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WebWhispers Semi-Annual Reports

WebWhispers officers are required by the bylaws to file semi-annual reports to the membership.  You will find the history of our growth in these current and past reports.





2018 reports


WebWhispers, Inc. 




Semiannual Officers' Report to the Membership

July 1 - December 31, 2018




Semiannual Officers' Report to the Membership
January 1 - June 30, 2018


As evidenced by this report, WebWhispers continues to serve its established purpose of sharing support worldwide. As of June 30, 2018, our membership numbered 3,989. This number includes 2,781 active members, categorized as follows:
2,007 Patients
432 Caregivers
241 Speech Language Pathologists
73 Vendors/Reps
28 Medical Professionals was accessed in 116 languages from 146 countries. The 10 countries with the most usage of our website were:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa
New Zealand

The top countries in terms of activity are the same but the order is a little different with India moving to #4.
Website analytics for each period are always interesting, especially when they change from previous trends. Since the website is open to the public, it is used by members and non-members alike.
The top 10 topics on which visitors searched were:

Text to Speech
TEP Prosthesis
Stoma Covers & Patterns
Esophageal Speech
Whispers on the Web
Neck and shoulder Dysfunction

The top five on the list above are exactly the same as in the previous reporting period. However, there are some changes in the rest of the order. New to the list, were our library section on post-laryngectomy, and also Services. This part of the menu includes information on our loan closet, among other things. With some changes in utilizing our inventory, the loan closet has enjoyed a flurry of activity. You’ll see much more about that in the Loan Closet report from Donna McGary. Esophageal Speech moved up a notch on this list as did Whispers on the Web, our online newsletter, which is published at the first of each month.

Thank you for your support of WebWhispers,

Tom Whitworth

Loan Closet

A number of the ELs and related equipment we had in the WebWhispers Loan Closet were non-functional, as far as I could determine. I consulted Jim Lauder and he advised me to throw nothing away since he could either repair or salvage for parts anything we had so he received a large box of parts and pieces from our closet back in February. In return he refurbished 7 older Servox units to be sent to Emer Rojas in the Philippines for their out-reach programs. I sent them the battery chargers, older but still serviceable batteries and 2 voice amplifliers to go with the ELs. This was all facilitated through Jack Henslee and a friend of Emer's here in the states so we didn't have to pay for overseas shipping. We were also able to donate another 9 ELs (this time all 9V models of varying age but all still in good working condition) to another connection of Jack's in Peru. the delivery of those has been held up unfortunately due to political issues but we have recently learned that a stateside SLP might be able to bring them down for the folks there who so desperately need them.
It is less challenging to help folks here in the US. We have been able to help a number of SLPs start up loan closets or at the very least have at least one EL for them to use as they work with new larys. That is a departure from previous policy of not loaning to SLPs but given our surplus and the changing needs of our community we felt it was an appropriate use of our resources. To that end, over the last six months we mailed out on "permanent loan" 14 ELs (including battery chargers & some used but still serviceable batteries) to SLPs and/or clinics/local clubs to use as they saw fit for education/training/short-term loans. It was with the understanding that should the units no longer be needed/used they would be returned to WW. In each case this was based on specific requests and needs by the SLPs and often recommendations by Jim Lauder or other professionals.
In addition, we filled 10 individual requests from new members needing a loaner for various reasons. In some cases it was just a trial, other while theirs was in "the shop", sometimes bc they simply can't afford one and their state has no program. In one particularly memorable case we gave a woman a voice after her abusive husband stole hers and her identity as she tried to escape to a shelter. We are happy to report she is talking again and has the support of a wonderful group of case workers.
We also continue to receive donations and all the EL distributors have been more than happy to help us out either refurbishing units or offering to donate if we get low in inventory. Currently we have 13 Servox, 3 TruTone, & 2 voice amplifiers so we are more than adequate to meet our ongoing WW Loan Closet requests.
Donna McGary
Loan Closet Manager

The newsletter continues to be a source of inspiration and education for all our members. At the recent IAL annual meeting in Orlando we had printed copies of the some of our best excerpts over the years and it was very well received. A number of folks asked for extra copies to hand out at their clubs or in their clinics so that more folks could read it. In the future, as WW moves forward with the new website we have plans for a new more accessible format. We have a wonderful roster of regular writers and new contributors every month. WotW is the best newsletter for and about the laryngectomee community anywhere, on or off the web!
Donna McGary Managing Editor


VP of Finance and Administration
Financial Report January 1, June 30, 2018
Jack Henslee

The following report is the semi-annual report for the period of Jan 1, June 30, 2018.

All of the bank balances and the table below represent our reconciled QuickBooks records as of June 30, 2018.
Our 2017 Non Profit Federal Tax Return, Form 990-N, was filed on January 10, 2018.
All revenue received year to date was from the donations of our members and other supporters, with exception of payments for the annual WW dinner. A big thank you to all of you that helped support us.
Bank Balances as of June 30, 2018 are as follows:
Wells Fargo Checking- $5721.74
Wells Fargo Savings-available funds $ 49,608.56

The savings account also includes these special funds:
Dutch Helms Emergency Fund - $10,673.27
Buck Martin Bequest - $5,500

WebWhispers, Inc.
Statement of Activity
January - June, 2018

Donations 5,098.70
Sponsorship 2,500.00
Temporarily Restricted Donations 977.70
WW Dinner 2018 3,140.45

Total Revenue $ 11,716.85

Gross Profit $ 11,716.85
ATOS Award 1,600.00
Bank Charges 15.00
Board Expenses 2,689.95
Computer & Eqpt 630.84
ISP Charges 155.88
Mail List 469.90
Meals and Entertainment 3,636.75
Office Expenses 41.11
Office Supplies/Ink 22.34
Postage 113.10
Website & Newsletter 495.00
Website Maintenance/Development 344.94

Total Expenditures $ 10,214.81

Net Operating Revenue $ 1,502.04
Other Revenue
Interest Earned 7.38

Total Other Revenue $ 7.38
Other Expenditures
Reconciliation Discrepancies 36.81

Total Other Expenditures $ 36.81

Net Other Revenue -$ 29.43

Net Revenue $ 1,472.61

Monday, Jul 02, 2018 01:31:25 PM GMT-7 - Accrual Basis



On our Regular WW list, we have 186 active subscribers and 9 on the vacation list. Our Digest list consists of 1,990 active subscribers and 53 on the vacation List. Total count of subscribers on these lists which we often refer to as “The Daily Whispers” totals 2,238 unique email addresses. As usual the numbers would be considerably greater due to numerous shared email accounts.
Our Daily Whispers digest list still arrives in subscriber’s mailboxes twice daily on a typical day, whenever there is activity to trigger its release. If there is no activity, then no emails will be generated and/or distributed until activity is resumed.
Our announcement or “Notices List” currently has 1,190 subscribed enrolled in it. This list is for those who wish to be WebWhispers Members yet do not wish to actively participate on our Daily Whispers List. The “Notices List” sends subscribers an announcement once or twice a month.

We had a busy Spring this year April 6-7, 2018 Donna McGary and Viv and myself attended the 3rd Annual Clinical Head and Neck Rehabilitation Conference in East Lansing MI. On May 18th Viv and myself attended Louis Trammel’s All Chicago Laryngectomee Symposium where Viv gave a talk on being a Caregiver. On June 5th – 8th the IAL Annual Meeting and VI in Orlando FL. Shortly we will begin planning for next year’s IAL in California.

I would like to thank our List Manager/ Moderator and New IAL Board member David Kinkead. David wears many hats and is very dedicated to each of his jobs. I would like to also thank our Database Manager Scott Sysum. Scott has been going through some health issues recently and is in our prayers.

We presently have nine moderators, who are receiving messages. Tom Olsavicky, our Chief Moderator, is much appreciated for his work in training new Moderators. setting up the monthly Moderating Schedules, and keeping our moderated List running smoothly.
All 9 moderators serve on the Moderator Advisory Committee. Any compliments, criticisms, suggestions or comments concerning the moderators may be addressed to
I am truly blessed to be able to serve as your VP Internet Activities the last six months and looking forward to the next six. Enjoy the rest of the summer. It is going fast and so is the rest of 2018. The IAL 2019 will be in California the City and Dates are TBD. I hope to see you all there.

Jeff Vanden Hogen – VP Internet Activities


VP Website Info – January 1, 2018 – June 30, 2018 – Mike Rosenkranz

WebWhispers Library

THE WW Library has a wealth of essential information to teach you the best way to continue to live a full life while you adapt to your laryngectomee journey. Do not try to absorb all this information at one time. Set aside short periods of time in your daily schedule to read and remember all this new information. Scroll down the left side of any page, click on the subject of your choice and start reading. Work at your own pace but make this your daily priority. The library knowledge will help make this a much smoother journey. There is an ongoing need for volunteers to help make additions and changes in the library. To volunteer, write to

WebWhispers Forum -

Choose your own Forum ID and password. Save that information to your computer for fast Forum access. You will need an access code to make your first visit to the forum. As soon as you tell us your new Forum ID, we will send you the access code. The Forum is the best place to post specific questions and problems. You will receive replies from those who have been on this journey before you. Get to know the Forum by reading the messages that are already there. Click reply at the bottom of any message to join that discussion. Start a new discussion by clicking NEW in one of our sixteen folders. The joy of the Forum is that, unlike Facebook, when you want to look for an item, you will know exactly where to look every time. We invite you to join us and make a visit to the Forum a daily habit. Michael Csapo is the host of the WW Forum, Mike Rosenkranz and Tom Whitworth are the Forum Managers. They may be reached at

WebWhispers Facebook Group

The WebWhispers Facebook Group, founded in November 2014, is now our most popular venue. Open to all laryngectomees, caregivers, and SLPs, this year the group dropped its designation as a Facebook secret group and became a Facebook closed group—making it more accessible to those seeking help on the web. As it is a closed group, only members can see what is written in the Group, which allows our members to talk about their most intimate feelings when seeking support. With new applications for membership on an almost daily basis, the group has expanded from 657 members in December 2016 to a roster of 1129 members as of this writing. Indeed, the WebWhispers Facebook Group now includes members from North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. This inclusiveness across all time zones means that no matter at what hour someone posts a query or request for help, there will be multiple responses posted almost immediately, even in the middle of the night. Moreover, the WebWhispers Facebook Group affords us the perfect opportunity to direct new members to the WebWhispers Forum and Library for vital information and to encourage those who are not yet members of WebWhispers to become members.

To join our group, simply click on, answer three simple questions, and you will be added as a member. Michael Csapo and Mike Rosenkranz (Shmuel Mitchell on Facebook) are the two administrators in the WW Facebook Group. Michael handles the day to day running of the Group. Tom Whitworth and Rita Burfitt are our moderators. Terry Duga and Jeff Vanden Hogen are backup administrators,

Our heartfelt thanks to William Cross, John Isler and Anne Rinaldi Ammenti for the many years they spent with us as fulltime volunteers.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Rosenkranz, VP
Website Information


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