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What is on the Forum

We've created a private online community with a bulletin board "The WebWhispers Forum," exclusively for our members, using the facilities of http://www.delphiforums.com/. Topics are generally open and, while the forum is unmoderated, it is managed and we do have a few rules to live by. We expect our members to use good judgment, good taste, and good manners with no offensive language so that this can be a comfortable clubhouse for all of our members.

This is the place where you may get better acquainted with other members, find out about their families, what sports teams they root for, or tell your favorite stories. We also discuss the IAL Annual Meetings, WW Cruises, along with some laryngectomee problems. There is freedom to ask and talk about side effects, after effect,s and what we have found to make life easier. We prefer serious health problems be taken to the email distribution list where the membership is far greater and also includes professionals. Your chances are better at getting a choice of answers.

The Member's Area of our website has Forum IDs listed. We would like to know who is behind your ID or please sign you name to messages.



Joining the Delphi Forum

Use the email you use with WebWhispers. Our volunteers use your registered email address for everything on WW, so any time you write to us in any department, please use your current WW address so we can find your records. You can be a member of Delphi under a different address but we will automatically list your Forum ID in our database with the WW Email Address. 

There are three levels of Delphi membership. Simply choose the one best suited to your needs and desires. You may just start with the Basic and upgrade later if you wish.

The Basic (free) membership works just fine, although the fee-based memberships are advertising-free and give you several more membership options such as attaching large files (such as pictures and programs) directly to messages that you write. It's fast, easy, and efficient.

With this Forum's message boards you are able to view the subject matter of discussion folders quickly in the left-hand column and the list of message threads in that folder may be displayed. Be sure the heading at the top of the column says DISCUSSIONS

A simple process to join


Fill in the very short popup and select a Forum ID (your name that will be used in the WW Forum or any other part of Delphi) which should indicate who you are so other members will recognize you.

You will be asked for a code to get into our WW Forum. It will either be in your Welcome letter or our Forum Managers will send, usually the same day, an email with a one time code word which will allow you access. Please send your forum ID with your request for code.

We look forward to seeing you there. Let us know if we can help you.
Forum Managers, forummgr@webwhispers.org



As of 7/1/15

We are having a trial run to give to new members of WW, the current forum code that let's you into the private part of Delphi to make it easier to join and visit the forum.

This was published on 7/8/15 in the distribution list and the forum to help folks know how to find what they are looking for: Since we have made some changes in style in the WW Forum, please see if this will help to find what you want to read and reply to… all I can do right now is tell you how I get there and find what I want….

This is the page I open on:
First of all, it should come up with Mike’s picture and the WebWhispers Forum across top.

If it doesn’t have the brown tag DISCUSSIONS under his picture, try to find and click on Discussions so it opens that section.

Under Discussions is a box with a drop menu.
From that choose All...
Mine comes up with the choices of sections under All: Ones like:

Living as a Lary
New Here? Tell us about you
General Q & A

For instance, the first one is Living as a Lary, and has a choice of thread titles…. Choose MUCUS - MUCUS because that is the one I started yesterday, In the little block, it shows 3 messages in that thread. Click and then..Double click on the message name and it will open.
You can choose Neck Stiffness and there are 17 messages. You can just scroll down to read them… and on each message in lower right it says Reply… you can reply to any one message and it will place what you write at the bottom of that list of 17. It will be marked for which message it is answering.

That is a start for you. Once you know you can find and answer… experiment and see where else you can go to read or write.

(Sometimes the drop down list of how you want to view them will change… and you may need to go back and reset to All to get to this point.)

If you can figure out how to write in... then do so to ask questions, reply to existing ones or start a new one with your own subject.

Good Luck, and we’ll look for new messages from new members!





Club 200

This is the address of the entrance to the Club 200, a separate Delphi forum run by Jim Lauder. It is open and any Delphi member can go in. Jim eliminated the private forum code. You still need your Delphi ID and password unless you have already given those when you came into the WW forum first!