past ww Dinners


2005 (Boston, MA) IAL


Each year at the IAL Annual Meeting we hold a WebWhispers Banquet for our members and guests. Those who register to attend this dinner are invited to a Reception held just prior to the banquet. We are pleased to announce that Bruce Medical Supply is again hosting this Reception and we appreciate the generosity of Richard Najarian for this sixth year that he has supported our celebration.


Our dinner costs have been going up each year and it was necessary to raise the price of reservations two years ago in addition to cutting the menu offered. Last year, we were looking at an even worse situation; however, Jobeth Seder generously offered, on behalf of INHEALTH Technologies, to underwrite our banquet expenses to keep the "out-of-pocket" cost for our dinner at the reasonable sum of $25.00 per person. We were extremely shocked at the offered prices of the dinners in Boston this year but we actively looked and negotiated for the best deal we could find and again we are very happy to report that Inhealth Technologies, along with Bruce Medical Supply, will allow us to keep our "out of pocket" cost per person to $30 by underwriting any outstanding balance.


We are deeply thankful for and sincerely appreciative of this outreach and support by these well-respected laryngectomee product vendors.


Instructions for reservations, menu and table seating charts will be available below.
We are now accepting reservations.
Please PAY for and reserve your seats as soon as practical.
All reservations must be pre-paid.
THE DEADLINE IS: 15 August 2005



WebWhispers 2005 Banquet Instructions and Menu
Friday, 2 September 2005
Reception at 6:30 PM Banquet at 7:30 PM


You may secure confirmed reservations for your party by forwarding the number in your party, their names, and by paying $30.00 PER PERSON.

The buffet menu is as follows:


Roasted Vegetable Salad
Greek Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Olives and Feta Cheese
Crisp French Rolls with Sweet Butter


Baked Breast of Chicken Asiago, Boursin Cheese Cream Sauce
Baked Scrod with Fresh Herb Crumbs, Lemon Butter Sauce
Marinated Beef Stroganoff, Buttered Noodles
Mashed Redskin Potatoes
Fresh Seasonal Vegetables


Assorted Miniature Pastries and Fresh Fruit
Regular and decaffeinated Coffee and Tea




1. Our Hotel - Boston Park Plaza

2. Boston Aquarium from Boston Harbor

3. USS Constitution - "Old Ironsides"

4. Minuteman Statue - Concord

5. Concord Bridge - "Shot Heard Around the World"

6. Pre-IAL Cocktails - Presidential Suite

7. Murray. Jim, and Mark "consult"

8. The Voice Institute "Kicks Off"

9.  Carla Gress & Mark Finfrock discuss "The Plan"

10. Voice Institute attendees in rapt attention.

11.  Ditto!

12. Ditto, Again!

13. Tammy explains Terry's lymph edema.

14. The InHealth Team prepares to "Meet and Greet"

15. Pat, Donna, and Ron outside the Vendor's Hall

16. Irv Title bends the Moss's ears

17.  Awaiting Opening Ceremonies

18. Herb and Sally Simon "test the waters"

19. Carla, Mrs. Singer. Drs. Blom and Singer

20. The "NEW" WebWhispers Banner

21. Pat sets up the WebWhispers table

22. IAL "Head Table" prepares to open IAL 2005

23. Our National Anthem is superbly sung!

24. Keynoter Dr. Daniel Deschler

25. Lobby Serenades during our breaks

26. The Opening Ceremony crowd assembles.

27.  Some garner the Front Row seats.

28. Mark Singer, Carla Gress, Eric Blom

29. VI Business with Lynn Acton & Meagan Kane

30. Visiting the Vendors - Andreas Fahl

31. Visiting the Vendors - Servox

32. Visiting the Vendors - Communicative Medical

33. Visiting the Vendors - Product Testing

34. Visiting the Vendors - InHealth Technologies

35. Visiting the Vendors - IAL Auxilary

36. Visiting the Vendors - Picking up Samples

37. Visiting the Vendors - Luminaud, Inc.

38. Rare Picture of Murray "working"!

39. InHealth's Jobeth Seder chats with the guests

40.  The Voice Institute's Staff

41. Two "Stars & Stripes Contest" Aspirants

42. The Medical Panel "takes the Heat"

43. View from the top of the Ritz Carlton

44. Bruce Medical VI Reception

45. Bruce Medical lays on a big spread!

46. VI Reception - with "rack of lamb"!

47. VI Reception - the Gals compare notes

48. View from Mass. General Hospital  (11th Floor)

49. VI Clinic - Our troops get quality attention

50. VI Clinic - Jan Lewin organizes a team

51. Mike Driesbach consults with Dr. Singer

52. Dr.Singer, Tammy & Team test a patient

53. Danny Lee gets "probed"

54. Tammy and Mike after Insufflation Test

55. Richard Najarian & Jobeth Seder chat

56. The Pre-WW Dinner Bruce Medical Reception

57. Irv Title holds forth on "Something Important"

58. How can we eat dinner after THIS?

59. Zilpha Bosone and Dorothy Lennox talk.

60. Pat "Kodak" Sanders at WW Banquet

61,  Is this "posed" or not?

62. IAL "Management" at WW Dinner

63. OK, Richard, who owns the beer bottles?

64, WW members getting acquainted.

65.  Now THAT is a moustache!!

66.  Do WE get the extra plates?

67. Pat Sanders & Jon Robertson

68. The Blair's pause to pose

69. Caryn shows her Jennifer Lopez "look"!

70. Carl (FLA President) & Dottie Kilmer

71. Dang! That dessert line is LONG!

72. Ron Langseth tells a story to Mike Rosenkranz!

73. June Allan leads some "girl talk".

74. Richard Najarian await the "Program"

75. Murray presents his opening "remarks".

76. Murray and Gary explain the Ceremony

77.  Herb Simon honors those who have passed on.

78. Len Librizzi is the Casey-Cooper Winner!

79. Len accepts his accolades from Murray

80. Gary Miner honored with Achievement Award

81. Janet Miner accepts Certificate of Appreciation

82. Lorents of Norway accepts Long Distance Award

83. Philip Clemmons garners "Hot Air" award

84.  Murray thanks Richard & Bruce Medical

85.  Murray honors Tom and Dorothy Lenox

86. Murray thanks Jobeth Seder and InHealth

87. Pat honors "Moderator" Mike Rosenkranz

88. A "WotW" award goes to Joan Burnside.

89. Terry and Mary Jane honor Dr. Hamaker!

90. Libby lauds our " true volunteer", Sabine Paul

91. Adios until next year - Boston was GREAT!