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Any donation from a member is always listed under sustaining membership for the current year with the following exceptions.
1. If you and your spouse are both members of WebWhispers and you wish the donation to include sustaining memberships for both, please tell us and we will list both.
2. If you make a larger contribution and wish it to cover the current year and the next year, please tell us. It will not be extended further than the current and the next year.
3. After September 1st, each year, donations will automatically be marked in our sustaining member charts as the later year.






As a charitable organization, described in IRS § 501(c)(3), WebWhispers is eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions in accordance with IRS § 170.


If there is a special person or project you wish to mention, we ask that you tell us for whom or what purpose you are giving. We often receive a donation from the mate of a laryngectomee member meant to be a donation as a sustaining member and we don't recognize the donor name. We would like to credit these properly. Please tell us.


When paying for and reserving space at our yearly dinner, please note the number of seats reserved. WE NEED THE FULL NAME (FIRST AND LAST) OF EACH ATTENDEE for whom you are paying. "Please fill in: Message to WebWhispers about Donation"



If you have questions about your online credit card donations, please contact


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