It is interesting to see that we started, not as a local group, but as a world wide organization with the first ten "members". We had two from England, and the eight from the US were scattered around the country:

Richard Tunnard and Les Wood from the UK.

Dutch Helms and Charlie Anderson - TX

John Ready and Wayne Baker - CA

Joe Johnson - AL

Ned Bienemann - MD

Robert Cline - IA

Bill (and Mary Alice) Renison - NM


These 10 members are shown in a copy of the earliest email among members we were able to find.  This is from early December, 1996, and was supplied to us by Charles Anderson from TX who is pretty sure he was the first member other than our founder. Dutch Helms.


Another week into December and there were 12 members, plus Dutch.

The next two were:

Belinda Sue Shoop - OH
Richard Boucher - OH

1 Dec 1997 Update, one year later:

We counted 87 laryngectomees, 5 Otolaryngologists, 1 Rad Oncologist, 15 SLPs and 1 Head & Neck nurse. Dutch guessed at about 20 spouses = 130.




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