WW 2004 Panama Canal Cruise Pictures

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6-18 December 2004

Galveston, Cozumel, Costa Maya, Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Grand Cayman, Jamaica, Galveston

Please allow several minutes to load - there are 32 pictures on this final page!  ENJOY!

91. Banana Plantation ...

92. ... more bananas - blue bags protect against insects

93. Rain Forest Aerial Tram

94. Swinging high over the rain forest floor

95. Hills over the triple canopy

96. Costa Rican volcano makes a small "poof"!

97. Aerialists Dazzle the Showtime Crowd

98. This Gal was Great on the Flying Ring

99. A real Magician with the HOOPS!

100. Tender Dock at Grand Cayman

101. Signs noted they survived Hurricane Ivan!

102. Christmas in the Caymans, too!!

103. "Hell" on Grand Cayman

104. Playing with the Stingrays!!

105. Grand Cayman Turtle Farm

106. Richard orders a SUPER BURGER & FRIES!/

107. One the Galaxy's Casual Eateries

108. Typical Hallway to the staterooms

109.  Bad weather and heavy swells at Jamaica..

110. Ships can't dock and seas too heavy for tenders!

111. Our Webmaster contemplates his options (none)!

112.  Oh well, let's just head back to Galveston!!

113. Linda & Miguel arrive for final dinner

114. Joined by Donna and Ruth

115. Jack & Sandi join Joe

116.  Zilpha is joined by Mary Jane & Carolyn

117. Dave & Pat wander in, too.

118.  The Waiters bring out the Finale

119. It is "Baked Alaska" for all!

120. Of course, Dutch drops by later for a FINAL dessert!.

121. Suddenly, we are back in scenic Galveston!

122.  Thanks to all and see you in Boston!!


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