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See upper right corner for "How to Join".  New WebWhispers members are automatically enrolled into the email list.  Forum and Facebook are optional.



WebWhispers FACEBOOK for members only


Membership is limited to current members of WebWhispers. 

This is a closed group where we can meet socially and
discuss problems as we do on the email list and in the Forum.  But this
is Facebook where serious matters are not necessarily the order of the
day, so it may be best to save the more intimate discussions for the 
WebWhispers Forum.  

To maintain our privacy, memberships in this group will be issued by

 the administrators of the Group. We will verify
WW membership for all those requesting to join. Please tell us the
exact name under which you are listed at Facebook, when you send your
membership request. If not yet a Facebook member, please join before
requesting membership in the WebWhispers Facebook Group.

The WW Facebook Group is our most recent addition.  So many of our members
are on Facebook that it was time for us to have a Facebook home.  To
join the Group, we need only three bits of information.

1. The exact name by which you are known on Facebook.

2. The exact email address by which you are known on Facebook.

3. Your city and state of residence. 

Send a friend request plus a message on Facebook Messenger to the Facebook
Page of, John Isler, Anne Rinaldi Ammenti or William Cross at william.cross.752.
Tell us you’re a WebWhispers member.

We will confirm your friendship and add you to the group.

Or email this information to me at or post it in the
WW Forum under the WW Facebook Group in General Q & A,, or send it to me,
Shmuel Mitchell, on Facebook. 





In regard to rule #1 - its a guideline. Everyone is different. Some people can reply to a subject clear and concisely with a paragraph or two. Others (albeit rare) will use several pages. To the extent possible just be concise and clear, there is really no limit on words so long it pertains to the subject.

CAPS: Using all CAPITAL LETTERS in the cyber world is considered shouting. There are some members whose vision is impaired and we understand that it benefits them to use Caps. For others, it is okay to use caps to bring attention to a few words or phrase to place EMPHASIS or draw attention to that but we ask that unless one has problems with vision to refrain from using ONLY CAPS.

Courtesy and politeness: Basically it is common sense. We have nearly 3000 members of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds and we do not want to create a hostile environment for anyone.

Complaints: It is okay to complain or disagree so long as it tactful and not intended harmful. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.