WW 2006 Alaskan Tour/Cruise

Below is a listing of those WebWhispers and friends
who have signed up for this Tour/Cruise adventure.

Our first batch of Tour/Cruises was sold out!  Princess Lines has,
however, just released a couple of Interior and Oceanview cabins and
some Mini-Suites to us. So more Tour/Cruise slots are available.)

We still have many spaces left for "Cruise Only" participants,
so that option is still open for all those interested.
We suggest that, if you go on the cruise only, you might like to add a day or so to look around
Anchorage, a fascinating place where they offer city tours and ones that
are all day bus tours.. before you meet us on the ship.

T/C = Tour/Cruise Participants (Now 52)
C = Cruise Only Participants (Now 6)

(Last Update: 18 April 2006)

T/C Angles, Bonnye & Louella Savage - Orlando, FL & Irving, TX
   C Autote, Leo and Jean - Bloomington, CA
T/C Bailey, George - Sussex, England
T/C Balicki, Anthony & Diana -  Briarcliff Manor, NY
Bishop, Stephen - Petersfield, UK
Blair, Charlie & Nancy - Largo, FL
   C Byron, Peggy - Birmingham, AL
Crum, Richard & Paddocks, Jan - Jeffersonville, IN
Duga, Terry - Indianapolis, IN
Evans, Walter & Robbie - Rockwall, TX
T/C Fitzgerald, Libby & John - Sherman, CT
T/C Francis, James & Patricia - Concord, CA
T/C Gadbois, Don, Meredith and John - Vestavia Hills, AL
T/C Gannon, Mimi & Delesio, Grace
- Tinley Park, IL
T/C Graden, Jeanne;
Nichols, Penny; Rustik, Judy, & Collins, Linda - Chicago, IL
T/C Herbst, Robert & Lesley - New Haven, CT
T/C Hewitt, Joe & Marona, Rockwall, TX
T/C Jackson, Joel & Jean - Panama City, FL
T/C Langseth, Ron & Wilson, Herb - Costa Mesa, CA/Dallas, TX
T/C Lathram, John & Jean Birmingham, AL

T/C Lathram, John III & Carol Birmingham, AL
Maguire, David - Durham, NC
T/C North, Sally & Glezen, Georgeanna - San Antonio, TX
T/C Ramos, Jack & Speers, Sandi - Hudson, FL
T/C Sanders, Pat & Nelms, Beth - Birmingham, AL &
Spring, TX
T/C Sylstra, Judy & Maxwell, Pearl - Washington, NJ
   C Talmich, Tony & Winthrop, Laura - Miami, FL
Taylor, Stanley & Lana - Birmingham, AL
T/C Tomlin, Paul & Janice - Easton, IL

T/C Yetter, Kay & LaDell - Spring, TX