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Caribbean Cruise

Deck Plan and Cabins

The Inspiration's Deck Plan

  Veranda       Lido       Promenade    Atlantic     Empress     Upper         Main        Riviera
    Deck          Deck         Deck           Deck         Deck        Deck          Deck        Deck
     Cat 11              Pool                 3 Show              Show              Cat 7 Inside     Cat 8 Outside    Cat 7 Outside   Cat 6 Outside 
   Suite-Queen       Snack Bar            Lounges             Lounge            Twin/King       Twin-King        Twin/King       Twin/King
   Cat 7 Inside                                    Disco              Shops              Cat 9 Outside   Cat 6 Inside      Cat 5 Inside      Cat 4 Inside
   Twin/King                                    Casino              2 Dining          Twin/King       Twin/King        Twin/King      Twin/King
      Pool                                                                  Rooms           Cat 3 Inside     Cat 2 Inside                             Cat 1 Inside
                                                                                                    Upper/Lower   Upper/Lower                           Upper/Lower 
                                                                                                       Info Desk      Cat 12 Outside


Sample Category 4 Interior Cabin

Sample Category 6 Ocean Cabin

Above information courtesy of "Carnivalcruise.com"

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