Selected Pictures
from the
WW 2006 Alaskan Tour/Cruise - Part 2
June 1-12, 2006
Fairbanks, AK, Denali National Park, Talkeetna, Mt. McKinley, Whittier, AK,
College Fjord, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Vancouver, BC, Canada

66.  What a GREAT train ride!

67.   Can this GET any better?

68. Grace & Mimi, "The Wee Ones"!!

69.  Charlie & Nancy Blair

70.  John GadBois & Terry Duga

71.  What a place for a picnic!!

72.  Places you have always dreamed of!

73.  This HAS to be a "painting backdrop"!!

74.  Approaching Whittier & our ship ...

75.  "Thar she blows" - our Island Princess

76.  Island Princess docked at Whittier

77.  Island Princess awaits our arrival

78.  About to set sail

79.  Easing out of Whittier

80.  Off we go to College Fjord/Glacier Bay!!

81.  Absolutely Stunning!

82.   Can you believe our weather??

83.  Now THIS is impressive!

84.  "Fellow Travelers" join us in the fjord.

85.  Pat & Peggy set up shop aboard ship.

86.  Our hard-working Cruise Coordinators!

87.  Pat at Internet Cafe - checking up on WebWhispers.

88. UK's Steve Bishop w/ two "Yankee Girls"

89.  Surprise!  An actual "buffet" on board ship!!

90.  Louella Savage & Herb Wilson

91. Jean & Joe Jackson

92. Yetters + daughter, Beth Nelms and
cousin George Bailey from the UK.

93.  Pearl, Judy, Libby, John,
Beth, Terry, and Pat

94.  Kay & LaDell Yetter

95.  What?  More beautiful scenery??

96.  This just NEVER gets old!

97.  Docked at Skagway

98.  Not a bad public park!

99.  Nestled into the harbor

100.  Umm ... just a few ships visiting Skagway

101.  Ciao, Skagway ... off to Juneau!

102.  Typical Island Princess Balcony Stateroom.

103.  Another view (Bourbon bottle hidden!)

104.  Juneau!!  The Alaskan Capital

105.  Quite a view from the top!

106.  Welcome to "The Glacier"

107.  Don & Meredith GadBois

108.  Helicopter Trip up to Mendenhall Glacier

109.   Quite a view from the air!

110.  ON the Glacier itself

111.  Sure is QUIET up here!

112.  Hope no one gets LOST!

113.  Ummm .... where is the "Loo"??

114.  John - Finally!  King of the Mountain!

115.  Parting shot of the Glacier ... off to Ketchikan.

116.  Pat & Peggy's Cocktail Party

117.  Kay, Jeannie, Leslie, & Bonnie

118.  Ready, Get Set, DRINK!

119.  Umm ... can we have another (or two)?

120. Conversations everywhere

121.  Time to take these folks to DINNER!

122.  Hewitts, Jacksons, Blairs and others ...

123.  John & Don tell the Herbst's a good story

124. The Blairs and Diane

125.  Tony Talmich demos his Hands-Free Electrolarynx!

126.  Sandi, Jack, & Peggy

127.  George, LaDell, Kay, and Jeannie

128.  Downtown Ketchikan

129.  On the Harbor Street

130.  Strolling the Ketchikan walkways

131.  Creek Street

132.  Ketchikan Totem House

133.  A "real" Totem Artist

134.  So ... it's now down the Inside Passage ...

135. ... and as the sun sets on THIS wonderful Tour/Cruise...

136.  ... we sail into Vancouver and then head HOME! 

"Extra" Favorite Submissions from Cruisers

A.  Beautiful Sunset in the Passage  (from Peggy)

B.  Too Nice to Not Take Another  (from Peggy)

C.  Dave hauled in a BIG ONE!!  Great!


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