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The WebWhispers Facebook Group is open to all survivors of cancer of the throat and larynx, their caregivers, members of their families, and the professionals who serve our community in the belief that everyone should be permitted to benefit from our Facebook exchange of experiences, thoughts and suggestions. Most of our members are laryngectomies and members of WebWhispers, but many are not. To join the WebWhispers Facebook Group, please Click on the following URL: You will be asked three simple questions. Once an admin has reviewed your request to join and approved your request, you will be added and introduced to the other group members.

Those who are not members of our main website are also encouraged to join us there at: Membership is free of charge, but the benefits are priceless. They include a vast library of accumulated knowledge which will ease this journey you are on, a private message board forum where we meet and form friendships while we gain invaluable knowledge, and an email-list to which we can send any question which still puzzles us. Those questions will be distributed to some 2000 laryngectomies, caregivers and professionals, a remarkable resource available nowhere else.




In regard to rule #1 - its a guideline. Everyone is different. Some people can reply to a subject clear and concisely with a paragraph or two. Others (albeit rare) will use several pages. To the extent possible just be concise and clear, there is really no limit on words so long it pertains to the subject.

CAPS: Using all CAPITAL LETTERS in the cyber world is considered shouting. There are some members whose vision is impaired and we understand that it benefits them to use Caps. For others, it is okay to use caps to bring attention to a few words or phrase to place EMPHASIS or draw attention to that but we ask that unless one has problems with vision to refrain from using ONLY CAPS.

Courtesy and politeness: Basically it is common sense. We have nearly 4000 members of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds and we do not want to create a hostile environment for anyone.

Complaints: It is okay to complain or disagree so long as it tactful and not intended harmful. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.