WW Cruise 2004
Ports of Call and Excursions

Galveston, Texas

Galveston is famous for its seafood, tropical scenery and breathtaking Victorian architecture.
This magnificent island also boasts of 32 miles of beautiful beaches and great sportfishing.

Cozumel, Mexico

The Conquistadors first saw Mexico from the shores of Cozumel while searching for gold. Today, visitors
to the island continue to seek out gold and silver jewelry in the shops of San Miguel. Plus,
the waters around Cozumel's shelter coral reefs make this one of the best snorkeling areas in the world. 
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New!  Costa Maya, Mexico  New!

A wonderful coastal city still largely undiscovered by visitors, Costa Maya offers natural beauty and
private escapes for relaxation. The coastal reef beckons snorkelers, and salt water lagoons tempt
anglers with exotic fish. Warm weather and peaceful beaches make for the perfect place to spend an
afternoon relaxing and enjoying the Caribbean coast.
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Panama Canal

The Canal is both an engineering marvel and one of the most significant waterways on earth.
Stretching 50 miles from Panama City on the Pacific coast to Colón on the Atlantic side,
it provides passage for over 12,000 ocean-going vessels per year. Seeing your ship nudge its way through the
narrow canal, with vast tracks of virgin jungle on both sides, is an unforgettable sight.
Sure, it may only take a day to cruise the canal but the memory will last a lifetime.. 
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Cristobal Pier, Panama

Found in Colon, Panama's second-largest city, Cristobal Pier is situated on the Caribbean side of the Panama Canal.
Touring from this impressive port, visitors can easily access the Caribbean Sea, the Panama Canal
and the Pacific Ocean – all in the same day.

Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

Puerto Limón is overflowing with natural wonders. Towering mountains once thought to have housed
gold and silver, magnificent rain forests which contain over 2,000 varieties of orchids,
and of course, seductive sun-drenched beaches. 
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Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Grand Cayman is one of a group of three islands Christopher Columbus called "Las Tortugas" (the turtles)
for the sea creatures he found in the ocean water. Among other attractions, visitors to the island will enjoy
learning about the turtles, seeing the town of Hell, and enjoying the undersea world. 
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Montego Bay, Jamaica

The recently renovated “Mo' Bay,” as the locals call this town, competes with Ocho Rios as the island's
most visited resort town. Montego Bay has great restaurants, nightlife, shopping and leisure activities.
And always the hospitality of the Jamaican people – “no problem.”



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