2013 WW Awards Dinner

The WebWhispers Dinner for members and guests is held each year during the IAL Annual Meeting. The WW Dinner, this year, will be held Thursday evening, June 6th,


Red Lion Hotel at the Park
W. 303 North River Drive,
Spokane, WA 99201


It begins at 7:00 /7:15 PM immediately following the reception. It's a big event for us and we look forward to seeing many of you there. (Time will be set exactly later)

This is where we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, to talk and just have fun together. We take a moment to share grief over our losses, to present our scholarship checks and to rejoice over those who receive our awards. It is our moment to be together.



WW Pre Dinner Reception


Those who register to attend this dinner are invited to a Reception just prior to the banquet, starting at 6:15/6:30 PM. We are pleased to announce that Bruce Medical Supply has been hosting this Reception for 14 years and we appreciate the generosity of Richard Najarian in supporting our celebration.


The menu

Our buffet menu was chosen with entrees to accommodate those who may be experiencing problems with swallowing:
House Salad
Crisp cabbage slaw with Cusabi dressing
Baked cod w/ butter sauce
Chicken penne w/ pesto sauce
Zucchini or broccoli (To be decided)
Vegetable medley
Rolls and Butter

Chocolate Mousse with berries
Coffee & Tea service

Cost of Dinner and payment information


Reservations are made in advance and your names will be added upon receipt of the payment.

When paying for and reserving space at our yearly dinner, please note the number of seats reserved (we do have assigned seating).

If you are making a donation at the same time you are paying for your dinner reservations, please indicate what portion is your contribution to WW and that will be listed separately as your tax deductible donation.

All Donations & Dinner reservations should be sent directly to this address which has just been set up to handle your checks:
WebWhispers, Inc.
PO Box 453
Gold Hill, OR 97525
Make checks payable to "WebWhispers"

You may use your credit card to pay for your reservations at our secure site under Donations: Click the Donate Button.


There is a place to add notes. 

Write to accounting@webwhispers.org with additional explanation, if needed.

The cost this year is $30.00 per person.

Must receive payment by June 1st, 2013, in order to get our seating charts in order. We are having more people sign up at the last minute and there is a limit on how many we can accept at that time.


Reserved Guests


Arranged Alphabetically with the number of guests listed 1st.

(Company name - where needed.)

Reservations paid:

4     Atos ( Rick Brokenshire, Enrique Kadile, Micah Walker, Todd Coleman)

1     Wayne Baker

1     Sunny Bakken

1     Robert Bauer

2     Phil & Sandie Benadum

2     Noel & Majella Best

2     Dewayne & Jackie Boesen

2     Bruce Medical, (Richard Najarian, Nancy Shea)

1     Susan Bruemmer

3     Ed, Barb Chapman & Kitty Medina

1     Thomas Cleveland

1     Joanne Fenn

1     Frank Fisher

2     Logan Grayson & Marlene Haynes

4     Griffin Laboratories (Eric Howell, Lucky Jinker, Tony and Laura Talmich)

2     Ann Hall & Linda Averill

1     Wilma Husak

3     InHealth ( Kevin Madden, Emily Poole MS,CCC-SLP, Richard Crum,)

2     Joel & Nina Jackson ---- Not at  dinner

2     Harry & Gail Jensby

2     Roger & Carol Johnson

2     Roger & Mary Ann Johnson

2     Tom & Dorothy Lennox

2     Jack Luft & Loy Loomis

2     Ann Mathias & Kim Forbister

2    Jack Henslee & Jeannette Thomas

2    Bob Herbst & Lesley Herbst

2     Ron & Janine Mattoon

1     Donna McGary

1     Ann McKennis

2     Peter & Linda Meuleveld

2     Jim & Linda Miller

1     Dianna Miller

1     Candace Moltz

2     Rhodney & Jacqueline Montague

1     Charles Moore

1     Walter Mumford

1     Barbara Nitschneider

2     Sally North & Claudia North

2     Garo Odabashian & Anahit Minasian.... Not at dinner

2     George & Leah Ostrander

1     Jan Paddocks ( guest of Richard Crum)

1     Wendell Ratcliffe

1     Susan Reeves

1     Mike Rosenkranz

1     Pat Sanders

2     William & Marta Shoemaker

2     Herb & Sally Simon

2     Bill & Karen Smith

2     Pat and Linda Smith

2     Irwin & Tema Title

2     Viv & Jeff Vanden Hogen

1     Carl Van Rossum

2     Edward & Pat Woodruff



1    WW Speaker, Dr. Brian J Mitchell (guests of WebWhispers)


94  Total added to seating

Names added at WW Table:

John & Cheryl Hudlow

John Ready

Brian Shute

Patrick & Diane Kerr

Dale & Robin Olson

Wade Hampton

David & Ann Ammenti

William & Betty Holifield

Clyde & Sylvia Simmens

Dennis & Mitzi Holte


16 Lauder seats


We were charged for 108, 105 actually seated. Moved a number at the last day, so seating is not totallyaccurate.



tentative chart



Table 1


Table 2


Pat Sanders

Sunny Bakken

Mike Rosenkranz

Kevin Madden

Ann McKennis

Donna McGary

Dr. Brian J. Mitchell

Brian Shute



Ed Chapman

Barb Chapman

Kitty Medina

Susan Bruemmer

Carol Johnson

Roger Johnson

Richard Najarian

Nancy Shay






Table 3


Table 4


Charles Moore

Emily Poole

Peter Meuleveld

Linda Meuleveld

George Ostrander

Leah Ostrander

Sally North

Claudia North



Noel Best

Majella Best

Tom Cleveland

Tom Lennox

Dorothy Lennox

Dianna Miller

Wendell Radcliffe

Wilma Husak







Table 5


Table 6


Richard Crum

Jan Paddocks

Joel Jackson

Nina Jackson

William Shoemaker

Marta Shoemaker

Garo Odabashian 

Anahit Minasian



Susan Reeves

Joanne Fenn

Bob Herbst

Lesley Herbst

Bill Smith

Karen Smith

Rick Brokenshire

Enrique Kadile







Table 7


Table 8


Jeff Vanden Hogen

Viv Vanden Hogen

Harry Jensby

Gail Jensby

Rhodney Montague

Jacqueline Montague

Tony Talmich

Laura Talmich


Logan Grayson

Marlene Haynes

Rayni Wangen

Jim Wangen

Edward Woodruff

Pat Woodruff

Robert Bauer

Eric Howell






Table 9


Table 10


Roger Johnson

Mary Ann Johnson

Ann Mathias

Kim Forbister

Irwin Title

Tema Title

Herb Simon

Sally Simon



Jack Luft 

Loy Loomis

Ann Hall

Linda Averill

Lucky Jinker

Walter Mumford







Table 11 - Lauder


Table 12


Jim Lauder

Rick Hall


No table 12.





Table 13


Table 14


Jack Henslee

Jeanette Thomas

Wayne Baker

Ron Mattoon

Janine Mattoon

Carl van Rossum

Frank Fisher

Barbara Nitschneider




Dewayne Boesen

Jackie Boesen

Jim Miller

Linda Miller

Micah Walker

Todd Coleman

Pat Smith

Linda Smith





Table 15


Table 16


Added new people to 15