2018 WW Awards Dinner


The WebWhispers Dinner for members and guests is held each year during the IAL Annual Meeting and Voice Institute. The WW Dinner, will be held Thursday evening, June 7, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

It's a big event for us and we look forward to seeing many of you there.
This is where we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, to talk and just have fun together. We take a moment to share grief over our losses, to present our scholarship checks and to rejoice over those who receive our awards. It is our moment to be together.

WW Pre Dinner Reception


Those who register to attend this dinner are invited to a pre-dinner reception, starting at about 7:00 PM. We are pleased to announce that Bruce Medical Supply will be hosting this reception, as they have for many years.


The menu

The menu for the WebWhispers Award Dinner is as follows:

WW Dinner Buffet June 7, 2018


House Salad with two choices of dressing


Fiesta Lime Chicken

Lemon Caper Salmon






Carrot cake


Iced tea/coffees/water

Cost of Dinner and payment information


Reservations are required and names will be added upon receipt of the payment. When paying for and reserving space at our yearly dinner, please note the number of seats reserved (we will have assigned seating).

WE NEED THE FIRST AND LAST NAME OF EACH ATTENDEE for whom you are paying. The cost is $35.00 per person.

To pay online:

Click the Donate Button.

Checks, payable to "WebWhispers", may be sent to:
WebWhispers, Inc.
P O Box 1275
Powder Springs, GA 30127

If you are making a donation to WebWhispers as you are paying for your dinner reservations, please indicate what portion is your donation to WW.

Reservations and seat assignments are listed below.


Reserved Guests (Paid)

Arranged Alphabetically with the number of guests listed 1st.
(Company name - where needed.)
Reservations paid:


7 InHealth Technologies-Constantine Davlantes, Veronica Beltran, Janice Hayes, Jim Hayes, Richard Crum, Gary Abbot, Jennifer Jacobs

9 Atos- Doug Sanchez, Julie Bishop-Leone, Justin Palmier, Debbie Zuluaga, Sue Marino, Matt Wahila, Samantha Jones, Keely Autony, Mike Thompson
2 Bruce Medical- Richard Najarian, Nancy Shea

1 Kim Almand (GF)
2 David & Anne Ammenti
1 Linda Battaglia
2 Bob & Mollie Bauer
2 Noel & Majella Best
1 Horace Biro
1 Susan Bruemmer
1 Tom Cleveland
1 Richard Crum
1 William Dietrich
1 Helen Grathwohl
4 Cliff & Karen Griffin
Tony & Laura Talmich
1 Jewell Hoffman
2 John & Elaine Isler
1 Patrick Kerr
2 David Kinkead ________________ _______________
5 Jim Lauder (+4 guests)-
2 Tom & Dorothy Lennox ________________ ________________
2 Joe & Ellie Marasco
1 Shirl McDonald
1 Donna McGary
1 Caryn Melvin
2 Peter & Linda Meuleveld
1 Candy Moltz
1 Barb Nitschneider ***
2 Tom & Sandy Olsavicky
1 John Ready
3 Susan Reeves
2 Mike & Dr. Susan Rosenkranz (V)
1 Elaine Knuckles
2 Herb & Sally Simon
1 Robert Smiley
2 Bill & Karen Smith
1 Barbara Sullivan (SM)
2 Tony & Laura Talmich
3 Richard Thibadeau
1 Tom Tully
4 Viv & Jeff Vanden Hogen
1 Karen White
1 Tom Whitworth
1 Paul Winkle
1 Guest (AM)
2 Guests (TD) SLP Students _______________ ________________
8 Guests (JR) ______________ _______________ ________________
_______________ ________________ ______________ ___________
____ _______________


SEating chart




Table 1


Table 2


Donna McGary
Tom Whitworth
Kim Almand
Jim Lauder
Caryn Melvin


Tom & Dorothy Lennox
Mike Rosenkranz
Dr. Susan Rosenkranz (V)
Elaine Knuckles
Herb & Sally Simon





Table 3


Table 4


Jeff & Viv & Vanden Hogen
Pete & Linda Meuleveld
David Kinkead
Richard Crum
Patrick Kerr



Noel & Majella Best
Joe & Ellie Marasco
Tom & Sandy Olsavicky
Bill & Kaaren Smith





Table 5


Table 6


John & Elaine Isler
Karen White
David & Anne Ammenti
Linda Battaglia
Shirl MacDonald (JR)


Tom Cleveland
Barb Nitschneider
Helen Grathwohl
Horace Biro
Candy Moltz

Susan Reeves (Plus 2)





Table 7


Table 8


Susan Bruemmer
Barbara Sullivan
William Dietrich
Cliff Griffin
Karen Griffin
Tony Talmich
Laura Talmich


Bob & Mollie Bauer
Robert Smiley
Guest (AM)
Tom Tully
Richard Najarian
Nancy Shea





Table 9


Table 10


Guest (TD) 2 SLP Students

Richard Thibadeau

4 Guests (JL)


InHealth (7)






Table 11


Table 12


John Ready

Guests (JR) 4


Shirl McDonald

Guests (JR) 4





Table 13


Table 14


Atos 4



Atos 5





Table 15


Table 16