2016 Meetings

2nd Annual California Laryngectomee Conference


Save The Date:

October 21-22, 2016

for the 2nd Annual California Laryngectomee Conference

This event is a collaboration with the Foundation For Voice Restoration,

UC Davis Medical Center, Stanford Otolaryngology, and USC.

There will be more information to follow



IAL 2016 Annual Meeting / Voice Institute

Dallas, TX


International Association of Laryngectomees
Texas Laryngectomee Association

This is a unique opportunity for laryngectomees to acquire alaryngeal speech education, learn about durable medical products, attend classes and social functions. Family members can gain insight and intervention skills.
SLP’s will earn more than 20 hours of ASHA CEUs at the IAL Voice Institute while graduate students will receive over 20 hours of academic preparation and at least 6 clinical hours of evaluation and therapy. The Voice Institute is an excellent opportunity to interact and observe communication skills used by laryngectomees in academic, social and public situations. Learn from experienced healthcare professionals, observe all types and proficiency levels of alaryngeal speech, be inspired to do and become more, practice or refine newly acquired communication skills, make new friends from near and far, see and try new products.
Registration information is available at: www.theial.com or www.texastla.com.

MEETING - JUNE 24-26, 2016


DALLAS, TX 75234

(includes 2 breakfasts per room each morning)

$120 BY DEADLINE/$150 after May 23

$120 BY DEADLINE/ $150 after May 23

$400 BY DEADLINE/$450 after May 23

Registration will start in January

Information will be added here as the IAL sets it up on their website 



NOTES: The registration fees include the IAL Banquet on Saturday evening.

Room rates with taxes and fees are $129.95

Airport transportation is included

More to come as we find out.... WW Dinner will be on Friday evening and is still started by the reception courtesy of Bruce Medical for all dinner attendees.


Clinical head & neck rehabilitation conference


1st Annual Conference in Houston, Texas on June 16-18, 2016




Association for Head & Neck Cancer Rehabilitation
1st Annual Clinical Laryngectomy Conference

Dear Colleagues:
In recent years, it has become increasingly apparent that a need exists to provide regular, highly structured, and comprehensive instruction for clinicians and graduate students specific to the rehabilitation of those with head and neck cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the number of individuals diagnosed with head and neck cancer will now double every 10 years. Consequently, a new organization has been formed, the Association for Head & Neck Cancer Rehabilitation.

We are writing to inform you that we will be holding our 1st Annual Conference in Houston, Texas on June 16-18, 2016. The new organization has education as its primary mission and we are excited about this initiative. This year our mission will be met through comprehensive instruction related to the consequences of treatment in those treated for cancers of the larynx. The Association is dedicated to providing the highest level of instruction, with a particular emphasis on practicing Speech-Language Pathologists at all levels of experience. In working to achieve this objective, the conference to be held in Houston includes state-of-the-art instruction by clinical experts who will address issues of prominent concern to those treated for laryngeal cancer. And, the registration fee for certified SLPs is $395 for the two and one-half days of instruction; the fee for graduate students is $150. ASHA approved CEUs are also offered.

During the Houston conference, we will provide the most current information available in order to facilitate the best level of functioning and enhance the quality of life of individuals following surgery and related treatments. There is a direct focus on communication concerns including esophageal and electrolaryngeal speech, and tracheoesophageal puncture voice restoration. However, topics covered in the educational program are extensive in addressing anatomic, physiologic, psychological, and social functioning issues. This includes both didactic, academic instruction, in addition to direct hands-on experience for those who attend.

The conference will provide a very unique, exciting, and interactive learning opportunity for clinicians and graduate students, thus, we encourage you to attend. Housing information is available upon request. Finally, we would greatly appreciate it if you could distribute or post this notification on our behalf to those who may be interested in this conference. If you would like additional information, please feel free to contact us via email – AHNCR2016@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to welcoming you to the conference in June!


Philip C. Doyle, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, pdoyle@uwo.ca
Jodi Knott, MA, CCC-SLP, jknott@mdanderson.org
Jeffrey Searl, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, jsearl@kumc.edu


all chicago laryngectomee Symposium


The Ludden Speech and Language Clinic at Saint Xavier Universiry and Lary's Speakeasy/ throat cancer group will host the All Chicago Laryngectomee Symposium on:

May 26th. at 9 am to 3 pm.

Now this is an advance unofficial announcement but I can tell you now who will be there:

Jodi Knott, MS, CCC-SLP from M D Anderson will our keynote speaker and she will talk about swallowing issues. At the ASHA convention in Denver, she took home a special award for her work with swallowing issues.

Anne Lunkus MS. CCC-SLP from the Hines VA center: her speciality is methods of speech sand she'll cover everything from the TEP to different keyboards to apps. One of the biggest pluses in forming the core of Lary's Speakeasy group 4 years was when a couple patients come to us because they didn't know how to tune their new Electro-Larynx but our SLP pulled her little screw driver and tuned then in a couple minutes and had them talking by meetings end, made friends for life!!

You can't talk about the Electro- Larynx without mentioning:

"The Servox Guru", Jim Lauder of Lauder Enterprises. There's not a model he can't fix or doesn't have a part for, if made in the last 25 years. His father, Edmund Lauder, a laryngectomee himself, wrote the first laryngectomy guide known as the Blue Book, a great read for both the professional and patient. AND, if you have a broken EL, bring it as there's a good chance he'll repair it right then and there.

Probable: Meaghan Benjamin, MS, CCC-SLP Clinical Educator for Atos Medical Supply, Just the best of the best that I know and she can talk about anything that can or will go wrong with a Lary and all the products they may need in their recovery.

Probable: Dorothy and Tom Lennox of Luminaund, as many of you folks who attend these types of events know Dorothy and Tom are the real ma & pa company to the lary population and they carry so many items that the patients need, and at a fair price. What's more, like Jim Lauder above they give back to the community very generously.

The best thing about this event is it's free for everyone!! Including parking and lunch!

So if you're a patient, caregiver, famly, friend, student or professional, you're invited. There will be something for everyone!! You can RSVP now at larysspeakeasyfb1@gmail.com

Please let us know your status: student, pro or patient, other. We'll confirm with you with address and building location - directions.


Stanford/Harvard TEP course


March 11 and 12, 2016


On behalf of the Department of Otolaryngology at Stanford University, I’m
thrilled to announce that our annual Stanford/Harvard TEP course has been
set for March 11th and 12th, 2016. Please encourage your local SLP to attend.

This year we are having a special dedication to Dr. Mark Singer and his
contributions to alaryngeal speech. As part of this dedication, our faculty
line-up is outstanding, including the following guest and local MD’s: Mark
Singer, Dan Deschler, Ed Damrose, Rob Jackler, Quyhn-Thu Le, Nancy Fischbein,
and Gary Roberts. In addition, we will have the following SLP leaders in the
field: Carla Gress, Glenn Bunting, Margaret Coffey, Andrew Palmer and Meaghan

This is a 2 day course. The first day will focus on Head and Neck
Cancer, with topics such as e-cigarettes, current trends in CA treatment,
and the new laryngectomy patient. The second day is a “hands-on” day
with close to 50 volunteers/laryngectomees for prosthesis changing and problem
solving. This course is designed to give participants exposure to all products
available to this population.

Please contact me with any questions. On-line
registration and programs will be available in the near future.

Ann Kearney, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S












2015 Meetings

Atos Medical, Inc. invites you to these FREE Seminars


The Pulmonary and Voice Institute

for the Total Laryngectomee


Meet other members of the laryngectomee community
Meet healthcare professionals
Do you have questions about excessive mucus production?
Do you have trouble being understood?
Do you experience difficulty maintaining a seal?
Are you interested in learning how to be a hands-free speaker?

Topics that be covered:
The newest products and techniques to improve your speech
Reducing coughing and mucus production
Speaking hands-free
Maintaining a good seal around your baseplate
Using the right heat moisture exchanger (HME)
Ask insurance questions
Product Samples
Troubleshooting assessment

Raffle Prizes Lunch will be provided!
Register now - Space is limited!

The tracheoesophageal voice prosthesis will not be changed. Healthcare professionals will be on hand to assist in maximizing the optimal voice quality. This conference is for information only and does not replace the recommendations from your speech pathologist and/or physician.




The Pulmonary and Voice Institute for the Total Laryngectomee


Three Locations in December, 2015


Thursday, December 3rd, 2015
10:00AM to 3:00PM
Registration starts at 9:30AM
Holiday Inn and Suites
Phoenix Airport North
1515 North 44th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008


Friday, December 4, 2015
10:00AM until 3:00PM
Registration starts at 9:30AM

Aloft Oklahoma City Downtown - Bricktown
209 North Walnut Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73104


Thursday, December 10, 2015
10:00AM until 3:00PM
Registration starts at 9:30AM

Comfort Suites Airport
7200 Fun Center Way
Tukwila, WA 98188

Please let us know if you can attend by contacting Erik Nelson

Email: erik.nelson@atosmedical.com

Phone: 800-217-0025, Ext. 630






These meetings have been concluded

IAL 2015 Annual Meeting / Voice Institute

Towson, Maryland


Home Page of IAL


The home page of the IAL website is where you go to check out the latest information on the 2015 Annual Meeting / Voice Institute.


Voice Institute: June 10-13, 2015
Annual Meeting: June 11-13, 2015


Sheraton Baltimore North
903 Dulaney Valley Road
Towson, Maryland 21204


Group rates available until 5/19/15
$99 per day room rate + approx. $14 Taxes.
Be sure to tell them you are with the IAL group. Don't put off the reservations or you will pay more!


From the Home page of the IAL, click on Register for IAL:
Be sure to read the Instructions.
You sign up for either the Voice Institute or the Annual Meetng.  If you are a laryngetomee or a patient, you likely are looking for the Voice Institute, especially if you have not been to the VI in previous years. In my opinion, every patient should attend the Voice Institute.
Spouses who attend sign up for the Annual Meeting which runs at the same time as the VI, with a few lectures attended by both.  Spouses may sit in on your classes (as audience to the rear) to watch and listen there… but there are usually some other classes for spouses during part of that time held in the Annual Meeting part.



On the IAL’s registration: They describe the attendees as:

"If you are a laryngectomee and would like assistance to develop or improve your speech, you should register for the IAL Voice Institute as a Voice Institute Pupil (VIP)."

"If you have been a laryngectomee for at least two years, have good speaking skills, and would like indepth instruction in communication methods and related topics in order to serve as a peer-counselor to other laryngectomees, register for the IAL Voice Institute as a Laryngectomee Trainee (LT)."

Voice Institute Pupil (VIP) $100.00 (limited scholarships available)
Laryngectomized Trainee (LT) $100.00 (limited scholarships available)

($120.00 after May 17.)

Annual Meeting
$100.00 per person (If mailed on or before May-17, 2015)
$120.00 per person (If mailed after)

For full details go to IAL site

IF you are attending the VI and need some financial help, you need to sign up early for the VI and pay your registration, find the proper form for the Batten Schlorship. I do not see the 2015 rules or applications; however, the 2014 are here and likely much the same.
Registration is available online and there is a mailing address...don't wait late!

What does WW do there?

We have a program to help with expenses for those laryngectomee WW members signed up and attending the Voice Institute They may sign up for a $100 check, donated by Lauder.  To read about that and sign up:
These checks are presented at the WebWhispers Awards Dinner on Thursday evening. To sign up for that, go to:
We will continue to add more information as plans fall into place.

It is time now to sign up for the IAL and get your plans in place for the WW activities, too.


2015 chicago laryngectomy Symposium


Lary’s Speakeasy and
The Ludden Speech & Language Clinic

of Saint Xavier University presents:


All Chicago Laryngectomy Symposium

Tuesday May 26th, 2015
9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.


Featured speakers include:
Miriam Carroll-Alfano, M.S., CCC-SLP, Saint Xavier University Meaghan Benjamin, M.A., CCC-SLP, Atos Medical Inc. Anne Lunkes, M.S., CCC-SLP, Hines VA Hospital
Jim Lauder, Lauder Enterprises
Miriam Campbell, Inhealth Technologies
Mike Carrao, Atos Medical Supply
Area Group Representatives
Please join us:
Saint Xavier University, Butler Reception Room 3700 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60655


alfano@sxu.edu, 773-341-5040 or



4/3/15 Note added from Lou Trammell:

One thing we forgot to mention on the flier is that everything is FREE, including parking and morning refreshments. And there will be a raffle. But I think the best part of the whole event will be to meet the others Larys from around the Midwest and maybe a few SLP's who serve them. By josh, we may even solve a problem or two!!



Education Division for Atos Medical - Mini Voice institute



This year, we are trying something new. We are hosting multiple "mobile" resource groups where we get patients and their families as well as local care providers together and do a sort of mini voice institute to answer questions and provide resources.

So far we have done one in Memphis, TN (50 attendees); Columbus, OH(45 attendees) and Indianapolis, IN (42 attendees). We have two coming up in Greenville, SC and Baton Rouge, LA. Dates to be announced.

Each one is a bit different but, in general, we talk about the different aspects of communication and healing following surgery and do smaller break out sessions to try to answer any specific questions on these topics and/or address issues regarding product reimbursement as well as external resources and support such as the IAL, WW; and any local support groups.

As part of the program, we have a professional panel Q & A with all the attendees and a local MD, Local SLPs, Nurse Practitioner and dietician to try and address any broad medical questions or help provide questions that attendees can bring back to their care providers. We also try to connect the attendees with other patients so that they can have access to different perspectives and levels of experience following surgery.

The goals of these events are to provide education, resources and support as well as to connect people within different regions for ongoing support.




8:30- 9:00 9:00-12:00



Topics to Be Covered:
How to Improve Your Pulmonary Health

  • Anatomic and Physiologic Changes Post-Laryngectomy

  • Post-pulmonary changes Post-Laryngectomy

  • How a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) Improves

    your Pulmonary Health Regardless of Means of Communication

    Ways to Improve Your Communication

  • How to achieve hands-free communication with TEP

  • Common Problems & Solutions with TEP

  • Tips for Improving your Speech

  • Determining the Best Attachment for your HME

  • How to be a More Effective Speaker with your Artificial Larynx

    Product Reimbursement Overview Professional Panel Q & A
    Lunch and Meet and Greet Breakout Groups

  1. Tracheoesophageal Voice Refinement

  2. FreeHands Valve Fitting

  3. Artificial Larynx Refinement

  4. Getting a Good Seal for your Heat & Moisture Exchanger


12:00-12:45 12:45-1:30

1:45-2:00  Professional Panel and Wrap-Up

Tracheoesophageal Voice Prostheses will not be changed, but will assist

with maximizing optimal voicing.

Disclosure: This conference is for information only and does not replace the recommendations for your speech pathologist and/or physician.




















ial meetings & activities - 2014

International Association of Laryngectomees

Annual Meeting and Voice Institute
Full details are now on the IAL website


Online Registration
2014 Mail-in Registration Forms
Hotel Information
Exhibitor Registration Form
IAL Batten VI Scholarship

You can fill out your registration online or there are oones to print out and mail in.*

The IAL has listed this event June 25th-28th. Please check with them because June 28th is listed as the final day.... but, if it is as usual, the IAL will have their  Banquet that night, which means you will need reservations for that night if you want to stay for the Banquet which is included in the registrations. I would normally make the reservatons from Tuesday or Wednesday to check out on Sunday the 29th




Hotel will be the Adams Mark in Buffalo.  Rates $99.00 per night, plus fees and taxes.

Mention the International Association of Laryngectomees special room rate.



Hosted by:  Voice Club of the Niagara Frontier.




Note from Wade Hampton about the extra activitty.

There will be a sign up for the trip in the registration area.

The Niagara Falls trip will be Friday afternoon. We'll try to depart approx. 1:00 PM and return around 5:00 PM. Transportation is sponsored by the IAL . 2 buses x 54 =108 passengers. Maid of the Mist boat tour at the falls is individual option and paid by the individual.

There are shops, overlooks and a Hard Rock Cafe on site. People may take a taxi if they have a different agenda for the afternoon. A valid passport is required if you wish to cross the border into Canada.

The VI hands on clinic will be held that afternoon. Enrollees in the VI, if they are attending the hands on clinic, should not sign up. Caregivers that are registered for the AM and other AM laryngectomees are more than welcome. All the WebWhispers folks let's go have some fun.



*Registration Information IAL Annual Meeting or Voice Institute


For newcomer WebWhispers members, being that our organization is a dues paying member of the IAL, our membership applies to all of our WW members so that you, too, are already a member of the IAL. Many of our members are already IAL members through their local clubs. When you sign up, you will note your club affiliation.

Choose to attend one or the other of the following. To sign up for either, there are separate registration forms. They direct you to online registration or a PDF to print out and send in. New laryngectomees should definitely sign up for the Voice Institute. You will learn more than you thought possible and your instructors will be some of the best in the business. You, if you are a VIP, will have a chance to be evaluated and helped by the professionals and the attending LTs. Some larys who attended the VI will come back again for the classes, or attend the Annual Meeting.



As a laryngectomee, if you choose the Voice Institute, there are two levels to choose from:

1. If you are a laryngectomee and would like assistance to develop or improve your speech, you should register for the IAL Voice Institute as a Voice Institute Pupil (VIP).

2. If you have been a laryngectomee for at least two years, have good speaking skills, and would like indepth instruction in communication methods and related topics in order to serve as a peer-counselor to other laryngectomees, register for the IAL Voice Institute as a Laryngectomee Trainee (LT).

* There are a limited number of Batten Scholarships available for laryngectomees who require financial assistance to attend. To apply for eligibility please visit: The Batten Scholarship Page

**Spouses / partners may not register for the Voice Institute. If attending the VI as observers, they must register with the IAL Annual Meeting.

***The other attendees are the SLP Speech Pathology Trainee(ST) or Graduate Student(GS)



All those not registering for the VI, may register for the AM here:

The AM has some of the shared VI classes in the big auditorium and has smaller classrooms for other items of interest... some pertaining to caregiving. There are different programs and an easier schedule.



The IAL will have a schedule of all classes up on the website but it is a little early for that, now.

You MUST register by May 17th or the prices go up (see charts on IAL Website)

Check their website for additional activities.



WebWhispers will have our Annual Dinner on Thursday evening at the convention. Our information is on line. The timing, cost and menu will be very similar to what it has been in previous years and you will fiind details at http://webwhispers.org/activities/2014WebWhispersAwardsDinner.asp





meetings & activities




You are cordially invited to attend

23rd Annual Texas LaryngectomeeAssociation Conference

Fort Worth, TX

February 7-8, 2014
Marriott Hotel & Golf Club at Champions Circle

Please click the link for information.


The 23rd Texas Laryngectomee Conference, New Voices Across Texaswill be held February 7-8, 2014 (Friday-Saturday) in Fort Worth, Texas. In-depth training for health professionals, graduate students of speech pathology, and any interested laryngectomees will be on Friday. Special events for laryngectomees and their families will be scheduled throughout the day on Friday. A meet & greet will take place Friday evening in the Hospitality Suite. The General session will take place at the Hotel on Saturday and the raffle and annual dinner banquet will occur Saturday night. Throughout our conference, there will be opportunities to meet face to face with the manufacturers and vendors of laryngectomee equipment and supplies along with the display, demonstration, and sale of laryngectomee products. Additionally, a raffle of various items will be available. Proceeds from the raffle will help to defray the cost of the conference. Tickets will be $1.00 each or six for $5.00.

Scholarships are available. To request one, please contact John Ulrich at


John Ulrich

TLA Registrar



















Florida Laryngectomee Association (FLA) - 2013

September 26-29, 2013


FLA AM and Vic Baird Graduate Student Program meets September 26-29, 2013 at the Holiday Inn at Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida. Hotel website: www.hiorlando.com

Room rates are $91, single to quad occupancy, (plus room tax of 12.5%), free parking included. Under usual circumstances they will honor that rate up to 3 days prior and after.

Our Annual Meeting sessions will include an option to monitor a portion of the Vic Baird Graduate Student Program beginning Friday evening. Florida University graduate students will join the FLA AM on Saturday morning

Pre-registration is required by September 16, 2013 for early bird discount. Nominal late fees apply after this date. Hotel reservations are also required by September 16, 2013. Call hotel Reservations at 877-394-5765, referring to group code FLG. Check-in and late onsite reservations will be in the Pre-function area at a time to be announced later.

Included are free individual speech evaluations and therapy with more speech sessions. These will observed by the graduate students as training aids. Our faculty and staff will consist of veteran Speech Pathologists at PhD and Masters level with more than 100 years of combined experience serving laryngectomees. We continue soliciting first timers offering more free therapy and providing access to limited financial assistance to Florida residents. .

The number of students in the graduate student speech training sessions will be increased by inviting additional Graduate School Departments from Florida Universities. The 2013 programs are developed to be new, fresh, exciting and beneficial to all. Included in the registration fee (lowest of most regional conferences) is admittance to all AM sessions (including the Friday evening graduate student program as a monitor) and admittance to the exhibition room. Bonuses include the Friday evening “Meet and Greet” reception by the pool, mid morning and afternoon refreshments with snacks and a complementary light box lunch on Sunday for FLA members. All complements of the FLA and our wonderful Vendors. Our Saturday evening banquet will feature our usual enormous amount of donated raffle prizes, buffet dinner and awards.

Conference Contact:
Robert Smiley, President
6405 Dallas Ave
Port St John, Fl. 32927
PH – 321-536-0831
FAX – 321-504-7955
Email – smiley_robert@bellsouth.net


Note from WebWhispers: FOLLOW UP WITH A CRUISE

The Florida Laryngectomee Association will be wrapping up their meeting in Orlando, one week before our WW cruise leaves from Port Canaveral and many of us will be flying in to the Orlando airport and taking a shuttle from there. If any of you want to do a "3 in 1" trip, you might want to go to the 3 day conference in Orlando, spend the next week there for Disney World and the other attractions, then come over to Canaveral and board the ship with WebWhispers. Take a look at our cruise at:




 special meetings & activities



International Association of Laryngectomees



The Southeastern Washington Laryngectomee Club, Spokane Laryngectomee Club in cooperation with the New Voice Club of Portland Oregon and the Seattle Support group invite all to attend the 2013 IAL Voice institute and Meeting in Spokane Washington.

To get to theIAL site for registration and more info: http://www.theial.com/ial/



Voice Institute June 5-9, 2013

Annual Meeting June 6-9, 2013

Spokane, WA

Red Lion Hotel at the Park

W. 303 North River Drive,

Spokane, WA 99201


The Red Lion is located in downtown Spokane by the Spokane River. Walking paths are located on both sides of the river with a walking bridge to the park. There are 2 wineries, about 14 restaurants, and a shopping mall all located within 3 to 10 min walking distance from the hotel. The VI clinic will be held within a block of the hotel.

Your room will be $99.00 per night (plus taxes and tourism promotion fee). This rate will be good from the 2nd to the 10th of June for those that that want to come early and tour the area.

Airport shuttle: airport just 10min. away.

Wireless internet

Workout facilities

Indoor and outdoor pools

are all complimentary.

To see more about the hotel, http://www.spokaneredlionpark.com/

To book a room, go to their site, to the Reservations Box, and enter the day of arrival, then under Select Special Rate, choose Group Code and fill in: INTE0602 whch should take you to the right pricing for that period of time.

Any other questions or concerns that I may be able to help with please feel free to contact me.






Ed Chapman




WebWhispers is sponsoring tours of Spokane area, prior to IAL/VI


We have just finished the arrangements for those who want to join us on either of both of the tours we have set up prior to the IAL in Spokane. It may encourage you to come on early!

Tuesday, June 4,

Time: Leaving hotel 9:00am – Return 1:00pm. This one includes lunch!

Historic Spokane’s "Age of Elegance"and Lunch at the Fabulous Davenport Hotel

Take in the rich history, historic homes and attractions of Spokane. See where the Native Americans first arrived at the roaring Spokane Falls hear the stories of how the city began. Travel by Riverfront Park, the former Expo 74’ site and hear about the history of the park and what is there now. Learn about the Great Fire of 1889 that leveled 32 blocks of the downtown area and see ornate brick buildings that rose from the dust. Then up "The Hill" where views of the city, beautiful mansions and the majestic Saint John's Cathedral are located. Tour inside this Gothic style Cathedral with fabulous wood carvings and stained glass windows. Next to Manito Park, stroll through the French Reissuance style Duncan Gardens, authentic Japanese Gardens, Rose Gardens and flower-filled Conservatory. Tour through the historic area of Browne's Addition where many of the old mansions have been restored to their original splendor. Lunch will be at the renowned Davenport Hotel. Built in 1914 and renovated for 38 million dollars in 2000, this elegant hotel is Spokane’s jewel. Enjoy old world ambiance as you dine in the Fireplace Lobby. Last stop is the Crosbyanna Room at Gonzaga University to see Bing Crosby memorabilia and pass by Bings’ childhood home.
Includes: Motorcoach transportation, guide. lunch at the Davenport Hotel and all stops.
Cost: $46.00 per person

Wednesday, June 5

Time: Leaving hotel Time: 9:00am – Return12:45pm. This one includes Wine Tasting!
Green Bluff Orchards and Arbor Crest Winery at the Cliff House

Visit the unique area of Green Bluff where over 30 small growers and ranchers open their doors to the public. First, stop at the SuperSuris Alpaca Ranch for a close-up look at the adorable suri alpacas and their babies, a less common breed of alpacas, with silkier fleece. This is one of the largest alpaca herds outside Peru. Then, browse through their boutique, with high quality clothing and gifts made of alpaca fleece. The clothing is said to be soft as cashmere and smooth as silk. Next, a treat for your taste buds will be at Ellie's Edibles, with homemade gourmet caramel varieties made daily. Sample some of the caramels, including their No. 1 seller, sea salt caramels. Last stop is Arbor Crest Wine Cellars, located at the former residence of Royal Riblet, an inventor, the Riblet Mansion is perched on a rock 450 feet above the Spokane River and a perfect spot for a wine tasting. Tour the grounds, including; a 16x16’ checkerboard, cement pool, Riblet’s inventions, thousands of flowers and a small vineyard.
Includes: Transportation, guide, wine tasting fee at Arbor Crest and all stops.
Cost: $40.00 per person

Registration form for either or both tours and information about paying. I told her in my acceptance of the arrangements to count me as signed in and we will speak this afternoon... I'll change on my card. So I am looking forward to this very much!


Name(s): ______________________________
City___________________ State: _____ Zip __________
Email _______________________________________

Tuesday, June 4th Historic Age of Elegance and Davenport
Lunch # of people____x $46.00 = ______

Wednesday, June 5th Green Bluff and Arbor Crest
Winery # of people ____ x $40.00 = _______

TOTAL $____________

If you would like to pay by credit card, please call Julie at 509 455 4354 and give your information by phone (for security reasons). We will not charge your credit card before that time. Confirmation will be sent by email, you do not need tickets, we will have a name list.

If you pay by check, lease make payable to:
Group Coordinators and mail to
PO Box 28418
Spokane, WA 99228.


Please remember about signing up for the scholarship


and the WW Dinner to be held on Thursday, June 6th

See you there!

Pat Sanders
for the WW BOD



APRIL 20, 2013







2013 Texas Laryngectomee Association Conference

February 15-17, 2013 in Dallas, TX.


All Laryngectomees, caregivers, SLPs and speech/language graduate
students are invited to attend the 22nd Texas Laryngectomee Association
annual conference.

The event will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel Near the Galleria.

Joann Fenn from Seattle and our tremendous staff are ready to offer a superior program for all to help meet our mission, a Total Rehabilitation of the Laryngectomee.

Additional information is available at:

or you may contact:

John Ulrich, TLA Registrar



Thanks and hope to see you there.






meetings & activities




September 28-30, 2012


The 2012 Annual Meeting for the Florida Laryngectomee Association will again be held in Orlando, Florida, but at a new location. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the FLA, The location will be at the Holiday Inn in The Walt Disney World Resort, at Lake Buena Vista. The hotel will assist you in planning a vacation around the AM for you convenience.

The dates of of the AM are September 28th-30th, 2012. Room rates are $85, single to quad occupancy (plus room tax of 12.5%). Under normal circumstances the hotel will honor this rate 3 days prior and 3 days after the AM. Reservations can be made directly to the hotel by calling the toll free number, 1-877-394-5765 and referring to the group code FLL.

The 60th anniversarycelebration will be held at the AM. Pre-registration is required by September 17, 2012. Check-in and late registration will be held on the pre-function area of the hotel.

Included with the registration fee are free individual speech evaluations and therapy with more
speech sessions. These will be observed by the graduate students as training aids. Our faculty and staff will consist of veteran speech pathologists with PhD and Masters level education with more than 100 years of combined experience servicing laryngectomees. We continue seeking first timers, offering more free therapy and providing access to limited financial assistance (to Florida Residents Only).

Holiday in the Walt Disney World Resort
Call 1-877-394-5765 group code FLL for reservations. Website: www.hiorlando.com

For Annual Meeting Registration Forms Please Contact:
Kenneth Taylor, FLA President
3917 Buttercup Dr.
Zephyrhills, FL 33541
Phone: 813-715-4560 or Cell 813-713– 0753
E-mail: taylor02s@aol.com

Additional Contacts: FLA website www.flavoice.org
Bob Smiley, FLA VP Cell 321-536-0831 E-mail: smiley_robert@bellsouth.net
Ian Kurka, FLA member E-mail: iankurka@digital.net




We have some photos of this meeting in Whispers n the Web:



2012 IAL Annual Meeting and Voice Institute

June 6 to June 10, 2012 in Raleigh-Durham, NC

Location: Sheraton Imperial

4700 Emperor Blvd (I-40 at Exit 282)
Durham, NC  27703

From the IAL site:

SAVE the DATE: Attend the 2012 Voice Institute and Annual Meeting in North Carolina!

The Annual Meeting and Voice Institute are just around the corner! On June 6-9, 2012, the International Association of Laryngectomee's 52nd Annual IAL Voice Institute will be held and in beautiful Durham, North Carolina. This year's VI offers an outstanding, contemporary program that covers a range of treatment and rehabilitation issues related to those who undergo laryngectomy and their family members. Educational and hands-on sessions will be provided by expert faculty in the outstanding conference setting of the Sheraton Imperial Hotel. Additional hand-on sessions will be held at the University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill under expert guidance of exceptional physicians and speech pathology clinicians. The greater Raleigh-Durham area provides the ideal setting for this year's meetings and we know that all who attend will benefit greatly from both the VI. Mark your calendars today as this will be a fantastic meeting that provides a unique learning opportunity for professionals, students, laryngectomees and family members alike. Register early so you are not disappointed. We look forward to seeing you in Durham this coming June!

The Annual Meeting will begin on Thursday June 7th with a meet and greet the night before. Details regarding entertainment, activities, and programs are quickly being finalized and put into place. We are looking forward to the annual meet and greet, speakers, TEP, EL, and esophageal speech sessions, vendors, and much more. We have fun activities planned for fun night and as well as North Carolina site-seeing. The banquet this year will be fantastic!

Registration for the Annual Meeting and The Voice Institute is happening now! We have had many people already sign up for the conference and reserve a room at The Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Convention Center! You can register online. You can also call (866)425-3678 or mail in a copy of the form. A tentative schedule for both the Annual Meeting and the Voice Institute will be posted online soon! The hotel information has been posted so get a room fast at the group rate of $99.00/night!

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this year’s upcoming convention. We hope that you are getting excited and looking forward to the convention as much as we are! We hope to see you all in DURHAM this year!

You can reach the IAL site here:


In upper right corner, find:

Link for Registration for AM or VI

Frank Batten Scholarship Link


No schedules have been posted.








Jacksonville, FL group.. 1st ever
Ginny Huffman gimmegirl1@hotmail.com










Previous regional and other conferences




A New Support Group

Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina!

The Laryngectomee Living Club will have its first meeting at

Duke University Medical Center

Date: Wednesday, November 30, 2011
Time: 1-2:30pm

Location: Conference Room 1993- Duke South Clinics Main Entrance (Across from Clinic 1B-1C)

The group is open to all laryngectomees and spouses within the Triangle area. This will be a social meeting with a chance to interact with other members of the group. Light refreshments will be served.

In addition, Julie Bishop-Leone, Clinical Speech Pathologist with Atos Medical, will be in attendance to speak about "Improving your quality of life with HMEs (Heat and Moisture Exchangers)".

Meetings will occur every 3-4 months unless members express interest in more frequent meetings. Tentative meeting months are March, July, and November. Contact Jamie Walker at 919-681-9778 to RSVP or request further details.



Florida Laryngectomee Association

2011 Convention, Sept. 30th - Oct. 2nd

The 2011 annual meeting will again be held in Orlando, FL on September 30th – October 2nd at the Four Points by Sheraton Studio City. Room rates are $85, single to quad occupancy (plus a room tax of 12.5%.). Under normal circumstance they will honor this rate 3 days prior and after the AM.

Our Annual Meeting sessions will include an option to monitor a portion of the Vic Baird Graduate Student Program beginning Friday evening. Florida University graduate students will join the FLA AM on Saturday morning.

Pre-registration is required by September 19, 2011 for early bird discount. Nominal late fees apply after this date. Hotel reservations are also required by September 19, 2011. Call the hotel Reservation at (800) 327-1366 for the “FLA Annual Meeting Rate”. Check-In and late on site reservations will be held in the Universal Pre-Function area. Times will posted at a later date.

Included with the registration fee are free individual speech evaluations and therapy with more speech sessions. These will be observed by the graduate students as training aids. Our faculty and staff will consist of veteran Speech Pathologists and PhD and Masters level with more than 100 years of combined experience serving laryngectomees. We continue soliciting first timers offering more free therapy and providing access to limited financial assistance to Florida residents.

The number of grad students will be limited due to the amount of staff
available. The 2010 programs were developed to be new, fresh, exciting and beneficial to all. The 2011 AM programs will be of the same quality. Included in the registration fee (lowest of most regional conferences) is admittance to all AM sessions (including the Friday evening graduate students program as a monitor) and admittance to the exhibition room.
Bonuses include the Friday evening “Meet and Greet” reception by the pool, mid morning and afternoon refreshments with snack and a complementary light box lunch on Sunday, all complements of the FLA and our wonderful Vendors. Our Saturday evening banquet will feature our usual enormous amount of donated raffle prizes. An excellent Buffet dinner, dinner which includes a carving station. Agenda and registration link is below.
Sorry, on-site registration is not available for the graduate student training program.

Conference Contact:
Ken Taylor, President, FLA
3917 Buttercup Dr
Zephyrhills, FL 33541

Phone: 813-715-4560
Cell: 813-713-0753
Email: taylor02s@aol.com
Robert Smiley, 2nd Vice-President, FLA
Cell. 321-536-0831
Email. smiley_robert@bellsouth.net
FLA Website: http://www.flavoice.org/







Combine Activities

WebWhispers cruise,
a few days vacation and The NJ Conference.



For more info on conference: boydroy544@comcast.net



2011 Texas Laryngectomee Association

Annual Conference


2/25/2011 - 2/27/2011

Double Tree Hotel Near The Galleria - Dallas

4099 Valley View Lane
Dallas, TX 75244
(972) 385-9000

An agenda for the meeting can be found at


Directions & Transportation
From DFW International Airport, take North exit and continue on I-635 going East. You will travel approximately 12 miles, then you will exit Midway Road. Make a U-Turn on Midway and go to your right hand lane on the service road. We are located on the Northwest corner of I-635 (LBJ Highway) and Midway.

From Love Field go East on Mockingbird Lane. Take Mockingbird Lane to Dallas Tollway North. Make a left onto Dallas Tollway ($0.60 toll) and take to I-635..



A New Support Group is Coming to Orlando!

The New Voice Club of Orlando is launching their first meeting at the
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Orlando
When: Wednesday February 23, 2011


Where: Lewis Pavillion Conference Rooms 1&2

The group is interested in bringing together all laryngectomees from
the greater Orlando area for a “Meet and Greet”. Our local Atos
Medical representative, Scott Brooks will be doing an in-service on
“Improving your quality of life with Heat Moisture Exchangers
(HME’s)”. He is bringing samples for all of those in attendance!
Light refreshments will be served. We will continue to meet on the
4th Wednesday of the month except for the summer months (June, July
and August). Contact Linda Stachowiak, Speech Pathologist with any
questions or concerns 321-841-8726.
Meeting Dates:
Wednesday February 23, 2011Wednesday October 26, 2011
Wednesday March 23, 2011Wednesday November 30, 2011
Wednesday April 27, 2011December Holiday Party to be determined
Wednesday May 25, 2011
Wednesday September 28, 2011




Current notices

meetings & activities

2010 & 2011








Kansas City, MO


From the IAL Home Page, look to the left side for where to go for registration and information under:


Online Registration
Mail-in Registration Forms
Hotel Information
Annual Meeting Program
Voice Institute Program
Exhibitor Registration Form
Medical Conventions


There is free WIFI, free parking, and free breakfast for all over night IAL conference attendees. BE SURE TO GET THE RIGHT PRICE THAT WAS GUARANTEED, $85.00 PER NIGHT PLUS TAXES AND FEES.(under $100)  Hotel Reservations: IAL Group Code = IL9

NOTE CHANGE IN ROOM COST as of May 20th: I have been asked by the IAL to put a notice in about the rates. They had the cut off date moved from May 1st to May 14th to May 20th. At that point the Hotel said they would not hold room reservations with out prepaying the $95 per night non-refundable fee. People can still book a room if its available for $115 without prepay.

So, if you are late in setting your reservations, it will cost you... and the registration also went up for latecomers.

Holiday Inn at Coco Key. The number to call is (816)737-0200. The block is set-up under International Association of Laryngectomees. You can also call 866.754.6962 to reserve your room at the Holiday Inn at Coco Key.


The Holiday Inn KC does not normally offer shuttle service. WThe IAL has negotiated with the Hotel to provide 2 and one half days of free shuttle service.

The times they have agreed to cover are as follows:
Tuesday June 14 from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm
Wednesday June 15 from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm
Sunday June 19 from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm






June 16 thru June 19, 2010

2010 Tentative Schedule

(click here to see schedule)


IAL Annual Meeting and Voice Institute will be in Clarksville/Jeffersonville, IN, just across the river from Louisville, KY at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. 505 Marriott Drive, Clarksville, IN 47129

VI classes will begin on 6/16 with the AM opening on 6/17 and closing with the IAL Banquet on the evening of 6/19. Tentative schedules are on display.

You may register for for the AM or the VI at the IAL website:


The rates will remain the same as previous years if you register early.

Annual Meeting $65

Voice Institute $80

These rates go up on May 25th.

Reserve your room at the Holiday Inn Lakeview by:

Telephone: 800-544-7075

Mention the International Association of Laryngectomees to receive special rate of $82.95 (double or single) plus tax and room fees.

Reservations must be received on or before June 1, 2010;


Free airport shuttle to and from Louisville, Kentucky airport

Free parking

Free Wi-Fi

Indoor & outdoor swimming pools

Exercise room

Restaurant, Lounge


Visitor information is available at: http://www.sunnysidetourism.com

To view general hotel information go to Holiday Inn

General Information about Louisville and the surrounding areas: http://www.sunnysideoflouisville.org/




For information on making reservations for the WebWhispers Awards Dinner




11/12/09 Richard Crum sent us this interesting information about the area where the IAL will be held:

The 2010 International Laryngectomy Association Convention will be held in Southern Indiana. The convention hotel is The Holiday Inn Clarksville, IN. The hotel is one block west of I-65 and 1 mile North of the Ohio River. The hotel is in the Louisville, KY metro area.

If driving to the convention from the south cross the Ohio River on I-65 and take exit #1 which is a feeder road. Turn left at the first light and the hotel is just to your left. If arriving from the North take the feeder road at exit #1 and the hotel will be on your right at the first stop light.

If arriving by air you will be flying into Standiford Field (SDF) in Louisville KY. SDF is served by the following airlines; Southwest, Delta, US Air, United, American, and Continental. The airport is 7 miles south of the convention hotel. At the courtesy desk call for a shuttle from the Holiday Inn North/Clarksville. We are also going to be running a shuttle from the local tourist bureau as we need it.

If you are driving an RV to the convention there is a KOA campground 1 block from the hotel. Yes it is within walking distance. It is listed as the Louisville Metro KOA on their web site.

I will list some of the sites that may be of interest to folks coming to the convention. Within 5 miles of the hotel you will find the following points of interest. In Indiana we have The Falls of the Ohio Park and Interpretive Center, The Howard Steamboat Museum, Schimpff’s Confectionery and Candy Museum, The Atlantis Water Park (adjoins the Hotel), Derby Dinner Playhouse, The Lewis and Clark Park, where the Corps of Discovery started, and Bass Pro Shop (their second largest store).

Some points of interest 15 miles from the hotel in Indiana. Horseshoe Casino (this is a full service casino that originally opened as a Caesars Palace) The Huber Orchard and Winery and Joe Huber’s Family Farm and Restaurant (both of these farms are great places to take the family).

In Kentucky within 7 miles of the hotel there are several sites that may be of interest. Churchill Downs Race Course (they will be running races during the convention), The Louisville Slugger Museum and Bat Factory, The Frazer Arms Museum, Locust Grove home of George Rogers Clark, The Bell of Louisville Steamboat, Six Flags Amusement Center, The Louisville Science Center & Museum, The Louisville Zoo, and The Louisville Bats AAA Baseball Field.

I feel that the 2010 IAL Convention will be a great opportunity to come to a beautiful part of America. The hotel is easy to get to and affordable for most everyone. Louisville KY is within driving distance of most of the eastern US.

Louisville Metro KOA Campgrounds

Just 10 minutes from downtown Louisville-with quick and easy access from I-65 and less than a block from our convention hotel, this KOA makes an ideal base camp for attending the IAL.

You'll find all the conveniences you need here, including full hookups and cable TV at every RV site. All campers have access to free wireless Internet. RV Service is next door; a pool and water park are just a half-block away.

• RV Sites
• Tent Sites
• Cabins
• One Room Kabin(s)
Site Amenities
• Maximum Length Pull Through - 69 feet
• 50 Amp Service Available
• Cable TV (available with charge)
• Telephone Service (available with charge)
• LP Gas (available with charge)
• Modem Dataport (no charge)
• Free Wireless Internet Available
• Kamping Kitchen
• Snack Bar (available with charge)
• Swimming Pool (open all year)
• Mini Golf (no charge)

Louisville Metro KOA
900 Marriott Drive
Clarksville, IN 47129

Information: (812) 282-4474
Email: lmkoa@insightbb.com

Reserve Online Now!
Or By Phone: (800) 562-4771

30 Amp site is $38 per night, two persons
50 Amp site is $44 per night, two persons
rates are plus 7% tax
extra persons are $4 a night
Cable is $3
Free Wireless Internet

Remember this is a Metro campground and sites are small but it is within a block of where our meetings are being held


Additional information will be added as supplied.


Regional 2010



DURHAM, NC - “Speaking Outside the Box”

April 8 AND 9, 2010


The N.C. Straight Talkers and UNC Health Care

is sponsoring

“Speaking Outside the Box”

A Multidisciplinary Seminar on the
Rehabilitation of the Laryngectomized Patient.

This two day Seminar is designed for the SLP, SLP graduate student, Physician, Physician Assistant, Social Workers, Nurses, Rehabilitation Counselors, as well as other professionals who are responsible for the rehabilitation of the laryngectomee. We encourage the patient and caregiver to attend. This seminar will also focus on treatment modalities and the management of day-to-day rehabilitative needs. The seminar will also offer a hands-on clinic. The instructional format will consist of lecture, discussions, questions, panels, and audience participation demonstrations.


Fees: Your registration fee includes the two-day seminar, conference materials, refreshment breaks, and lunches. Deadline is March 15th, 2010 for registration.

Seminar Location/Lodging: The Sheraton Imperial Hotel & Conference Center is conveniently located at 4700 Emperor Blvd, Exit 282 just off I-40, in Durham NC. Special room rate is $99.00 a night. Deadline for this rate is March 15th. Hotel parking is FREE. Mention “Speaking Outside the Box” when calling their reservation center at 1.800.325.3535. You may also make on-line reservations and obtain more information via:





Stockton , CA. - 2 day CAL Conference

April 23-24, 2010


After a hiatus of about 6 years I am happy to announce that the California
Association of Laryngectomees will resume its CAL Conferences starting in Stockton , CA. The dates for the 2 day conference will be April 23-24, 2010 at the newly refurbished Stockton Hilton. These dates also coincide with the Stockton Asparagus Festival that will be conducted that same weekend. We hope to provide as great a Program as we have in the past in an affordable and fun venue. Room rates will be $94 a night with free parking.

More detail to follow after the holidays.

Jack Henslee

Chairman, CAL



Orlando, FL - FLA 2010 Annual Meeting

October 1-3, 2010


The Florida Laryngectomee Association will hold their 2010 Annual Meeting October 1-3, 2010 in Orlando. The location will be the Four Points By Sheraton Studio City on International Drive in Orlando. This will be our 5th year at this location. Special rates $85 per night.

There will be lary related seminars, speech evaluations, vendors and more.

In addition, the Vic Baird Graduate Student Program will take place as part of the convention.

If you would like additional information about the FLA or the annual meeting please visit our website at  www.flavoice.org. You can also contact:

FLA President Bob Smiley: smiley_robert@bellsouth.net

FLA and WW member: Ian Kurka: iankurka@digital.net.







Ww Delphi Forum

open 24/7


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It is open only to WebWhispers members or authorized guests.

The Roster (Member's Area) has Forum IDs if you are a member.


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We look forward to seeing you there. Let us know if we can help you.
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Club 200

This is the address of the entrance to the Club 200, a separate Delphi forum run by Jim Lauder. It is open and any Delphi member can go in. Jim eliminated the private forum code. You still need your Delphi ID and password.




previous notices

meetings & activities



PHILADELPHIA, PA - 9/18/09 AND 9/19/09


For those interested in the Conference in Philadelphia, Pa at the Fox Chase Cancer Center you have the following ways to get the information and forms.

First option is the website for the clubs sponsoring the events:
Somerset Miracle voice club
http://somersetmiraclevoiceclub.org/id35.html  Registration form
http://somersetmiraclevoiceclub.org/id3.html  Information

Speak-Eezy Club of Delaware Valley

For email or snail mail brochures/registration or other information contact

Roy Boyd (Somerset club) via boydroy544@comcast.net

Frank Owens ( Delaware Valley Club in Philly) frank@woodmiser.net


The event has a Friday Night meet and greet at the Four Points Sheraton
Hotel, 9461 Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia. Pricing agreement has been made here for those who wish for accommodations for traveling.

Saturday is the conference itself. Registration fees include breakfast, snacks and lunch at the conference. Those interested about Nursing or SLP CEU's please contact Barbara Ebersole at Fox Chase Cancer Center for the registration forms and brochures at 215-728-6900




ORLANDO, FL - 10/2/09 to 10/4/09

The Florida Laryngectomee Association will hold their Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, October 2-4th, 2009. The convention will take place at the Four Points by Sheraton Orlando Studio City Hotel. There will be lary-related seminars, product vendors and much more. In addition, speech evaluations will be available.

For additional information please contact: Ian Kurka
FLA President, Bob Smiley




FARGO, ND - 10/16/09 AND 10/17/09


Annual Speech Seminar for Laryngectomees, Families and SLPs.

North Dakota Laryngectomy meeting will be held Oct. 16 & 17 at the Ramada Inn and Conference Center in Fargo ND. This meeting is in its 30th year and was postponed when the flooding hit Fargo in the Spring.


Fay McPhail at dmcphail@gra.midco.net

Hotel Contact Information Phone: 701-277-9000

Fax: 701-281-7169 E-Mail: ngould@ramadafargo.com