WW 2003 Caribbean Cruise Pictures
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Flying in to Miami

Our Ship - Navigator of the Seas

A Typical SeaPass Card

Port of Miami

Setting Sail From Miami

Checking Out The Ship

Docked in Nassau / Paradise Island

Nassau/Fort Charlotte

Nassau/Fort Charlotte

Ship From Nassau Hill

Paradise Island

Paradise Island

Paradise Island Interior

Paradise Island

Off To St. Thomas

The Onboard Shopping  Promenade

Window Shopping

What to Buy??

Dining Room (empty)

Dining Room (empty)

Dinner Time!

Let's Eat! (Murray & June Allan)

Bob & Lesley Herbst

Reed & Bev Stewart (& Pat & Terry)

The Kelly Family

The Lauders & Mark & Dawn

The Hughes, The Helms & Jim Toy

Arrival in St. Thomas

Hmmm ...Appears to be Raining!

A Pause in the Deluge!

St. Thomas Tour in the Drizzle!

St. Thomas from Indoors (Dry)!

Shirley Salmon works w/ Myers family

John Fortroy & the Stewarts

Everyone is attentive ...

... at the Cruise Clinics

Mary Jane Readies Her "Stuff"

Tammy Charms Her Charges

Talking SPORTS, Perhaps?

Passing Out the Latest Dish

Easier Than Tying Flies!

Panama Canal in 2004??

The Ice Rink - Great Show!

The "Fans" Await!

Pat & Reed at the Two Poets Pub

Off to Puerto Rico!

Nice Weather!

Mini-Golf, Anyone?

Let's Climb the Rock Wall!

Approaching San Juan

El Moro Castle

San Juan Skyline

Harbor at Sunrise

About to Dock

The Navigator in San Juan

Load Up Those Buses!

The Bacardi Factory

The Bacardi "Bat"

Samples, Anyone?

San Cristobal Fortress

Ummm ... No Hallway Lighting

Place could use some paint!

Mary Ann and June select  weapons

Jim & Kathy armed w/ ponchos!

Now THAT is a Big Shot!

TTerry ponders Wardrobe Change!

WWW Cocktail Party - Pat & Terry

Jim & Kathy Francis

Jim & Betty Toy

John & Donna Fortroy

Shirley Salmon & Beth McGee

The Myers Family

Bob & Lesley Herbst

The Byrons, Don, and Pat

Dawn and Mark

Ray & Linda Blackwell

Ed & Mary Blackwell

Bonnye Angles & Don Green

June & Murray

Joe, Yoki & Patricia Kelly

Dave Maguire & "Date"

John & Libby

Glory & Bill Thomas

Reed & Bev Stewart

Bill & Barbara McDaniel

Judy Sylstra & Family

The Lauders

Blackwell's Corner

Mary Jane & the Cockrells

Some "Pros" Consult!

Sandra, Mark, & Tammy

June & Terry

Nice Way to Spend an Hour or so.

Whadya mean? - No Beer Nuts?

Then .... More Food!

More Fun!

More Laughter!

More Romance ... w/ Mom there!

And More Stoma Occlusions!

Approaching Labadee

Loading the Water Taxi

OK! Let's Go Already!

Beach? Sun? No Rain?

I Think I Like This!

I Feel Like Robinson Crusoe!

Well, sort of like him ....

I Wonder If They're Eating Onboard?

Hell ... Who Cares?

Does Murray Know About This?

Don Byron's Ohio State Flag
Flies from Cabin Balcony!

Leaving Labadee for Port Miami

One Last Promenade Walk ...

One Last Pub Crawl ...

One Last Bargain Hunt ...

One Last Serenade ...

One Last Dessert ...

One Last Dining Room Staff Show ...

... ending w/ a Super Song!

Then, Off to the Airport ...

... To Head Back Home  Sadly!!

We Hope You Had A Wonderful 2003 Cruise ...
... And Hope You'll Sail With Us Again in 2004 to the Panama Canal!
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