Selected Pictures from the WW 2005 New England/Canada Cruise - Part 2
September 4-11, 2005
Boston, MA, Martha's Vineyard, MA, Portland, ME, Bar Harbor, ME,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, St. John, New Brunswick, Boston, MA

54. The Waiters march to the music.

55.  While the Blair's keep time!

56. Entering Halifax Harbor

57.  Closer to docking in Halifax

58. Halifax Lighthouse

59. Welcome Arch - Halifax Harbor

60. Church and city viewed from the Citadel

61. Citadel Entryway

62. Citadel - Main Entrance

63. Citadel - Dry Moat

64. Preparing to fire the Noon Cannon

65. Post Noon Cannon "Concert"

66. Halifax and harbor from the Citadel

67.  The St. John Moose

68. Docked in St. John, New Brunswick

69. Pat having fun with the crew of the
glass-topped boat in St. John

70.  Terry poses with the Captain

71. Looking toward the Reversing Falls

72. Another view of Reversing Falls

73. St. John from the harbor

74. St. John Row Houses

75. "Hey. Rocky, wanna see me pull a rabbit outa my hat?"

76. St. John Local Art

77.  Church of Canada

78.  About to depart from St. John

79. Happy Cruisers

80. Enjoying the WW Cocktail Party

81. Lots of visiting in Viking Crown Lounge

82. Another round anyone?

83. The Attridge Family

84. Ruth & Diana exchange ideas

85.  Heine visiting a nearby table

86. John Lucas & Jeanette Canovaca

87. Debbie, Penny, Judy & Jeanne

88. Mary, Margaret, & Ruth

89. Zilpha Bosone & Steve Bishop

90. The Toys

91. Harmon making the rounds

92. Eva & Ruth

93. Barry & Georgina Wharton

94. Janet Sackman & Don Miller

95. Eva Tomasco  & Gina Puenti
(Eva designed the WebWhispers Logo!)

96. Marianne & Zilpha - something SERIOUS!

97. The lovely Tammy :-)

98. Lots of mixing and mingling

99. Hostess Pat with Gilbert and Barbara Giles

100. Peggy greeting arriving cruisers ...

101. ... and listening to another

102. Saturday morning Get-Together

103. Nancy advises the Swarts

104. Serious talk with Len, Tammy, and Mark

105. Are they working or playing "Battleship"?

106.  Peggy tells Terry, "What a week!!"

107. "May as well throw caution to the wind!"

108.  Cabin Towel Bunny watches late TV show

109. Boston Sunrise - Cruise is over!
See you next year in Alaska!!

Further Submissions from Cruisers

Welcome Aboard: Debbie Blangin, Jeanne Graden,
Penny Nichols, Laurel Vitone, Diane Smith, Judy Rustik

Penny Nichols and Diane Smith hugged by a Lobster

Diane Smith and Laurel Vitone - Coastal Sea Kayaking

Jeanne Graden's "First Time with Shooters"

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