Certificates & Grants -2013


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InHealth - Dutch Helms Travel Grant

2013 - 4 - $250 each

Ed Woodruff - Seattle, WA
Joel Jackson - Panama City, FL
Donna McGary - Durham, ME

4th person did not come to the meeting, so check was cancelled.


Certificates & Grants -2012


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InHealth - Dutch Helms Travel Grant

2012 - 4 - $250 each

Mohan Raj - India

Mike Rosenkranz - Plantation, FL

Wilma Husak - Yuba City, CA

B.J. Elmore - Mt Airy, NC


Certificates & Grants -2011

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InHealth - Dutch Helms Travel Grant

2011 - 4 - $250 each
Betty Labigang - Quapaw, OK
Angeline Leu-Smith - Lincoln, NE
Ron Mattoon - Des Moines, WA
Steve Israel - Hampton, FL


Certificates & Grants -2010

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InHealth - Dutch Helms Travel Grant

2010 - 4 - $250 each

Phyllis McMullen, Taneytown, MD
Vicki Metz, Wauwatosa, WI
Rick Kitchen, Lakenheath Suffolk, UK (APO address)
Marlene Hayes. Joplin, MO


Certificates & Grants -2009

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Taken from the Program Listings

2009 Awards at WW Dinner in San Mateo, CA


Michael Csapo - Casey-Cooper Award
He has tirelessly worked to keep things running. His good sense and good natured humor keep things on an even keel.

InHealth Technologies, Inc
Dutch Helms Travel Grant & Support of WW Dinner

Richard Najarian - Bruce Medical Supply
WW Reception & Support of the WW Dinner

Jim Lauder of Lauder Enterprises
Support of WW Members with VIP/LT Scholarships

Dorothy and Tom Lennox - Luminaud
Contributions to the WW General Fund

Donna McGary - Appreciation Award
Editor of Whispers on the Web

Judith Ramboldt - Appreciation Award
Loan Closet Custodian

Sunny Bakken - Appreciation Award
List Manager

Jeff Vanden Hogan - Enforcer Award
Email List Moderator

Randy Lemster - Achievement Award
Chief Moderator

Rosalie Macrae - Inspiration Award
Journalist and Master Storyteller

Richard Crum - Humanitarian Award
Laryngectomees Helping Laryngectomees

Bob Herbst - Humanitarian Award
Laryngectomees Helping Laryngectomees


InHealth - Dutch Helms Travel Grant

2009 - 4 - $250 each

Debi Austin, Canoga Park, CA
Majella Best, Oshawa, ON
Charles Smith, Oneonta, NY
Jeffrey Vanden Hogen, Appleton, WI



Certificates & Grants -2008

Casey Cooper - Mike Rosenkranz had his surgery in January 1999, found and joined WebWhispers in October of that year. He has quietly volunteered or accepted work on various assignments through all of these years. His answers and omments are always filled with humor and he has always had a way of making sense out of nonsense while smoothing out some rough roads!

Reaching Out - Jack Henslee was awarded a special award for his humanitarian effords working with laryngectomees of other countries.


1. Ed Chapman
2. Vicki Metz
3. Gary Metz

1. Lisa Proper - for VP in Whispers on the Web
2. Tammy Wigginton - for WebWhispers Library Advisor work
3. Jan Lewin - Tribute to Dutch at IAL 2007 and Cruise Classes 2008

1. Bruce - Reception and covering partial dinner cost for individuals
2. InHealth - Travel Grant, covering partial dinner cost for individuals
3. Lauder - Covering full expense of the WW VI Scholarship for members
4. Luminaud - Generous Contribution toward the General Fund

List and Database
1. Buck Martin - Database control
2. Randy Weinke - Eternal Optimism (eternally optimistic)

Candle of Hope - Diane Davis

InHealth - Dutch Helms Travel Grant

2008 - 2 - $500 each

Jean Frank, New Concord, KY,
Roger Silberman, San Francisco, CA


Certificates & Grants -2007

2007  Casey Cooper Winner: Frank Batten

Although the International Association of Laryngectomees has been the recipient of Frank Batten's financial support, we must also recognize the broad effect these funds have had on many laryngectomees throughout the world. I believe that an organization devoted to assisting new laryngectomees, such as WebWhispers, should recognize not only the monetary contributions of Mr. Batten but also the kind of role model he has been since he became a laryngectomee in 1979.


We had a suggestion from the Awards committee that we have as our theme this year.. the Phoenix Awards, certificates for those who helped rebuild.

Pat Sanders also received a surprise Certificate of Merit for organizing and overseeing the redesign and rebuilding of the new website.

10 Phoenix Builders Awards

Pat W Sanders
Leonard Librizzi
John Fortroy

Michael Csapo
Barb Stratton
Randy Lemster

Sunny Bakken
Jeanne Graden

Mike Rosenkranz
Logan Grayson

Sponsor Award - 3
Bruce Medical
Inhealth Technologies
Lauder Enterprises

InHealth - Dutch Helms Travel Grant

2007 - 1 - award for expenses to IAL in Burlington, VT

Michael Csapo, Escondido, CA


Certificates & awards -2006

Casey-Cooper, Laryngectomee of the Year, awarded to Terry G. Duga, who was one of the first 50 members of the original founders of WebWhispers. Terry has been our Vice-President of Finance and Administration and his knowledge, skills and research capabilities have been invaluable in WebWhispers' rapid growth. He has been responsible, not only for the accounts nd credit card services, but for the major plans to make WebWhispers an official 501(c)(3) charitable organization.  He files our tax returns and all other required official documents to permit us to conform with all laws.

Dutch Helms was honored with a special Legacy award.  He was not well enough to be there to accept but a welcome table was set up in his honor.


Distinguished Service Award - Libby Fitzgerald, Sherman, CT
The Dynamic Duo Award - Gary and Janet Miner, Jacksonville, NC

Certificate of Appreciation - Richard Najarian/Bruce Medical Supply
Certificate of Appreciation - InHealth Technologies
Certificate of Appreciation - James K. Lauder

Regional Activities Achievement Award - Scott Bachman, Baltimore, MD
Regional Activities Achievement Award - Roy Boyd, Hackettstown, NJ
Regional Activities Achievement Award - Carl Kilmer, The Villages, FL
Regional Activities Achievement Award - C. W. Moreland, Lee's Summit, MO
Regional Activities Achievement Award - Jack Vogle, McAlester, OK
Regional Activities Achievement Award - Irwin Title, Silver Spring, MD
Regional Activities Achievement Award - John Ulrich - San Angelo, TX

Long Distance Lary Award - Katrina Watts - Bundoora, Australia

Three "Enforcer Awards" (New Mail List Moderators):
Mike Csapo - Escondido, CA; Randy Lemster - Las Vegas, NV,
& Carl Strand, Jr. - Mystic, CT



Certificates & awards -2005

Winner of the WebWhispers' 2005 Casey-Cooper Laryngectomee of
the Year award was: Leonard Librizzi. Len became a laryngectomee in 1990 and decided he would accept this challenge with dignity. He became the President of the Anamilo Speech Club of Nassau County and has been editor of that club's newsletter since 1993. Len is a volunteer with The American Cancer Society (Eastern Division) as Cansurmount volunteer visitor, a Camp Adventure volunteer visitor and a Camp Adventure volunteer and for Relay for Life. Len has attended every IAL Annual Meeting since 1990 and during those years he has devoted his time to being Chair or member of practically every committee.

Outstanding Achievement Award: Gary L. Miner Sr.

Spotlight Award: Janet Miner

WebWhispers' Certificates of Appreciation were WW members :

Scott Bachman,

Donna McGary,

Joan Burnside
Richard Najarian of Bruce Medical Supply,

Jobeth Seder of InHealth Technologies

Tom and Dorothy Lennox of Luminaud Inc.

Winner of the WebWhispers' "Special Angel Award" : Sabine Paul

Special Award Certificates in memory of the late
Dr. Ronald C. Hamaker

Dr. Dan Kelly for his exceptional work with WW

The Long Distance Lary Award was presented to Dr. Lorents Gran
who traveled to Boston from Toensberg, Norway.

The High Flyer (Hot Air) Award was received by Philip Clemmons.

And last but not least, the "Enforcer" Awards were presented to
our standby List moderators Barb Stratton and Mike Rosenkranz.



Certificates & awards -2004

Herb Simon of Silver Spring, Md is the 2004 winner of the prestigious Casey-Cooper Laryngectomee of the Year Award. Herb was presented with an engraved pewter bowl as an acknowledgment from WebWhispers of his stellar efforts in the care and support of his fellow laryngectomees.

Certificate of Honor was our VP Member Services, Libby Fitzgerald, who was recognized for outstanding services to all Laryngectomees.

Certificate of Honor for Mark Crowe, who sadly passed away due to a motor vehicle accident in June, was presented to Dawn Douglas, his best and closest friend. Mark will always be remembered for his sharing, caring, and superb good humor.

The Golden Sage Award: Dorothy Lennox of Luminaud. Dorothy's knowledge, from dealing with insurance to use of equipment for laryngectomees, is truly laudable.

Gary Miner Sr. was presented with the Audio Visual Expert Award. Gary's expertise in these matters is incredible. He works day and night for the IAL but he is always on call to lend his audio and visual skills to WebWhispers. He is indeed a "sound" choice for this Award.

Our Long Distance Lary Award was presented to Jose and Regina Cruz who traveled all the way from Sao Paulo, Brasil (Brazil) to be with us. I would also like to recognize Marianne Peereboom of the Netherlands
and Lorrance Lancaster from Australia who have previously won Awards for this category.



Certificates & awards -2003

(1) Mary Jane Renner - our third annual Casey-Cooper Award - named
after our first two Presidents ... both of whom passed away while in office. This is WebWhispers' highest annual award and is an appropriately engraved pewter bowl. Congrats to Mary Jane!!

(2) Herb Simon - WW Achievement Award (framed certificate) -- this
award, as a Casey-Cooper Runner-up, recognized his contributions to
the entire laryngectomee community.

(3) Judy Ramboldt - WW Achievement Award (framed certificate) -- this
award, as a Casey-Cooper Runner-up, recognized her contributions to
the entire laryngectomee community.

(4) David Blevins - WW Achievement Award (framed certificate) -- this
award, as a Casey-Cooper Runner-up, recognized his contributions to
the entire laryngectomee community.

(5) Gary Miner - The WW "Jarhead" Award (framed certificate) - for being a valued contributor and for ending each posting with "Semper Fi" more than any other member. :-)

(6) Syd Gartenberg - A WW "Diving In" Award (framed certificate) -- for
diving in as a new member and contributing significantly to our Email
exchanges via the ListServ.

(7) Kent Smith - A WW "Diving In" Award (framed certificate) -- for
diving in as a new member and contributing significantly to our Email
exchanges via the ListServ.

(8) Lorrance Lancaster - The Long Distance Lary Award (framed certificate) for traveling the farthest to attend IAL 2003 and our WW Dinner .. well over 9,700 miles from Australia!!

(9) Richard Najarian and Bruce Medical Supply - Certificate of Appreciation (framed certificate) -- for their solid support of WW and for sponsoring, for the fourth straight year, our pre-dinner cocktail reception.

(10) June Allan - The WW Spotlight Award (framed certificate) -- for being a "behind the scenes" pillar of strength and support for WW .. especially for Murray and all that he had taken on. One of the "unsung heroes" of the WW community.



Certificates & awards - 2002

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the winner of the Casey-Cooper annual Laryngectomee of the Year Award for 2002 was our Vice President of Web Information, Pat Wertz Sanders. Pat was selected by the independent Awards Committee. It was indeed a distinctive honour to present this award on your behalf to Pat who exemplifies all that WebWhispers stands for.

The Awards Committee also recognized the following WW members with Achievement Certificates for their dedication, initiative and willingness to serve all laryngectomees and assist in their total rehabilitation. In alphabetical order:

David Blevins

Elizabeth Finchem

Paul Galioni

Jim Lauder

Marianne Peereboom-Kooijman

The committee awarded a certificate to WW member Lorrance Lancaster who had travelled furthest to attend the IAL convention and WW Dinner at Vancouver. Lorrance journeyed from Sale, Victoria, Australia.



Certificates & awards - 2001

The Awards Committee selected our founder and Webmaster, David L. "Dutch" Helms as the winner of our FIRST Casey-Cooper Laryngectomee of the Year trophy. Dutch is a dedicated, kind and caring man who has given selflessly of himself to not only found WebWhispers but to continue to operate it on practically a 24 hours per day basis.


Pat Wertz Sanders: for outstanding service to the laryngectomee community as WW VP Web Information, initiating and organizing the first WebWhispers Cruise, contributions as HeadLines editor and services to her local support group at Kirklin Clinic.

Judy Ramboldt: In recognition of her outstanding service to and "role model" status, involvement in her local area's drama and theater endeavors, active participation in her local laryngectomee support groups and the Florida Laryngectomee Association, and her community outreach and "anti-tobacco advocacy.

Robert Hodge: In recognition of his
consistently outstanding service to the laryngectomee community while
serving as VPresident Member Services, Loan Closet Program Manager and efforts in production and distribution of a colorful and informative WebWhispers Brochure.

David Blevins as Editor of WebWhispers Journal and the effort and dedication during the design of the WebWhispers Brochure.

Richard Najarian, Bruce Medical Supply: gracious and generous support of WW, hosting of pre-dinner cocktail hours at our annual dinners in Nashville, TN in 2000 and in Myrtle Beach, SC in 2001. Their hospitality contributed greatly to the success of these events.

The Long-Distance Lary Award to Lorents Gran: In recognition of his 4,271 mile journey from Sandefjord, Norway to Myrtle Beach, SC




3 framed "certificates" -
Appreciation for David Blevins,

Long Distance Lary Award for Marianne Peereboom,

"Old Head Award" for Barb Nitschneider (26 years a lary)



First certificates were awarded to:

Carla Gress

Pat Sanders - Internet Sage - Extraordinaire

Paul Galiano

There was a special award for our founder.

Dutch Helms


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