How do I find things on the website?


For information on how we live as Laryngectomees, go to the Frequently Asked Questions section or the site map to guide you in finding the subject you want in our library.


How do I join WebWhispers?

Joining WebWhispers is free and there are no dues. You can use the link at the top of the page or use this link to the page with the information to join:


How do I make a donation to WebWhispers?

WebWhispers in a non-profit organization that operates by donation only. If you wish to support us, the information for donations can be found here:



How do I get questions answered or contact other members of WebWhipsers?

We have several social media options that you can use to discuss things with other members. These include our Email List, Forum and FaceBook. Information on these can me found here:

Can I contact other members directly?

Yes. As a member you have access to our members area above. This is password protected but it contains the information of each of our members.

"Jane/John Doe was announced as a new member recently. I live near them and would like to reach out to them but their email address was not included in the announcement. How can I obtain their email address?"

1. Click on the "Members Area Tab" located near the top right of the home page.
2. If prompted, enter the User ID and Password credentials. HINT- If you do not know the USER ID and Password, it is provided near the bottom of the new member announcement which was distributed to you via email. (Have your computer save these for future access.)
3. On the left side of page, click on the "New Members" tab.


How do I find information in the website?

Our library has a lot of information that has been supplied by our members. The best way to find information on the website is to use the Website Map in the selection to the left of this page. The website map is also accessible from the home page. The library can also be accessed directly from the selection above.


How do I find the newsletters?

The links to the current and past newsletter can be found here:


Can I get a loaner Electrolarynx from WebWhispers?

Yes. We do have limited time loaners available to our members. Here is the link to the information to ask for one


How do I find information on vendors that have supplies for laryngectomies?

Our suppliers selection at the top of the page will take you to information on vendors.


How do I find a voice club in my area?

The most extensive club list can be found at The IAL website under the section Laryngectomee resources.. However we maintain club information also. It can be found at:


How do I get information on the WebWhispers dinner at the IAL conference?

You can find information on the dinner at:


I would like to attend the IAL conference but am not able to afford it. Can I get any help?

Yes. WebWhispers in conjunction with IAL and the vendors provide scholarships to help those that need it. You can find more information on how to apply here:


Who are the officers of WebWhispers and can I contact them?

The volunteers for WebWhispers are listed on the contacts page at the top. If you click on the picture or the green highlighted name, it will take you to that person's email address or the function they are involved with.

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