BUCK MARTIN memorial GRANT -  current


"Buck Martin WW-VIP Grant"

In honor of Bruce "Buck" Martin, who left a bequest to WebWhispers, Inc., of $10,000 for this purpose, there will be a grant of no more than $1,000 each year for 10 years, starting in 2013. 

This money is to be a yearly grant to a new laryngectomee, a WebWhispers member, to supplement the expenses for attending the IAL Annual Meeting & Voice Institute as a Voice Institute Patient/Pupil. This is to continue yearly until the fund is exhausted. The choice of a deserving laryngectomee is to be decided by the WebWhispers Board of Directors using guidelines left as part of the bequest."

If the grant fund is increased by future donations, the length of time will be extended to more than 10 years using the same rules.




The Eric Dolinger Memorial Grant sponsored by Atos Medical Inc.

For Eric Dolinger, next to the love he had for his family, was his love and compassion for his patients - especially those patients who have undergone a laryngectomy. This group was special to him; most having beaten cancer, others experiencing recurrence, and many living with the never-ending thought of recurrence. Eric’s joy was helping people, helping them understand their new life, helping them regain a means of communication, and helping them get back to living what would be their “new normal”. Eric was always impressed with those that lived with adversity yet maintained such a positive “get on with living” attitude.

The Eric Dolinger Memorial Grant is an annual grant of $4,000.00 available to deserving organizations that are committed, like Eric, to helping the laryngectomized person get on with living. In 2013 the grant will be distributed as follows: $3,000.00 to be divided equally between The International Association of  Laryngectomees and the WebWhispers organization. The remaining $1,000.00 will go to the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary/Stanford TEP Course to assist healthcare professionals to gain a better understanding of the needs of the laryngectomized person and their families.

We commemorate the life of our friend and colleague.

Click here for a PDF of the grant announcement.

This amount is separate from any other donations from ATOS Medical to WebWhispers

(In our agreement with Atos about the $1500 being budgeted for donation each year, WW will be using $1,000 of the donation for our General Fund that pays for all of the operations of WebWhispers.  The Additional $500 will be used to assist laryngectomees by helping with expenses of attending the IAL)


INHEALTH TRAVEL GRANTS -  2007 - current


In honor of our founder, Dutch Helms, this grant was set up in 2007.  We have a section telling more about him and his life and work:

InHealth would very much like to put into effect the “Dutch Helms’ Travel Grant” program for support of WW attendees going to the annual IAL meeting and WW Banquet.

On behalf of InHealth, I would like to establish this by providing an annual donation in the amount of $1,000 – starting in January 2007 for the July 2007 meeting.

WW executive committee is responsible for determining who would receive the travel grant each year. If it is preferred, the travel grant could be shared by two or more WW members.

Jobeth Seder Erickson

[Those who received grants are listed in Certificates & Grants by year]

This amount is separate from any other donations from InHealth to WebWhispers


Lauder annual scholarships - 2006 - current


Edmund and Lillian Lauder Laryngectomee Support Fund

This program has been in effect for first time attendees and with limited numbers since 2003 and was previously financed, at $80 per student , by special donations and the WebWhispers general fund. Effective with the IAL 2006 in Schaumburg, IL, this project will be financed by the Edmund and Lillian Lauder Laryngectomee Support Fund, sponsored and underwritten by Lauder Enterprises of San Antonio, TX, and by additional special donations made to WebWhispers for this purpose. If you wish to help in this support, please note that your donations are for this fund.

All details will be found in this special section on the WebWhispers "VI" Project:

This amount is separate from any other donations from Lauder Enterprises to WebWhispers


the casey-cooper Award  2001 - 2009

Please see the Laryngectomee of the Year section for all information and past winners.

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