WW Cruise 2004 Participants
Below is a listing of those 33 WebWhispers and friends
who have thus far "signed up" for this cruise.

(Last Update: 18 November 2004)

Peggy and Don Byron, Cruise Vacations, Birmingham, AL

Richard Crum and Jan Paddocks, Jeffersonville, IN

Libby & John Fitzgerald
- Sherman, CT

Dutch Helms, El Lago, TX, & Terry Duga, Indianapolis, IN

Joe and Marona Hewitt, Rockwall, TX

Charles & Nelda Hunt, Montevallo, AL

Ronald  Langseth , Costa Mesa, CA & Len Librizzi, Smithtown, NY

David Maguire, Durham, NC

Donna McGary & Ruth McGary, Woburn, MA

Linda Rainbow & Miguel Hernandez, Cabo San Luca, BCS

Jack Ramos & Sandi Speers
, Hudson, FL

Mary Jane Renner, Indianapolis, IN & Zilpha Bosone, Washington, DC

Pat Sanders, Birmingham, AL, & Carolyn Chenault, Decatur, AL

Louella Savage and Katheryn Bryan,  Dallas, TX

Judy Sylstra & Brittany Lingley,  Washington, NJ
Mandimarie & Megan Feilbach
Raymond & Christine Sylstra,
North Hampton, PA



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