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WebWhispers Semi-Annual Reports

WebWhispers officers are required by the bylaws to file semi-annual reports to the membership.  You will find the history of our growth in these current and past reports.


2009 reports


WebWhispers, Inc. 



Semiannual Officers' Report to the Membership

July 1 - December 31, 2009


President's Report: July 1 - December 31, 2009 - Pat W Sanders


Our semi-annual reports give you an overview of what we do in the different areas of WebWhispers.

Our monthly newsletter, Whispers on the Web, editor, Donna McGary, continues to do an excellent job of recruiting new writers from our ranks with stories of what happened with them or with comments on life in general. Some sad, some funny but all interesting. The VoicePoints coordinator position has been filled by Meaghan Kane Benjamin and we are delighted to have her. Webmaster Len Librizzi is our publisher. Gary Metz is continuing working with us in preparing the contents sections. We have a good number of people who write for us, and those numbers include Larys, Professionals, Cargivers and Guests. Reading what is going on in their lives, is a wonderful opportunity to learn but all items are not educational. Some are just plain fun or even funny.

Leonard Librizzi, our WebMaster, takes care of our website and is there to be sure it is running and right. Sunny Bakken and I do some of the regular posting, but Len carries the heavy work. Mike Rosenkranz is our new VP Website Info as of the election and we are looking forward to working with him on these projects. He is still working with the Forum and the Loan Closet. Ed Chapman, our former VP of this section has moved to fill in the VP Member Services slot. Vicki Metz is now our Library Chair.

Buck Martin is keeping up with all of the postings into the database and makes up the Excel Roster and By-Location lists for Len to place on the website twice a month. On the database at 2009 year end are these figures:
Account Name: CRG (449 records)
Account Name: MED (37 records)
Account Name: PAT (1,746 records)
Account Name: SLP (291 records)
Account Name: VEN (49 records)
Grand Totals (2,572 records)
We are now clearing out the bad email addresses regularly instead of letting them accumulate. Please let us know when you change your email address so we can keep you updated and in our files.

CRUISE is the index of all past cruises and has plans available for this year.
Our WW sponsored cruise for Sep 2010 in Alaska, on the Sapphire Princess, sails from Seattle round trip.

Michael Csapo and I were running for re-election in November and Ed Chapman ran for the office of VP Member Services, which had been filled by Libby Fitzgerald, who was not running for the office again. The election was by acclamation so we welcome everyone into the offices for the next 2 years and we thank them for the time they give to WebWhispers. Mike Rosenkranz, a Board member was appointed by the BOD to finish the year left in Ed Chapman's previous office, VP Website Information.

We accepted the resignation of Carla Gress from our BOD to be effective 12/31/09. Libby and Carla will both remain active members of WW and will be of help when they can. We appreciate their service and you will find their final reports for their terms included here.

This year, 2010, the IAL MEETING AND VOICE INSTITUTE will be held June 16 thru June 19, 2010 in Clarksville/Jeffersonville, IN, just across the river from Louisville, KY at the Holiday Inn Conference Center. We are just starting to make plans for the WW activities, appointing an awards committee, a dinner committee, a program committee, signing up scholarship applicants for the VI, WW delegates, and soliciting for workers at the WW table.

Just a reminder that all of our workers, writers, moderators, managers and officers are volunteers. We are always on the lookout in each of these departments for more volunteers so please let us know if you are ready, willing and available. There is not much better than working together with friends to help other friends

Pat W Sanders, President


VP Website Information – July 1 – December 31, 2009 - Mike Rosenkranz

My first report as VP Website Information is a smorgasbord, an enticing spread of tasty tidbits, as any good smorgasbord should be. I am settling into my new responsibilities in Website Info replacing Ed Chapman who has so admirably served in this position for the past two years. Ed is now VP Member Services, but will report on Website Info for this period, while I settle into my new duties and get to know the many volunteers who work so hard to make our wealth of information more readily available to our members.

Our library at is a tremendous resource, and we urge you to familiarize yourselves with the many subjects it covers. Stoma care, talking again, food-nutrition-recipes and caregivers are some of the more popular subjects available for your perusal. Back issues of Whispers on the Web and Headlines are also available, as is a search engine into which you may type what you are looking for, and it will take you to that information.

Membership in the WW Forum has grown considerably, as many new members are familiar with message boards and join the Forum as soon as they become WW members. They immediately become active in the Forum, and add to the daily input. Our Tuesday and Friday scheduled chats are now mainstays of the Forum, as is Elizabeth Finchem’s ES chat on Saturdays. Our new carers’ chat is facilitated by Christine Price (Wales), who has been caring for her lary husband for more than ten years. Christine’s chat is to be the first Thursday of every month, and is truly the place for carers (caregivers) to chat, vent their spleen, look for help or just have a little fun. A reminder of all scheduled chats is posted on the list every Sunday, and may also be found on the start page of the Forum. Questions about the Forum should be addressed to

In July, Logan Grayson became the custodian of the WW Loan Closet. Logan has been co-manager of the Forum for some years, and has assumed his new role in addition to his duties in the Forum. Logan has performed a complete inventory, and since July has loaned out seven pieces of equipment, and received donations of 4 E/Ls and 6 batteries. The loan closet is available to any member in need of an E/L, charger, Chattervox or any other equipment on a temporary basis. Those with surplus items which they no longer need are urged to donate such items to the loan closet so they may be used to help other members in need. Send all requests and/or donations, to

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Rosenkranz
VP Website Information



VP Internet Activities – July 1 – December 31, 2009 - Michael Csapo

Hope this New Year finds all you reading enthusiasts in good health and good spirits and may good fortune continue with you throughout this year! It has been a pleasure to serve as VP-IA this past year and due to the recent elections (or lack of competition to fill vacating positions) it appears I will be serving another two year term with a fantastic board. My bank account is still intact since there was no need or opportunity to even offer bribes for people to vote for me! Thank you all for your ongoing support!


Recent tallies on our email distribution list reflect 714 recipients on the Regular List, 978 recipients on the Digest List, and an additional 217 email addresses presently subscribed to the Vacation List. This calculates to 1909 unique email addresses subscribed to our email lists.

NOTE: Our WebWhispers Health-Help List (WWHH) was dissolved early on in January 2010.

With much assistance from Database Manager Buck Martin and WW President Pat Sanders, a major cleanup of our email lists has been moving along. Many invalid email addresses have been removed from our subscription and vacation lists.

In the past 6 months we have added or updated the following records in our database:

48 Caregivers, 1 Medical Personnel, 153 patients, 15 SLP's and 3 Vendors.


A note of thanks and appreciation to our Moderators for continuing to perform the constant task of moderating our email lists and keeping our list discussions productive. Randy Lemster, our Chief Moderator, and Jeffrey Vanden Hogen, who is in training for List Manager, continue to moderate our lists on a daily basis. Carl Strand has also recently served a two week long assignment as moderator in order to keep up to date and refresh his skills as a very capable alternate moderator. On rare occasion, Pat Sanders and/or myself will fill in when one of the above are unavailable due to planned activities or unforeseen events. We are also available to consult with decisions on moderating.


Of continuing concern is still the number of members who (mostly accidentally) continue to report our email as SPAM to their ISP's. If anyone happens to read an email you don't like, please hit delete, not SPAM. Every time someone reports one of our emails as SPAM, whether it be accidental or intentional, it reflects badly on us. Please refrain from reporting us as spam. We understand that "accidents" happen and we just urge you to look before you click.

If you wish to leave the email list on a temporary basis, please consider switching to the vacation list or writing a to to tell us what you want. You may click on the "Un-Subscribe" link which you will find at the bottom of every email released through our list but please tell us if it is permanent or temporary. Members Unsubscribing themselves from our email lists while retaining membership with us is not so much a problem in itself, but it does make it difficult to keep these members up to date and informed about what is going on in our organization.

Our email lists have been our primary source of communication not only to address individual problems and concerns, but also to convey important information such as elections, bylaw changes, projects, special events, contribution requests, and a once-a-week "changes in membership" notice, etc. When members remove themselves from our email lists we pretty much lose all contact with them. We are not well enough staffed to be able to contact them all individually or email them all separately. Many members leave us in this manner or are bounced off our email list due to bad email addresses yet they are still listed as members and we have no way to contact a great number of these. It saves us time if you will just tell us what you want and keep us informed with changes in email addresses. This is a significant contributing factor for a need to adopt an administration or announcement list. (See Projects).


Our President Pat Sanders and myself have discussed this for some time now and one of our upcoming projects will be to set up an announcement list. It will look like our email list except it is only a "One Way" transaction. In other words there will be no replies or discussion on this list as we do on WebW. It will be used only to send announcements and notices, "WW Related" material from administration to the entire membership. We are still etching out the details but most likely we will need a current working email address to send these few notices from our announcement list and be able to retain their membership with us. We are, after all, an "Internet" based organization and it is the Internet which binds us all together. We must have contact with our members somehow and this seems the most reasonable, the simplest and most economical solution at this time. This would be run, at a modest cost, by the same company ( which now handles our other lists.

Once again it has been a pleasure to serve the membership as VP Internet Activities these past 6 months and at this time I will thank you all for taking the time to read the reports submitted by your Officer's.

A HUGE hug and thanks to List Manager Sunny Bakken, Forum Managers Mike Rosenkranz and Logan Grayson, Database Manager Buck Martin and Jeanne Graden, Webmaster Leonard Librizzi, our Moderators and all who work with or beside our department. Special appreciation goes all fellow Officers, Editor Donna McGary and all those others deserving but not mentioned by name.....?

Respectfully Submitted,

~Michael Csapo
~VP Internet Activities
~WebWhispers, Inc.



VP Finance & Administration -July 1–December 31, 2009 - Terry Duga

At the end of 2009, we had $27,265.58 in our general fund and $10,552.15 in a restricted fund which came from a life insurance policy on Dutch plus interest that is to be used in an emergency to keep the list running.

We had income totaling $4,175.66.

We paid out $9,187.62. The payments are as follows:

Awards Banquet $4,799.86

(this cost was borne by the attendees and Bruce Medical and InHealth)

Bank Card Fee (cost of accepting credit cards) $ 270.31

Computer $1,133.14

(This computer replaced one bought in the first half of 2009, which was returned)

Computer Hardware $ 119.98

Copying $ 32.73

FAX $ 9.47

Forum $ 99.00

IAL Registration $ 130.00

ISP Expenses $ 360.00

Mail-List $ 639.80

Mailing Supplies $ 9.39

Per Diem for workers at IAL Convention Table $ 500.00

Postage $ 403.86

Software $ 645.08

Travel Expense for moving WW Materials at IAL $ 15.00

Web Hosting $ 20.00

Thanks to the generosity of our membership we remain fiscally sound.

You can make donations on-line using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card by going to

You can mail checks made payable to WebWhispers, Inc. to

Terry Duga

WebWhispers VP Finance & Administration

6115 North Park Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46220

I wish to thank Carla Lynch for acting as back-up for me.

This year, we have a new Resident Agent in Indiana. Indiana corporations are required, by law, to have a resident agent in the state for purposes of service of process. I have served in that capacity up to now. To give us some stability in case I can no longer do the job, Michael Hebenstreit, of the law firm of Whitham, Hebenstreit & Zubek, LLP, has agreed to serve as our resident agent on a pro bono basis. I thank Mike for his generosity.


Terry G. Duga

VP Finance & Administration


VP Website Information July 1st - November 30th & VP Member Services December 1st to December 31st - Ed Chapman

Having been accepted as your new Vice President of Member Services, after the resignation of Libby Fitzgerald and with the election in November, I will attempt to bring my part of the year as VP over Web Site Information (VPWSI) to a climax and begin in the office of VP Member Services(VPMS).

First let me say how much I enjoyed my tenure as VPWSI and the opportunity to work with such talented volunteers as Vicki Metz and Tammy Wigginton. They made my job extremely enjoyable. I feel confident with Vicki being in her new position of Library Chair and the knowledge and personality of Mike Rosenkranz, as the new VP, that this area will grow and be even more informative than it is now.

As always the web site, the library in particular, is continuing to be changed, updated, and modified. In fact so many small changes have been made that there are too many to list separately. One thing you might notice is the links connecting different areas that have common problems/solutions. Although not finished these were done with the cooperation of Len Librizzi, our web site guru, Vicki Metz and of course Pat Sanders, our President.

Vicki also incorporated new sections on maintaining EL’s and their batteries, how to address police officers if you are pulled over or questioned. Pat and Vicki included some new recipes and linked them to such area as GERD.

These are just a few of the items and I know Mike, after he becomes more familiar with the site, will be asking for volunteers to help with all aspects of his area so if you are interested please let Mike know.

On December 1st I took on the duties of VP of Member Services and although there isn’t a lot to report for that short period of time there are a few interesting items.

In that period of time we had 4 requests for brochures sending out 90 in total. I might mention here that I would like to see all members have a few to carry with them to use to leave at the Doctors or SLP offices or in case they just happen to run into another Laryngectomee that hasn’t heard of us. After all they are free to you.

In that period of time we had 19 laryngectomee’s join along with 8 care givers and 2 professional people. We unfortunately lost 3 members due to deaths.

In that month we had 11 members make donations varying from $5.00 to $100.00 for a total of $345.00. All donations are appreciated no matter the size.

The final thing I will mention is that we have started on the dinner and recognition ceremony to be held on Thursday the 17th of June at the IAL conference. I am fortunate to have Pat Sanders, Terry Duga and in particular Lynn Erdmann on the banquet committee. Lynn and Terry are close enough that they are able to visit the site. Lynn with the help of Mary Jane Renner has gotten the Hoosier Anamilo Club to enthusiastically agree to design, create and provide the table decorations for the WW Banquet. A big THANK YOU! to Mary Jane and the Hoosier Anamilo Club.

For now thank you all for accepting me in this position. I look forward to the future challenges.

Respectably submitted

Ed Chapman - VP Member Services


VP Member Services: July 1 – November 30th – Libby Fitzgerald

My last report, as VP Member Services, covers 5 months rather than the usual 6. Our newly elected VP Member Services, Ed Chapman, began his term December 1st, so he will cover the last month of the year.

During these 5 months, 185 new members joined WebWhispers, averaging 37 per month. They came from throughout the US plus Sweden, Jordan, Scotland, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada and from all walks of life. In addition to laryngectomees and caregivers, our membership includes speech pathologists, nurses, doctors and vendors of medical supplies. They all make WW the most significant and comprehensive online laryngectomee club in the world.

Our color brochures continue to be in great demand. Clinics, medical centers, SLPs, laryngectomee clubs, vendors and individual members request them on a constant basis and we are very happy to oblige. This is often the first introduction to WW and the tremendous service we provide. To see and order the brochure, go to:

Thanks to the generosity of our members, their donations have made it possible to cover the costs of printing our color brochure, maintaining our web site, covering web hosting fees, listserv fees, computer and software upgrades and updating our equipment. They also cover mailing costs for brochures, donation letters and loan closet items. Your continued support will be much appreciated and your donation of a minimum of $5.00 per year helps fund these services; as a sustaining member, it allows you to vote on all issues requiring membership participation. Bruce Medical Supply has continued their incentive of offering free enameled Neckbreather pins for donations above $15.00 in US funds and $50.00 from overseas. Donation letters have been and are being sent out for your tax records. Many thanks to Vicki Metz for her much needed assistance with these mailings.

Our loan closet is now in the capable hands of Logan Grayson, with coordinating assistance from Mike Rosenkranz. The inventory consists of ELs and chargers with some related items. It is available to members only, unless special arrangements are made through a member who assumes responsibility for the return of the equipment. For further information, go to

During these past 5 months, we have been informed of the passing of 15 members. They will continue to be remembered and can be found on our memorial page at the following link: If any of you are aware of the passing of other members, please contact us.

I wish to thank all the officers and volunteers who stepped in to help during a difficult year that left me unable to fulfill all the duties of this office. It is comforting to know that WebWhispers continues to be in wonderfully capable hands so that our important work continues. It has been a privilege to serve our members for these past 8 years and there have been many wonderful events we shared together. I will always be available to offer help, comfort and advice if I can. May 2010 be a good year for all of us and I hope to see you in Louisville.

Respectfully submitted,
Libby Fitzgerald


Director's Report, July 1 – December 31, 2009 - Carla DeLassus Gress, ScD, CCC-SLP

Carla has been called away relating to the illness of her mother. She will be writing her final report as a member of the BOD and we will have it available to you here.


Total Report submitted online 1/15/10
Pat Sanders, President




Semiannual Officers' Report to the Membership
January 1 - June  30, 2009


President's Report: January 1- June 30, 2009 - Pat W Sanders

Welcome to all of the new members. Our average this 6 months is 46 new members a month, many who have come from professional recommendations. We are happy to have you and hope you find what you want and need here with us.

Whispers on the Web, our monthly newsletter, is made up of 6 to 8 articles each month, some are regulars and new ones show up to give a little spice to our lives. Donna McGary is doing an excellent job of recruiting new writers. VoicePoints coordinator Lisa Proper has asked that we find a replacement for her but would like to continue is doing some interesting projects, probably with our library. We have found an excellent new editor and that announcement will take place in July. Webmaster Len Librizzi is still working his magic! Gary Metz is continuing his contents projects.

Leonard Librizzi, our WebMaster, has been getting moved from NY to NJ and trying to meet all the needs of WW, including the newsletter. Sunny Bakken is posting all of the extra lists, such as the WW Dinner attendees, the Memorial page, New Members not yet added to the regular roster and extra donations, made in honor of someone or to help us get special projects done. I also take on posting new items in the Library, plus backing up Sunny and Len as much as is possible.

Buck Martin is keeping up with all of the postings into the database (as the numbers increase, so does the work) and makes up the Excel Roster and By-Location lists for Len to change to .PDF and place on the website twice a month. Here is the database at half year.
Account Name: CRG (426 records)
Account Name: MED (37 records)
Account Name: PAT (1,646 records)
Account Name: SLP (279 records)
Account Name: VEN (48 records)
Grand Totals (2,436 records)

We had a real clean out of addresses that have caused members to be bounced and pulled off of the list... almost 300 of our members were cleared off the rolls from the last 3 years of email addresses that have bounced. We had them as BAD- email addresses and their memberships were just being held. Buck Martin did a great job of tracking down through Social Security records and Obituaries those who had passed away and we removed those names, adding them to our Memorial list. We tried one last time to get an email through and most were taken off the rolls. Our database figures look much as they did at the first of the year but that is because of the 277 that joined since then. We are now working with more active and more accurate figures.

We have closed out the reservations for the Ruby Princess sailing from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, on October 25, 2009. More details at:

We are searching for a new and exciting itinerary in 2010.

We had a great time at the WW table but were not able to use our volunteers because we were in an area where there was not much room for a welcoming committee. I spoke with the people in charge of the set up and asked, for next year, to please put us out in the open area, somewhere near the IAL tables, if possible, where we can have our wonderful volunteers to greet people and all kinds of fun just visiting with each other. Because of the vendor's room being so noisy, we also had difficulty in hearing visitors. They are willing to do that next year. Our dinner was superb and the catering staff there were eager to help in any way.

Our dinner speakers featured Wayne Baker and John Ready, two of the first 10 members of Dutch's group, and four members from those who joined in 1997:
Terry Duga, Pat Sanders, Carla Gress and Jack Henslee, who read a poem from Frank Morgan, another 1997 joiner.

We want to thank our Awards Committee who met and made decisions for 2009. A unanimous decision as our Laryngectomee of the Year, the Casey Cooper recipient was Michael Csapo, one of the hardest working members of WebWhispers. We love Michael and appreciate him. So does everyone else who commented later to us on the good choice made by the committee.

A number of our vendors who are very generous in contributing to our programs. Volunteers were honored with certificates and our new printed program listed all awardees. This program was designed by Len Librizzi and Pat Sanders. Beautifully printed on gloss paper by Ed Chapman, folded and readied for hand out by Barb and Yvette. On the back page, we listed the Memorial names, which were honored in a brief ceremony consisting of a moment of silence while Bob Herbst used a wonderful gong that echoed thought the room to toll for them. Many people commended that this ceremony was expressive and moving.

Pat W Sanders, President


VP Member Services:January 1 - June 30, 2009 - Libby Fitzgerald

There has always been a steady progression in the growth of our membership over the years. On average, we added 30 new members per month for a long time. During the past 6 months, that rate of growth has accelerated to over 44 per month, totaling 268, a higher level of discovery of our group from many corners of the world: Scotland, N. Ireland, UK, Turkey, Pakistan, Nigeria, S. Africa, Philippines, New Zealand and Australia. This is in addition to all new members from within the US and Canada including laryngectomees, caregivers, speech pathologists, members of medical centers, nurses and doctors, local laryngectomee clubs and vendors of medical supplies.

One of the main reasons for this growing awareness of WebWhispers is the color brochure we send out by the thousands to all sources of interest who, in turn, pass them along to others. Last year, we placed an order of 50,000 new brochures which were very well received, thanks to the quality of the printing coordinated by Len Librizzi and Pat Sanders. This ongoing source of information should keep us at the top of the list for help to new laryngectomees. To see the brochure, go to our website:

The coverage of costs for printing and mailing these brochures are made possible by many generous donations. In addition, your donations make it possible to maintain our web site, cover web hosting fees, listserv fees, computers and software as we continually update our equipment; they also cover mailing costs for items in our loan closet. If possible, we ask that you send a minimum yearly donation of $5.00 to help fund these services. That donation makes you a sustaining member and allows you to vote on any issues requiring member input. With the help of Vicki Metz, she and I are sending out donation letters, hers by e-mail and mine by regular mail. We want you to know how much your gifts are appreciated. Personal health issues require me to reach out for such assistance.

To encourage larger donations, Bruce Medical Supply has continued their offer of free enameled Neckbreather pins for donations above $15.00 in US funds and $50.00 overseas. They can be seen on our web site.

After several years serving as loan closet custodian, along with her late husband, Bill, Judith Ramboldt has decided to resign and do other things with her life. Her work with us was truly appreciated. We now have a new custodian, Logan Grayson, who has received the contents of the closet and has already inventoried it. (We have Els, chargers, batteries, Chattervoxes and related items.) With help from Mike Rosenkranz, they will make a good team taking care of this. Check the web site for updated contact information.

One of my biggest disappointments was being unable to attend the convention in San Mateo, to see all of you and to help set up the WW dinner. I’ve been told that everything went well and the buffet menu we selected was a hit, which pleased me a great deal. The ongoing support by Bruce Medical Supply in hosting the reception and their help again, along with InHealth Technologies for defraying the cost of the dinner is always deeply appreciated. I was delighted to know that this year’s Casey-Cooper Award winner was Michael Csapo. He may not toot his own horn, but others gladly did it for him. It was a time of togetherness and celebration which is what we aim for.

I understand that the new ceremony of the memorial reading for those we lost this past year was very well received and fittingly honored these old friends. To see their names, go to our memorial page:

Respectfully submitted,

Libby Fitzgerald - VP Member Services


VP Finance & Admin Report: January 1 - June 30, 2009 Terry Duga

At the end of June, 2009, we had $31,297.23 in our general fund and $10,539.10 in a restricted fund which came from a life insurance policy on Dutch plus interest that is to be used in an emergency to keep the list running.

We charged the cost of banquet ($4,799.86) to the WW credit card. Payment on that card will be due this month, so $4,799.86 is reserved to pay for the banquet.

We had donations totaling $6,088.90. Of those donations, $570.00 was donated to the Edmund & Lillian Lauder Laryngectomee Support Fund, which supplies the scholarships to Voice Institute laryngectomee students and the rest was donated to the general fund.

We paid out $4,970.61 in the first half of 2009. The payments are as follows:

16 Scholarships for the Voice Institute Project $1,600.00
Merchant Bank Card Fees (cost of accepting credit cards) $ 246.67
Half Price Hosting (Website Cost) $ 299.50
Registering our Domain Name $ 51.00
Forum Costs $ 49.50
Postage $ 187.94
A new Computer $1,709.37
Ink Cartridges $ 81.00
Software $ 35.00
Awards Materials $ 86.90
Casey Cooper Award $ 169.00
Materials for Business Cards $ 74.73
Internet Service Provider Costs $ 360.00
Hosting Costs (for the site) $ 20.00

Thanks to the generosity of our membership we remain fiscally sound.

You can make donations on-line using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover Card by going to

You can mail checks made payable to WebWhispers, Inc. to
Terry Duga
VP Finance & Administration
6115 North Park Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46220

I wish to thank Carla Lynch for acting as back-up for me.


Terry G. Duga
VP Finance & Administration


VP Web Site Info Report: January 1 - June 30, 2009 - Ed Chapman

Once again its that time to inform you of the activities on the web-site in the last six months. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that we made this report as we have been extremely busy and as the old saying goes "time flies when your having fun". I just hope I don’t forget any of the items that have been added or updated.

Lets start with an addition that Pat Sanders made to the "Common Concerns" section under "Other Choices". This article, written by Dorothy Lennox, covering some insurance questions is very timely in light of the present discussion on medical insurance.

The next major addition is in the "Stoma Care" section under "Basics" compiled by the hard working Vicki Metz and edited by Tammy Wiggington our SLP library advisor. It is clever article on "The Tissue Issue". Not only is it informative but it might even make you smile.

Then there is the addition under the "How We Live Section" / "Jobs" submitted by Vicki Eorio giving you links to the U.S. Department Of Labor Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP).

As Pat Sanders pointed in an email to the list we have a section under "Common Concerns" that we are attempting to keep pertinent information SS, VA, Medicare, etc.. Under that we also have the Benefits Check so you can see what you are eligible for. It won’t hurt to go there and find out.

Under the "Talking Again"/ "Recommended Reading" you will find a article submmited to the list by Elizabeth Finchem recommending a way to measure progress of speech development.

All members should go to the "How We Live"/ "Safety" section and read all the information in contained there. Vicki Metz has done a excellent job of covering everything from stoma protection while woodworking to the I.C.E. system (your going to have to go there to find out what that stands for) and if just one of the hints saves yours or someone else’s life its worth the read.

We have just added a new section that is under construction that is called "Possible Problems". Go there and take a look some articles have already been added. It will be covering all types of subjects such as acid reflux , peg tube, second primaries (other cancers such as lung cancer), yeast, etc.. The section on acid reflux or GERD is definitely worth reading if you have any problems on that order.

There are other areas that were added too and updated such as "Travel"and "Pets" and if you just need to laugh a little go to the "How We Live"/ "Laryngectomee" area and read a few of the 137 anecdotes contained in this section.

As I stated at the start of this report much has been added and or updated. Since, as has been shown in the other reports, our membership (in particular our professional membership) has grown by leaps and bounds we are attempting to address the new and old concerns and sciences that are arising all the time. This could not be done with out the hard work of our volunteers in particular Vicki Metz, Pat Sanders and Len Librizzi (our website guru) and of course most important of all you the members.

If you have any suggestions, contributions or questions please contact Ed Chapman at or Len Librizzi.

Respectfully submitted’

Ed Chapman - VP Web Site Information



VP Internet Activities Report: January 1 - June 30, 2009 - Michael Csapo

Greetings to all members and avid reading enthusiasts,

Here it is, another six months have gone by and I am once again two seasons older and wiser and it's time once again to submit the eagerly anticipated semi-annual reports.


Recent tallies on our email distribution list reflect 777 recipients on the Regular List, 864 recipients on the Digest List, and an additional 273 email addresses presently subscribed to the Vacation Lists. This calculates to 1914 unique email addresses subscribed to our WebWhispers email distribution list. In addition we have 284 email addresses currently subscribed to the WebWhispers Health Help (WWHH) list for professionals. Most of the SLPs are also signed on and included in the totals for the Digest List.

In the past 6 months we have added or edited the following records in our database:

59 Caregivers, 2 Medical Personnel, 243 patients, 17 SLP's and 3 Vendors. We enrolled anywhere from 43 to 49 new members each month.

***A note of appreciation is in appropriate order here for our Database Manager "Buck Martin" who has in recent weeks determined that many of our members with bad email addresses have passed away. Thanks to Buck's special efforts we were able to add many of these lost members to our memorial page and remove their membership listings. Buck and I are also currently working out details on a system to clear out the records of those who have not held valid email addresses for six months or longer. We are trying to clear out some of the dead wood from the forest. Buck also prepares the new rosters twice a month and Len Librizzi gets them on the web.

A constant chore for us are the members who hit SPAM or UNSUBSCRIBE, not realizing that they are automatically being removed from the list by the computer. We usually have to write an additional message or two, explaining that it is the law. Adding these back on and having this correspondence just adds to the work, so we would appreciate everyone being careful. If you get a computer generated message telling you that you are no longer on the list, and you want to be, please write to telling us that.

Also, don't forget to update information with our update form. Email addresses should be updated as soon as you change them in order to stay on the list.


A note of appreciation to all our Moderators for performing the constant task of moderating our email lists and keeping our list discussions productive. Randy Lemster and Jeffrey Vanden Hogen continue to moderate our lists with each of them handling this task 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Rarely does either one ask for back-up from our stand-by moderators, this pair does a fantastic job! If you find time to spare, please offer them a note of appreciation.


Somewhere on the horizon I hope to find and make time to train Jeffrey Vanden Hogen as a backup for myself. This is necessary in the event that I should for some reason ever become ill, incapacitated or just need a vacation. With membership enrollment on a steady increase it will become absolutely necessary to divide tasks with others and this will also help insure fluidity in daily operations should the unexpected or unwanted ever arise. We already have Sunny Bakken (thank you Sunny) checking all new applications, making sure all information is there and entering them in the Digest list before forwarding to Database for enrollment She also does the write-up for the New Members page that brings us up to date until the new rosters are placed on-line.

Respectfully submitted,

~Michael Csapo - VP Internet Activities



BOD - Forum Report - January 1 - June 30, 2009 - Mike Rosenkranz

The forum membership continues to grow at a steady pace, and now totals 630, an increase of 60 over the previous six months. This represents more than 38% of all registered email addresses. We received 112 additional requests for the forum code, although 21 have yet to log in. Those who neglected to use the code have been sent reminders, and will receive one more reminder, since so many were new to WebWhispers when they requested the code, and may have been overwhelmed in adjusting to their new situation.

During the past six months, there were 1,051 new posts, with 194 new discussions, resulting in 107,833 page views, a 250% increase in page views. This increase indicates how many more of our members have adopted a daily routine of checking the forum. The posts were made by 86 forum members, an increase of 66% over the previous period. Although most were content to check in, read the posts and continue on their way, it was good to see that many of our newer members have developed the posting habit as soon as they log in. We are working towards the day when no member will ever check into the forum without seeing a new message to read. We again request that all new members post a message the first time they are in the forum. This will be your way of introducing yourselves so we may get to know you that much better. Many new members have done that and become regular contributors. We ask all established members to visit the forum more often, and to actively participate by joining an existing discussion or starting one of their own.

The Chat Room is available 24/7 to all WebWhispers members. You must log into the forum before you can enter the Chat Room. There are two weekly scheduled chats, on Tuesdays at 1500 GMT (10 AM Eastern) and on Fridays at 1900 GMT (1400 Eastern). These are quite popular with several members participating in both. We also encourage you to schedule your own chats with your friends. Just arrange a time that is convenient and dive in.

The forum is available for you to enjoy socializing with your fellow larys, caregivers, vendors and professionals. We are very informal, and everyone is invited to come on in, kick off your shoes, relax, join a discussion, post a bit of humor, talk about your hobbies, swap recipes, share memories and chat with your new friends. We look forward to your posts. This is your forum to use as you wish. Please use good judgment, good taste, and good manners so that this is always a comfortable clubhouse for our members.

To join the forum, click on and follow the instructions. Please sign your full name when you request the forum code. Failure to do so may delay our response to your request. The code is required only for your initial visit.

For additional help, your forum managers, Mike Rosenkranz and Logan Grayson, may be reached at

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Rosenkranz


BOD WWHH Report, January 1 – June 30, 2009
Carla DeLassus Gress, ScD, CCC-SLP

We continue to see steady increases in the number of medical professionals (speech-language pathologists, otolaryngologists, nurses, etc) who are joining WebWhispers. At professional meetings, I focus my efforts towards introducing SLPs to our organization and encourage them to participate, as well as to spread the word to the laryngectomees whom they encounter in their practice.

My participation in ASHA’s Special Interest Group on Voice Disorders and its listserve provides another opportunity to recommend WebWhispers to speech pathologists and otolaryngologists as an excellent source of information and support related to laryngeal cancer and living after laryngectomy.

Many thanks to all of the hardworking volunteers who are charged with the tedious nuts and bolts of maintaining our lists, and who continue to update addresses, that are no longer valid, on our membership rolls. We ask that you please remember to notify us of any address changes so that we may maintain current listings, and prevent any interruption in your subscription.

I continue to participate in the WebWhispers mail list, serving as a professional resource to answer questions when needed, both on and off the list, as well as occasional visits to the Forum.

It was a great honor to be offered the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of WebWhispers and its evolution over the last decade at the annual WW Banquet. Feel free to contact me at if you have questions or comments.


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