2015 WW Awards Dinner

The WebWhispers Dinner for members and guests is held each year during the IAL Annual Meeting. The WW Dinner, will be held Thursday evening, June 11, 2015.

Sheraton Baltimore North
903 Dulaney Valley Road
Towson, Maryland 21204

The Dinner begins immediately following the reception and doors will be opened to the buffet area at 7PM. We ask that you find your seat and wait there until your table number is called to go to the buffet. The tables up front with speakers will need to go first so by the time everyone has their dinner, we can start with announcements.

Our program this year will be a number of WW members who have some thoughts or a story to share with you.

It's a big event for us and we look forward to seeing many of you there.

This is where we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, to talk and just have fun together. We take a moment to share grief over our losses, to present our scholarship checks and to rejoice over those who receive our awards. It is our moment to be together.



WW Pre Dinner Reception


Those who register to attend this dinner are invited to a Reception just prior to the buffet, starting at about 6:15 PM. We are pleased to announce that Bruce Medical Supply will be hosting this Reception, as they have for many years.


The menu

Our buffet menu is chosen with entrees to accommodate those who may be experiencing problems with chewing or swallowing.

House salad

Pasta salad

Baked Fish

Grilled Boneless Chicken Breast

Steamed Vegetables

Rolls and Butter

Seasonal Dessert Display

Coffee, Iced Tea, Water


Cost of Dinner and payment information


Reservations are made in advance and your names will be added upon receipt of the payment. When paying for and reserving space at our yearly dinner, please note the number of seats reserved (we will have assigned seating).

WE NEED THE FULL NAME (FIRST AND LAST) OF EACH ATTENDEE for whom you are paying. The cost is $30.00 per person.

If you are making a donation at the same time you are paying for your dinner reservations, please indicate what portion is your contribution to WW and that will be listed separately as your tax deductible donation.

All Donations & Dinner reservations should be sent directly to this address which has just been set up to handle your checks:

Previous addrss rmoved July, 2014 when this one became effective.
WebWhispers, Inc.
P O Box 1275
Powder Springs, GA 30127

Make checks payable to "WebWhispers"

You may use your credit card to pay for your reservations at our secure site under Donations: Click the Donate Button.


There is a place to add notes. 

Write to accounting@webwhispers.org with additional explanation, if needed.

(Please be sure you don't use the old P.O. Box number)

If you are making a donation to WebWhispers as you are paying for your dinner reservations, please indicate what portion is your donation to WW and that will be listed separately as your tax deductible donation.

The number of reservations for the dinner will be listed below.

Seat assignments are below that.


Reserved Guests


Arranged Alphabetically with the number of guests listed first.

(Company name - where needed.)

1 Almada, Diane (G of RS)

7 Atos

Doug Sanchez
Tara Dean
Meaghan Benjamin
Mandy Pietropaolo
Shane St John
Mike Corrao
Dave Barry

2 Bauer, Bob & Mollie

2 Battaglia, Linda & Van Bladel, Maureen

2 Black, Jody Ann & Stuart (GL)

1 Rita Burfitt

2 Bruce Med - Richard Najarian, Nancy Shea

1 Bruce Med Guest - Joanne Fenn

1 Bruemmer, Susan

1 Cleveland, Tom

2 Chapman, Ed & Mitchell, Dr. Brian

2 Dieterich, W. Kyd & Nancy Banzhoff

1 Dodson, Tom

2 Drew, Randy & Judy

1 Lynn Foti (G of Ann McK)

1 Funderburk, Sapp

2 Griffin: Tony & Laura Talmich
2 Griffin: Cliff & Karen Griffin

2 Hauben, Jay & Ronda

7 InHealth

Constantine Davlantes
Kevin Madden
Anthony Serna
Richard Crum
Janice Hayes
Jim Hayes
Sandi Cobey

2 Isler, John & Elaine

2 Kanjian, Carol & Bob

2 Kerr, Patrick & Diane

1 Kinkead, David

2 Kitchen, Rick & Joanne

1 Knight, Susan

1 x Lauder, Jim

2 Lennox, Tom & Dorothy

1 McGary, Donna

2 McMullen, Phyllis & Richard

2 Montague, Rhodney & Jackie

1 Moren, Don

1 Nitschneider, Barb

1 North, Sally

2 Olsavicky, Tom & Sandy

1 Jan Paddock (G of R. Crum)

1 Popiel, Denise

2 Reeves, Susan & Golson, Mary

1 Sanders, Pat

2 Silver, Saul & Geraldine

2 Simon, Herb & Sally

1 Sipp, Richard

2 Six, Donald & Wood, Star

2 Smith, Bill & Kaaren

1 Strand, Carl

2 Ulrich, John & Pam

2 Vanden Hogen, Jeff & Viv

1 Whitworth, Tom

Total - 85

add 2 Guest

NOTES: added above

Check is in the mail. Added to totals.


PayPal, received: to be deposited... Already added to seating and totals.

1 x Lauder...

2 x Guests

2 x Black

Paid but Cancelled subtracted from list

2 Jensby, Harry & Gail

1 Culbertson, JIm

1 Fay Flanary


tentative chart



Table 1


Table 2


Pat Sanders
Constantine Davlantes
Kevin Madden
Anthony Serna
Tom Whitworth
Donna McGary
John Isler
Elaine Isler


Jeff Vanden Hogen
Viv Vanden Hogen
Doug Sanchez
Tara Dean
Rita Burfitt
Carl Strand
David Kinkead





Table 3


Table 4


Tom Olsavicky
Sandy Olsavicky
Kaaren Smith
Bill Smith
Tom Dodson
Randy Drew

Judy Drew
Tom Cleveland


Richard Najarian
Joanne Fenn
John Ulrich
Pam Ulrich
Donald Six
Star Wood
Nitschneider, Barb
Nancy Shea





Table 5


Table 6


Cliff Griffin
Karen Griffin
Bob Bauer
Mollie Bauer
Susan Reeves
Mary Golson
Patrick Kerr
Diane Kerr



Herb Simon
Sally Simon
Bob Kanjian
Carol Kanjian
Richard McMullen
Phyllis McMullen
Mandy Pietropaolo
Shane St John







Table 7


Table 8


Ed Chapman
Dr. Brian Mitchell
Susan Bruemmer
Susan Knight
W. Kyd Dieterich
Nancy Banzhoff
Meaghan Benjamin
Dave Barry


Jan Paddock
Richard Crum
Jay Hauben
Ronda Hauben
Saul Silver
Geraldine Silver

Dorothy Lennox
Tom Lennox





Table 9


Table 10


Jim Lauder

Lynn Foti
Diane Almada
Richard Sipp
Jody Ann Black
Stuart Black


Rhodney Montague
Jackie Montague

Tony Talmich
Laura Talmich

Rick Kitchen
Joanne Kitchen

Denise Popiel
Mike Corrao







Table 11


Table 12


Linda Battaglia
Maureen Van Bladel
Sapp Funderburk
Janice Hayes
Jim Hayes
Sandi Cobey
Moren, Don
Sally North







Table 13


Table 14









Table 15









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