WW Caribbean Cruise 2007

Ports of Call and Excursions


Experience the warmth and charm of the Southern Caribbean on this 9-day/8-night cruise aboard the luxurious and spacious Carnival "Legend".  Set sail from Fort Lauderdale for two fun-filled days at sea, stopping first at St. Maarten, NA.  We follow with a port call at St. Lucia and then off to St. Kitts.  Then, at last, we sail back to Florida ... tan, rested, well-fed, pampered & entertained, refreshed & rejuvenated ... a perfect way to spend a "winter-free" week in early March!

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Port Everglades is Fort Lauderdale's waterway to the world. This cosmopolitan city spans 23 miles of
Atlantic coastline. That's 23 miles of sun, sand and surf for you to enjoy. World-class golf, dining, shopping
& sporting events await you in this city by the sea, first made famous in the 1960 film "Where The Boys Are."

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St. Maarten, NA

Where else can you experience the food, style and hospitality of two separate countries in an
exotic West Indian setting? St. Maarten is divided between French St. Martin in the north
and Dutch St. Maarten in the south. Both sides of this 37-square-mile island offer beautiful
ocean vistas, gourmet cuisines, first-rate water sports and beaches, and some of the best
duty-free shopping in the world.


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St. Lucia

There is a broad array of exciting and exotic activities available on St. Lucia. The island's steep
coastlines and lovely reefs offer excellent snorkeling and scuba diving. The rainforest preserves
of St. Lucia's mountainous interior are one of the Caribbean's finest locales for hiking and bird-watching.
Of course, the island also possesses excellent facilities for golf, tennis, sailing, and a host of other
leisure pursuits. Not to be missed is St. Lucia's Soufriere volcano, the world's only drive-in volcanic crater.


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St. Kitts

Nature is only a small part of the wonder of these small, relatively undiscovered destinations.
Long ago, St. Kitts and Nevis were the pearls of the British Caribbean, rich and enormously
important islands that were celebrated throughout Europe. Nevis, the "Queen of the Caribbees,"
possessed unimaginable wealth from its super-productive sugar industry, while on St. Kitts
the impregnable fortress of Brimstone Hill stood as the Gibraltar of the West Indies. In this
venerable history is plenty of romance as well, for it was on Nevis that the dashing young
Horatio Nelson met, courted, and wedded Fanny Nisbet, all the while attending to the whirling
social life of the island's prosperous plantation estates.


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