessive mucous in me.

    Remember that our warning system for many dangerous fumes used to be our ability to smell.  Since that sense is no longer what it used to be, we may breathe in a damaging substances before our nose gets a whiff, so think about it before you spray bug killers, weed killers or cleaning products into the air you breathe.
(Pat Sanders can be reached via e-mail at

Final Nashville Schedule Available

    WebWhispers WebMaster Dutch Helms recently announced that the final schedule for the 49th IAL Annual Meeting and Voice Institute can be read and printed out at the following Internet address :

    Those attending the Annual Meeting and not the Voice Institute should note that Eric Blom is speaking on Wednesday afternoon, and may wish to adjust their travel plans accordingly if they want to hear Dr. Blom speak.  Those not registered for the Voice Institute are welcome to attend any of the VI presentations as well as the Annual Meeting sessions as space permits.

The Mystery of the Talking Teeth
By Henrietta Novitsky

    I have something I think is hilarious to share with you about my experience with the voice built into a denture (UltraVoice).  I had placed my unit in an unused upstairs bedroom, and one evening I went upstairs and heard music coming from that room. 

    I went in and nearly collapsed in laughter.  There were my teeth playing music.  I called my husband upstairs to see this as I knew without seeing it that one would have a hard time believing it.  He also went into a laughing fit.  I mean, you haven't lived until you have singing teeth!  

    I called the company I purchased this from and they said that I must live near a radio station, which I do.  There was no solution other than I stay out of range of a radio station.  The radio station is two miles from my home, so it was either move or sing!  (Etta Novitsky,

By Judy Greiwe

Welcome New Members 

We welcome the 12 new members who joined us in July:

Lori Arnold
Pearland, TX
Richard Bies
Mt. Lebanon, PA
Jim Doby
Hagerstown, MD
Darrell Gilman
Tucson, AZ
Bill Hathcock
Black Canyon City, AZ
Jeff Howe
Melbourne, FL
Larry "Gun" Jones
Rosenberg, TX
Bonnie Lynn Miller
Holland, MI
Pat Morgan
Montgomery, AL
Louella Painter
Hannibal, MO
Margaret E. Tinkham - Caregiver
Winterpark, FL
Heather Winstone
Brisbane, Australia

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