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WebWhispers Semi-Annual Reports

WebWhispers officers are required by the bylaws to file semi-annual reports to the membership.  You will find the history of our growth in these current and past reports.






2017 reports


WebWhispers, Inc. 




Semiannual Officers' Report to the Membership

July 1 - December 31, 2017



Semiannual Officers' Report to the Membership
January 1 - June 30, 2017


President's Report: January 1 - June 30, 2017 – Tom Whitworth


For the first 6 months of the year, our website had 49,054 sessions and 105,166 page views, an average of more than 17,500 hits per month. Total number of session to the website was 49,054.

The most frequent information sought is indicated below:
(It is interesting to me that these and the order of them does not stay the same.)

TEP Prosthesis
Text to Speech
Stoma Covers & Patterns
Neck & Shoulder Dysfunction
Whispers on the Web Index
Esophageal Speech
Local Club List

NOTE: During this period, Ron Mattoon was officially named Webmaster. He is busy with the reworking of our site.


Under the direction of our Managing Editor, Donna McGary, Managing Editor, our monthly newsletter continues to attract excellent readership.

Tom Whitworth, the Scuttlebutt

Donna McGary
Whispers on the Web, with Jack Henslee, Editor and coordinator of Speaking Out. Kim Almand is coordinator of the monthly professional column, VoicePoints. Other monthly contributors, Len Hynds, the British poet, and Noirin Sheahan, a fabulous writer in Ireland. Frank Klett continues to share information on the technology front and also works with the WW Forum to answer questions about computers. My column, the Scuttlebutt, so far is truly ship on a variable course. We have others who write for us occasionally and we always welcome new contributors. We publish the newsletter, the first of every month audience. Things in general became challenging for us when we lost Pat and we continue to handle that as best we can. As hard as Pat strived to pass down things to us, she nor any of us knew that her passing was eminent. Among these challenges, she was one of only three that could post to our website, including the newsletter. Due to an issue with our software company, we got down to only one person with access to website posting, that being Ron Mattoon. For the months of March and April, Ron personally entered all website updates and our issues of WotW. I refuse to consider where we would have been without Ron’s dedication to keeping us afloat. We are in the process of replacing the cause of that problem and now have both Stacy and Ron operational for the time being. Donna McGary is now Managing Editor of.


The election will be coming up in November and notices will be on the list regarding any offices being voted on. All sustaining members are eligible to vote in our elections. During this period, Ron Mattoon was elected by the existing board to the role of Director. This puts us at full capacity with all 9 officer and director slots currently filled.
This year, the IAL ANNUAL MEETING AND VOICE INSTITUTE , took place in June at Newport News , VA. We seated 106 for the annual dinner and Bruce Medical sponsored our pre-dinner reception for the 18th consecutive year. We presented three special awards to Mike Rosenkranz, Jeff Vanden Hogen, and Ron Mattoon. Eight attending the Voice Institute, including five first-timers received scholarship totaling over $5,000. Out guest speaker was Helen Grathwohl, New IAL board member and President of the Tidewater Lost chord club. WebWhispers was well represented at the meeting of delegates held Saturday morning, with eight delegates present. The official announcement was made that IALs AM/VI for next year will take place in Orlando, FL June 6-9.More will be published on that as details become available.

Tom Whitworth, President

January 1- June 30, 2017 – Jeff Vanden Hogen



On our Regular WW list, we have 203 active subscribers and 9 on the vacation list. Our Digest list consists of 1927 active subscribers and 42 on the vacation List. Total count of subscribers on these lists which we often refer to as “The Daily Whispers” totals 2181 unique email addresses. As usual the numbers would be considerably greater due to numerous shared email accounts.

Our Daily Whispers digest list still arrives in subscriber’s mailboxes twice daily on a typical day, whenever there is activity to trigger its release. If there is no activity, then no emails will be generated and/or distributed until VP Internet Activities: January 1 activity is resumed.

During the period from January 1 through June 30, 2017, there were a total of 445 messages distributed on our “Daily Whispers” list which would average to be just around 2 ½ messages a day.

Our announcement or “Notices List” currently has 840 subscribed enrolled in it. This list is for those who wish to be WebWhispers Members yet do not wish to actively participate on our Daily Whispers List. The “Notices List” sends subscribers an announcement once or twice a month.

If you no longer wish to receive email from WebWhispers, yet wish to retain your membership, please consider subscribing to the vacation list, which is easy to do yourself by utilizing the link provided at the bottom of list emails sent to your email address or ask the list managers to assist you in doing so.



We started planning this year’s IAL that was held in Newport News VA. in the first part of the year and things went well. The WebWhispers Dinner was a hit with the help of Tom Whitworth and Donna McGary and others. I would also like to thank Sandy Olsavicky for the center pieces for the tables at the WebWhispers and the IAL Dinners. We also ordered some new Tee Shirts to replace our depleted supply of smaller sizes. Next years IAL will be held next June 6th to the 9th 2018 in Orlando FL.




Please consider offering a special note of appreciation and thanks to David Kinkead and Scott Sysum for their continuing role in maintaining a majority of the workload pertaining to management of our email lists. Whenever a new application or an update is submitted from our website, these are the folks who are on top of it.



Your Email Distribution List Moderators are as follows:
Tom Olsavicky---------Chief Moderator
Carl Strand--------------Backup Moderator
David Kinkead----------Moderator
Jeff Vanden Hogen----Backup Moderator
Michael Csapo----------Backup Moderator
Peter Meuleveld-------Moderator
Jody Ann Black---------Moderator
Ron Mattoon-----------Backup Moderator
Tom Whitworth--------Moderator

We presently have nine moderators, who are receiving messages. Tom Olsavicky, our Chief Moderator, is much appreciated for his work in training new Moderators. setting up the monthly Moderating Schedules, and keeping our moderated List running smoothly.
All 9 moderators serve on the Moderator Advisory Committee. Any compliments, criticisms, suggestions or comments concerning the moderators may be addressed to .

I am truly blessed to be able to serve as your VP Internet Activities the last six months, and looking forward to the next six. Enjoy the rest of the summer. It is going fast and so is the rest of 2017. The IAL June 6th to June 9th, 2018 will be in Orlando FL. and I hope to see you all there.

Jeff Vanden Hogen – VP Internet Activities


VP Member Services:– January 1, 2017 - June 30, 2017 Scott Sysum


SalesForce Database Records

Account ID: 0016000000H8BAK (15 records)
Account ID: 0016000000NMLjl (67 records)
Account ID: 0016000000NMLlN (7 records)
Account ID: 0016000000NMLlX (4 records)
Account ID: 0016000000NMLlc (1 record)
Account ID: 0016000000o4Tra (701 records)
Account ID: 0016000000o4TsY (186 records)
Account ID: 0016000000o4TtC (257 records)
Account ID: 0016000000o4Ttl (23 records)
Account ID: 0016000000o4TvY (15 records)
Account ID: 0016000000snHeN (396 records)
Account ID: 0016000000snHit (1,882 records)
Account ID: 0016000000snHjI (28 records)
Account ID: 0016000000snHjg (221 records)
Account ID: 0016000000snHjl (54 records)
Account ID: 0016000000snHjq (1 record)
Grand Totals (3,858 records)

I - is Inactive
N - is on Notices List and received infrequent reports
W - is on one of the WebWhispers list and received emails daily.
Jody Black is helping with the Sustaining Members list and also with Neck breather pins provided by Bruce Medical to those donating $15 or more.
Marilou Percival continues to do an excellent job with our donor thank you and confirmation letters.
Harry and Gail Jensby are sending out brochures upon request and do an incredible job with a quick response time, often the following day.
We seem to have a run on brochures lately and provided 250 to the recent event at MD Anderson. It is my understanding that all were used.
Carol and Roger Johnson are continuing excellent work running our loan closet and being sure those who need to borrow an instrument can get one.
We currently have a good inventory of ELs available.
Scott Sysum. VP Member Services July 8, 2017


VP Website Info – January 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017 - Mike Rosenkranz

WW Library –
THE WW Library has all the information you need on how to live following a laryngectomy. It will teach you the best way to continue to live a full life while you adapt to your new lifestyle. Volunteers have spent years compiling this information, so do not try to absorb it all at once. Set aside short periods of time in your daily schedule to read and remember all this new information. Scroll down the left side of any page, click on the subject of your choice and start reading. Ron Mattoon is our Library Chair and can use volunteers to contribute library items and keep our library updated. You can work at your own pace, and on the subjects that interest you the most. To volunteer, write to
WW Forum: Click on to log into or join the WW Forum. When joining, you will choose your own Forum ID and password. Save that information to your computer for fast Forum access.
From the earliest days, the Forum has been the main socializing area of our website. More recently, it has evolved into the place to post specific questions and problems. You will receive replies from those who have been on this journey before you. Get to know the Forum by reading the messages that are already there. Click reply at the bottom of any message to join that discussion. Start a new discussion by clicking NEW in one of our sixteen folders. The joy of the Forum is that, unlike Facebook, when you want to look for an item, you will know exactly where to look every time. We invite you to join us, and make a visit to the Forum a daily habit.
William Cross is your Forum Host. John Isler, Anne Rinaldi Ammenti, and Mike Rosenkranz are Forum Managers. They can be reached at

The WebWhispers Facebook Group is the most popular of our support venues. A request for help or support will see an almost instant response at any time of the day or night, which quickly grows into a steady stream of responses.
We are a Secret Facebook Group. Our Group, and its members cannot be seen by anyone who is not a member. What is said within the Group remains within the Group. This allows our members to talk about their most intimate feelings when seeking support.
The one problem we have is adding new members to our Secret Facebook Group. Since we cannot be seen by non-members, we ask you to tell every laryngectomee and caregiver how to join us.
SEND A FRIEND REQUEST AND FB MESSAGE to one of our administrators at the FB page of William Cross at william.cross.752, Shmuel Mitchell, John
Isler or Anne Rinaldi Ammenti. Tell us if you've had cancer of the throat or larynx or are a caregiver or professional. Please include your email address.
Respectfully submitted,
Mike Rosenkranz, VP Website Information


VP of Finance and Administration

Financial Report July 1, December 31, 2016
Jack Henslee
The following report is the semi-annual report for the period of January 1, 2017 – June 30 2017.
All of the bank balances and the table below represent our reconciled QuickBooks records as of June 30, 2017. President Tom Whitworth has also reported that the 2016 Federal tax return was also filed in this time frame.
All revenue received year to date was from the donations of our members and other supporters, with exception of payments for the annual WW dinner. A big thank you to all of you that helped support us.
Wells Fargo Checking- $11,784.93
Wells Fargo Savings-available funds $ 47,090.93
The savings account also includes these special funds:
Dutch Helms Emergency Fund - $10,667.35
Buck Martin Bequest - $5,500


WebWhispers, Inc.
Statement of Activity
January - June, 2017

Donations 2,719.85
Sponsorship 1,600.00
Unrestricted Donations 0.00
Web Whispers Dinner 2017 2,959.31
Total Revenue $7,279.16
Gross Profit $7,279.16
ATOS Award 1,600.00
Bank Charges 13.00
Board Expenses 270.00
Buck Martin Scholarships 2,250.00
Delphi Forum Expense 49.50
IAL Annual Dues 175.00
IAL Table 590.00
Legal & Professional Fees 22.00
Meals and Entertainment 238.75
Office Expenses 137.38
Other General and Admin Expenses 74.89
Postage 19.25
Promotional 913.36
Shipping 98.20
Software 24.99
Taxes & Licenses 850.00
Travel 5.00
Uncategorized Expenditure 469.90
Web Hosting 845.00
Website Maintenance/Development 756.00
Total Expenditures $9,402.22
Net Operating Revenue $2,123.06
Other Expenditures
Reconciliation Discrepancies -1.26
Total Other Expenditures $1.26
Net Other Revenue $1.26
Net Revenue $2,121.80

Friday, July 14, 2017 10:44:17 AM GMT-7 - Accrual Basis


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