Selected Pictures
from the
WW 2006 Alaskan Tour/Cruise - Part 1
June 1-12, 2006
Fairbanks, AK, Denali National Park, Talkeetna, Mt. McKinley, Whittier, AK,
College Fjord, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau, Ketchikan, Vancouver, BC, Canada

1. Map Of Where We Went

2.  Approaching Fairbanks

3.  Almost THERE!!

4. Deck at the Princess Lodge - Fairbanks

5.  Terry & Jeannie talk about Dutch behind his back!

6.  Welcome to the El Dorado Gold Mine!

7.  Meredith & John - Fans of WW

8.  Our train is FULL!

9.  Headed for the Gold Mine

10.  Caught trying to get some "shots"

11.  Loading the cart in the gold mine

12.  Our guide explaining the "sluice"

13.  Lesson in how to pan for gold

14.  Jim & Kathy Francis .... no Gold YET??

15.  Sandi & Jack - trying HARD!

16.  Having fun and getting WET!

17.  The GadBois - Don looks happy!

18.  The famous Alaskan Pipeline!

19.  Pipeline cutaway showing a "pig" - the device
that helps move the oil down the pipeline.

20.  Headed up the river.

21.  A little paddlewheeler.

22.  There's the "Discovery"!

23.  Let's head up to the upper deck!

24.  Well, here we ARE!!

25.  Our Power Supply!!

26. Our boat is definitely FULL!

27.  Bush Pilot lands right beside the river!

28.  "New" style house going up along the banks.

29.  "Old" style house and trading post.

30.  Athabascan Indians share their culture with us.

31.  Indian fishing weir

32.  Athabascan girl models a local "creation"

33.  Where they train Susan Butcher's dogs
for the Iditarod Races.

34.  Dogs going through their paces.

35.  John makes a new canine friend!

36.  Off by bus to Denali National Park

37. The Parking Lot "Greeter" at Denali!

38.  The "Eagle" has landed!

39.  LOVE those "Hot Chocolate breaks"!!

40.  A "local resident" shares his tales

41.  Approaching Denali ....

42.  Denali Princess Lodge

43.  Pat attempts to "organize" the group!

44.  Our Princess Luxury Rail rolls in.

45.  A pretty "spiffy" ride!!

46.  Don GadBois & Terry Duga

47.   Sandi & Jack

48.  Judi & Penny

49.   Jim Francis stretching to take a good "shot"

50.  A couple of "Joe's" taking it all in.

51.  The "Silent Wilderness"

52.  It seems to go on forever!!

53.  Trees, water. hill, mountains & a big sky!

54.  The Tomlins & others

55.   Dave Maguire

56. The Evans - married 50 years!

57.  Happiest Couple we saw!

58.  Richard Crum & Jan Paddocks

59.  Sign just outside the big shopping mall!

60.  Breakfast at Talkeetna

61.  Louella & Bonnie chat w/ John & Libby

62.  Libby on a Talkeetna balcony

63.  Off again on the train through the countryside

64. It just keeps getting MORE beautiful!

65.  Can you believe the vistas??

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