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These cruises are designed for us to get together with our fellow members and we invite laryngectomees from other groups to join us for the fun and the chance to get better acquainted. Friends and families of all are welcome.
On these annual WebWhispers sponsored cruises, we request seating in the same section for dinner, unless you prefer otherwise, and often meet with each other in the cafes and dining rooms for breakfast, brunch, snacks and meals. (It's hard not to meet over food somewhere since it is served all the time!) Sometimes, we are able to set up tours so that we can go on them together. We used to have a cocktail party for our group, when we were averaging about 60 people traveling with us every year and at a private meeting to just meet and chat but our numbers have lessened and we do not meet the requirements.  However, the lesser numbers often mean a closer knit group.


Check our latest cruise plans and look back at some of the good times and photos of the past cruises. Latest Addition: Links to slide shows and articles that give you an idea of ships, people and the fun we have.

All sponsored cruises are handled by Cruise Vacations. All reservations and payments are to be made directly through them.


Cruise Index





October 2016 - Eastern Caribbean


WW Oct 2016 - Port Canaveral, FL  (RC Freedom of the Seas)

WW Oct 2016 - Listing of Cruisers




September 2015 - Bayonne to Quebec Cruise


WW 2015 New England to Quebec (RC Serenade of the Seas)


WW 2015 Listing of Cruisers



August 2014 - Alaska Cruisetour


WW 2014 Alaskan Cruisetour Page (Celebrity Millennium)

WW 2014 Listing of Cruisers

WW Slide Show - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x98t-ugHUw0&feature=em-upload_owner




October 2013 - Eastern Caribbean


WW Oct 2013 - Port Canaveral, FL (RC Freedom of the Seas)

WW Oct 2013 - Listing of Cruisers



January 2013 (2012 cruise) - Panama Canal Transit


WW 2013 San Diego - PC - Ft. Lauderdale (Celebrity Century)

WW 2013 Listing of Cruisers

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/N6YUFyleLDU

Whispers on the Web issue - http://webwhispers.org/news/Feb2013.asp



September 2011 - Halifax New England Coast


WW 2011 Canada/New England (RC Explorer of the Seas)

2011 Listing of Cruisers

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/QbQymbhRVQs



September 2010 - Alaska - Inside Passage


WW 2010 AK Inside Passage Cruise Page (Sapphire Princess)

2010 Listing of Cruisers

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/EgtTU1KX9WU



October 2009 Aruba - Granada Cruise


WW 2009 Aruba - Grenada Cruise Page (Ruby Princess)

2009 Listing of Cruisers

Article in - http://webwhispers.org/news/dec.asp

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/PLvwUwL9NRY



April 2008 - West Coast - Acapulco to Seattle Cruise


WW 2008 West Coast Cruise Page (Star Princess)

2008 Listing of Cruisers

Article in - http://webwhispers.org/news/july2008.asp

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/yhvVz-novWg



February/March 2007 - Southern Caribbean Cruise


Main WW 2007 Caribbean Cruise Page (Carnival Legend)

Deck Plans - Ship Views


Listing of Cruisers

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/LTSlEQMXlwA



June 2006 - Alaskan Tour/Cruise


Main WW 2006 Alaskan Cruise Page (Island Princess)

Deck Plans - Ship Views


Listing of Cruisers

Photos from 2006 Cruise (NEW)

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/m-OGbmPtfOI



September 2005 - New England/Canada


Main 2005 Cruise Page (RC Enchantment of the Seas)

Deck Plans - Ship Views

Ports of Call/Excursions

Listing of Cruisers

Photos from 2005 Cruise

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/sPngptFQWXY

Additional pictures - http://youtu.be/W52_6klPxXA



December 2004 - Panama Canal


Main 2004 Cruise Page (Celebrity Galaxy)

Deck Plans - Ship Views

Ports of Call/Excursions

Listing of Cruisers

Photos from 2004 Cruise

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/JCTehkgVHpg



November 2003 - Eastern Caribbean


Main 2003 Cruise Page (RC Navigator of the Seas)

Deck Plan - Cabin Layout

Ports of Call/Excursions

Listing of Cruisers

Photos from 2003 Cruise

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/QewcRomvfVc



July 2002 - Alaskan Inside Passage


Main 2002 Cruise Page (RC Vision of the Seas)

Itinerary and Details

Photos from 2002 Cruise (IAL & WW Dinner/Reception Photos Included)

WW Slide Show -  http://youtu.be/Lvi7Z34Uvnw



April 2001 - Western Caribbean

Main 2001 Cruise Page (Carnival Inspiration)

Deck Plans and Details

Photos from 2001 Cruise

WW Slide Show - http://youtu.be/wQO8-LcLN8c


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Reservations are available through our Travel Agent:

Peggy Byron, Cruise Vacations
100 Swan Lake Circle
Birmingham, AL 35242

1-205-995-0036, 1-800-844-5785, FAX 1-205-995-2063
Email Peggy at: Cruise Vacations <peggybyron@bellsouth.net> or


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