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WebWhispers Semi-Annual Reports

WebWhispers officers are required by the bylaws to file semi-annual reports to the membership.  You will find the history of our growth in these current and past reports.


1998 Reports

(Report dated 8 January 1999)

The following are the major highlights our our activities since we officially formed the WebWhispers Nu-Voice Club in late September of 1998:

• We formed and organized a formal club.

• We designed and mailed out Membership Certificates to the Contributing / Voting members — at no cost to the Club to date.

• We publish a monthly Newsletter — at no cost to the Club to date.

• We secured "official" IAL affiliation — at an annual dues cost of $150.00.

• We expanded the Web Site to include a better and more comprehensive reference to the IAL than exists anywhere else on the Internet.

• We designed and distributed through Lauder Enterprises, Inc., a flyer dealing with who we are and what we do — at no cost to the Club to date.

• We started a Loan Closet Program which appears to be growing rapidly — at no cost to the Club to date.

• We are looking into obtaining 501(c)(3) non profit status with the IRS — which, if our Treasurer is correct, will require a $150.00 application fee.

• We are looking into formal incorporation in some state to go along with our potential 501(c)(3) status — and we are sure this will cost us something.

• We have developed what appears to be an outstanding program for a Dinner in Reno, Nevada - at IAL 1999.

• We have a healthy bank balance to finance the activities of the Club for the coming year and to implement whatever worthwhile programs the Voting Members agree on.

• We started a fund raising activity so that the Club would be self-sufficient and now have a total of 66 members who have contributed, some more than once and many for amounts in excess of the minimum.

• We continue to add members and now have 216 laryngectomee and caregiver members throughout North America and abroad with an additional 50 medical / medical support personnel as members. Of these 260+ individuals, approximately 206 actively participate on the WebWhispers EMail ListServ system.


In CY 1998, we received donations and dues amounting to $1,093.00 U.S. dollars.

We spent $150.00 U.S. dollars for IAL 1999 affiliation dues.

That leaves $943.00 presently in the bank. We have an additional $35.00 to deposit which represent donations received in 1999.

We need to maintain $200.00 in the savings account so we will not be charged bank fees.

We project that we will expend $296.00 this year to support the Web site (4 quarterly payments of $74.00 each).

We expect that we will have to pay $150.00 to get 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.

We expect that at the end of 1999 we will have to pay another $150.00 dues to the IAL for Year 2000 affiliation.

We have not received a bank statement to tell what interest we have earned, but we assume it is minimal. We do not know what our tax obligation will be, but we suspect that it, too, will be minimal, if any. Remember - the dues/donations collected in 1998 were for CY1998 and CY1999 purposes.

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