Selected Pictures
from the WW 2005 New England/Canada Cruise - Part 1
September 4-11, 2005
Boston, MA, Martha's Vineyard, MA, Portland, ME, Bar Harbor, ME,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, St. John, New Brunswick, Boston, MA

1. Our Ship - Enchantment of the Seas

2.  Boston Harbor - predeparture

3. Boston Harbor - looking seaward

4. Easing out of the channel

5. Enchantment's Main Pool Area

6. Enchantment's Upper Deck & Viking Crown Lounge

7. Main Atrium Area

8. Peggy Byron and Pat Hamaker

9.  Modern Art overlooking the Pool Deck

10.  Atrium with Main Glass Elevator

11.  Peggy sets up "shop" to assist our cruisers

12. Slipping away to visit "Martha"

13. Dave Maguire, Richard Crum
Heine and Marianne Peereboom

14.  Getting closer in wonderful weather!

15. Harbor at Martha's Vineyard

16. Main Street - Martha's Vineyard

17. Trinity Episcopal Church - MV - from 1882

18. Residential Lane - MV

19. Civil War Memorial - MV

20. Tenders lining up to go back to the ship.

21. Cabin Steward's Towel-Folding Artistry!

21a.  Rev. Robert and Ardith Todd

21b. The Librizzi's - relaxed and having fun.

22. The Miller's and Jeanette Canacova

23. John Lucas, Pat Hamaker, and Peggy

24. Steven Bishop (from the UK)

25. Diane and Tony Balicki

26. Donna Keim & one of her daughters

27. And here are the other two!!

28.  Janet Sackman, Al & Ruth Kollar

29.  Robert & Margaret Attridge

30.  Mary Attridge Silvestri

31. The Toys - Jim & Betty are with us again.

32. Janice & Harmon Swart

33. Catherine Toner & Marige (came with the Toys)

34. Ruth Swart & Eva Whiteneck

35. Dave Tillotson & Lorents Gran

36. Dan Librizzi & Gina Puenti

36a.  Eva Tomasco & Our Youngest Cruiser Gavin Tomasco
(The  Librizzi's Grandson)

37. Heine & Marianne (from Holland)

38. Jan Paddocks and Richard Crum

39. Zilpha Bosone & Ron Langseth

40. Initial Welcome from Captain, Officers, and Staff

40a. Terry works while others play!

41a. Midnight Buffet - Ice Sculptures

41b. Midnight Buffet - Chocolate Ship Sculpture

41c.  Entering harbor at Portland, Maine

41d. Portland's Lighthouse (close up)

41e.  Our ship docked at Portland

41f. Portland's skyline

41g. Downtown Portland

41h. Portland, a final view.

41i.  Slipping away into a day of sunshine in Bar Harbor

42.  Easing into Bar Harbor, ME

43.  Wonderful SHOPPING!

44. Top of Cadillac Mtn - Acadia Nat'l Park

45. Look!  The LITTLE one is our SHIP!

46.  The Legend of Cadillac Mountain

47. "Turn Around, Pat! ... Oh, never mind!"

48. The word "charm" was invented for Bar Harbor

49. I could stay here all day ... I think some DID!

50. Everywhere you look - photo opportunities

51. Dave Maguire, Pat Hamaker, & Steve Bishop

52. Back to the ship on the tender

53. Approaching our "sea level" reboarding doors

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