2012 WW Awards Dinner

The WebWhispers Dinner for members and guests is held each year during the IAL Annual Meeting. The WW Dinner, this year, will be held Thursday evening, June 7th,

Sheraton Imperial
4700 Emperor Blvd
Durham, NC 27703

It begins at 7:15 PM immediately following the reception. It's a big event for us and we look forward to seeing many of you there.

This is where we have the opportunity to meet face-to-face, to talk and just have fun together. We take a moment to share grief over our losses, to present our scholarship checks and to rejoice over those who receive our awards. It is our moment to be together.



WW Pre Dinner Reception


Those who register to attend this dinner are invited to a Reception just prior to the banquet, starting at 6:30 PM. We are pleased to announce that Bruce Medical Supply has been hosting this Reception for 13 years and we appreciate the generosity of Richard Najarian in supporting our celebration.


The menu

Our buffet menu was chosen to accommodate those who may be experiencing problems with swallowing:
Tossed Garden Salad
w/two dressings
Meat Lasagna
Bone-in Baked Barbeque Chicken (barbeque sauce on side)
Wild Rice
Peas And Mushrooms
Mashed Potatoes
Buttered Corn

Chocolate Mousse
Coffee, Decaf, or Tea
Rolls and Butter

Cost of Dinner and payment information


Reservations are made in advance and your names will be added upon receipt of the payment.

When paying for and reserving space at our yearly dinner, please note the number of seats reserved (we do have assigned seating).

If you are making a donation at the same time you are paying for your dinner reservations, please indicate what portion is your contribution to WW and that will be listed separately as your tax deductible donation.

All Donations & Dinner reservations should be sent directly to this address which has just been set up to handle your checks:
WebWhispers, Inc.
PO Box 453
Gold Hill, OR 97525
Make checks payable to "WebWhispers"

You may use your credit card to pay for your reservations at our secure site under Donations: Click the Donate Button.


There is a place to add notes. 

Write to accounting@webwhispers.org with additional explanation, if needed.

The cost this year is $30.00 per person.

Must receive payment by June 2nd, 2012


Reserved Guests


Arranged Alphabetically with Company name leading where there is a list being sent.


2     Kay Allison & Richard Zimmerman

2     Fred & Rachel Armani

3    Neil & Naomi Arnold, & Tracy Haus

4     Atos Medical ( Rich Brokenshire, Enrique Kakile, Tara Dean, Julie Bishop-Leone)

1     John Behun

2     Phil Benadum & Sandie

1     Kevin Berry

2     Majella Best & Noel Best

2     DeWayne Boesen & Jackie Boesen

2     Boteler

1    Dr. Zilpha Bosone

1     Patricia Brown

3    Bruce Medical Supply ( Richard Najarian, Kathy Scanlon, Nancy Shea)

1     Susan Bruemmer

1     Mike Clark

2     Thomas & Valerie Cleveland

1     Tom Dodson-President-Fountain Head Marketing Inc.(dba Romet Electronic Larynx)

2     Ron & Sophie Doyle

2     Randy & Judith Drew

2     James (Peewee) Edwards & Beverly Sutton

2     Belinda Elmore & Beverly Handy 

1     Elizabeth Finchem

1     Sapp Funderburk

2     Bradford & Mary Gooch

2     Logan Grayson & Marlene Haynes

2    Scott & Sandra Gregg

4     Griffin Laboratories ( Cliff Griffin, Lucky Jonker, Lara Talmich, Tony Talmich)

1     Terrie Hall

4     Bob & Lesley Herbst, Susan Reeves & nephew

1     Kevin Herlehy

2     Tom & Barbara Herring

1     Joyce Hidey

1     Wilma Husak

1     Virginia M Huffman

5     In-Health ( Richard Crum, David Ditoro, Bethany Anke, Mary Jane Renner, Emily Poole)

2     Harry & Gail Jensby

1     Don Johnson

2     Robert & Carol Kanjian

2     Ron & Dee Kniffin

2     Bob & Rose Kreiser

16   Lauder Enterprises, Inc. (Some chairs not filled 3?)

2    Tom & Dorothy Lennox

1    John Longval

1     Hank Luniewski

2     Ellie Marasco & Joe Marasco

1     Roger Mackenzie

2     Kenneth & MaryJo Martin

2     Charles & Juanita Moore

1     Barbara Nitschneider

2     Thomas and Sandra Olsavicky

1     Jan Paddock

2     Raymond & Cathie Paden

2     John & Marjorie Perkins

1     Peter Powell

1     Mohan Raj

2     Jack Ramos & Sandi Speers

3     John Ready, Caryn Melvin & Kathleen Ferrara

1     Brad Russell

3     William, Richard, & Dorothy Schmalz

2     Marilyn & Drew Sensabaugh

1     Mike Rosenkranz

1     Pat Sanders

2     Herb & Sally Simon

1     Donald Six

2     Richard Strauss & Charmain Wuesten Feld

2     Irwin & Tema Title

2     Jeffrey & Viv Vanden Hogen

2     Steve and Norma Walker

1     Thomas Wilson

Reservations - Paid at WW Table

2 Billy & Kaaron Smith

1 Stan Lipscomb

1 Kim Gemondo

2 R & J Montague

2 Hugh Mitchell
2 George & Leah Ostanger
2 Nancy Reynolds (and husband)
2 Bill Booth (and wife)
1 Louise Smith (Tom Herring paid)

Total attendance 150

Seating chart


There will be eight people per table. If you would like to sit with friends, please contact those people first to be sure they have already made other arrangements. There will be no seating arrangements recorded unless payment has been received for every person you request so please get your payment in early if you wish to request special seating. No guarantees for seating but we will do the best we can. 


tentative chart



Table 1


Table 2


Pat Sanders
Mike Rosenkranz

Susan Reeves
Hank Luniewski
Jan Paddocks
Richard Crum
Mary Jane Renner
Richard Najarian


Ed Chapman
Barbara Chapman
Yvette Gauger
Susan Bruemmer
Fred Armani
Rachel Armani
Tony Talmich
Laura Talmich





Table 3


Table 4


Tom Herring
Barb Herring
Joyce Hidey
Thomas Wilson
Emily Poole

Ani Badalyan

Louise Brown

Charles Moore

Juanita Moore


Tom Olsavicky
Sandra Olsavicky
Ron Kniffin
Dee Kniffin
Noel Best
Mitch Best
Joe Marasco
Ellie Marasco





Table 5


Table 6


Bob Herbst
Lesley Herbst
Zilpha Bosone
Rick Brokenshire
Julie Bishop-Leone

Leah Ostrander

Geoge Ostrander

H Mike Clark


Bob Kanjian
Carol Kanjian
Stan Lipscomb
Herb Simon
Sally Simon
Irv Title
Tema Title

Susan's nephew - Sound





Table 7


Table 8


Tom Lennox
Dorothy Lennox
Don Johnson
Kevin Berry
Ginny Huffman
Harry Jensby
Gail Jensby
Brad Russell


Tom Cleveland
Valerie Cleveland
Kay Allison
Richard Zimmerman
Logan Grayson
Marlene Haynes
Jeff Vanden Hogen
Viv Vanden Hogen





Table 9 - Lauder


Table 10 - Lauder


Jim Lauder
Jan Lewin
Ros Lewin
Bodo Wiesnieski

Jim Gilbert

Janet Gilbert

Eric Bezicot


Rick Hall
Robert Heckard

Phyllis McMullen



Arthur Kohout

Katherine Kohout






Table 11


Table 12


Elizabeth Finchem
Wilma Husak
Patricia Brown
DeWayne Boesen
Jackie Boesen
Mohan Raj
Tom Dodson

Kevin Herlehy


Raymond Paden
Cathie Paden
Richard Strauss
Charmain Wuesten Feld
John Perkins
Marjorie Perkins
John Behun
Bethany Anke





Table 13


Table 14


Phil Benadum
Sandie Benadum
Donald Six
William Schmalz
Richard Schmalz
Dorothy Schmalz
Barbara Nitschneider
David Ditoro


Peter Powell
John Ready
Caryn Melvin
Kathleen Ferrara
BJ Elmore
Beverly Handy
Enrique Kadile
Tara Dean





Table 15


Table 16


Cliff Griffin
Lucky Jonker
Jack Ramos
Sandi Speers
Bradford Gooch
Mary Gooch

H. Mike Clark

John Longval


Neil Arnold (Magic Bullet)
Naomi Arnold
Tracy Haus
Roger Mackenzie
Bob Kreiser (Scooter)
Rosemary Kreiser

Terrie Hall

Sapp Funderburk





Table 17


Table 18


Randy Drew

Judy Drew

Kenneth Martin

Mary Joe Martin

Kay Boteler

Herb Boteler

Ron Doyle

Sophie Doyle


Marilyn Sensabaugh

Drew Sensabaugh

Scott Gregg
Sandra Gregg

Steve Walker

Norma Walker

Nancy Reynolds

Cal Reynolds





Table 19




Billy Smith

Karen Smith

James (Peewee) Edwards

Beverly Sutton

Kim Gemondo

R Montague

J Montague






Nancy Shea (Bruce Med)
Kathy Scanlon (Bruce Med)

Hugh Mitchell



A few did not show and seating was mixed up but we had 19 tables less 2 people. 150













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